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installing a cdrw and a dvd
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installing a cdrw and a dvd

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ruben on January 20, 2003
installing a cdrw and a dvd

i have a new computer and i want to install a cdrw and a dvd to that computer. who should be the "slave" and how should i go about installing it?
Eric Georgieff on January 20, 2003
RE: installing a cdrw and a dvd


You may install either the CD-Writer or the DVD-Rom drive as the master and then install the second drive as the slave.

For detailed instructions on installing a CD-Writer please refer to our CD-Writer installation guide. Although those instructions are specific to installing a CD-Writer, the procedure for installing a DVD-Rom drive or any other IDE device is virtualy identical.

Eric Georgieff
amanda on August 10, 2004
RE: installing a cdrw and a dvd

hi wondering if you could help iv installed my cdrw and i now have no sound any sugestions???
Andy on October 9, 2004
RE: installing a cdrw and a dvd

Hi i wonder if anyone can help me, i've installed an internal cdrw drive as per instructions but it does'nt reconize any discs
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