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Installing HP Photosmart 7655 Printer on Windows Vista

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Richard on December 15, 2008
Installing HP Photosmart 7655 Printer on Windows Vista

Hi guys,

I lost my installation CD for my HP Photosmart 7655 printer. How can I get it working on Windows Vista?

Your help is appreciated.

-- Richard
Eric on December 15, 2008
RE: Installing HP Photosmart 7655 Printer on Windows Vista

Hi Richard,

HP is not providing a Windows Vista driver for the HP Photosmart 7655 printer. But there is an alternative way to get the printer working on Windows Vista. Just follow these steps:

1. If your printer is connected to your computer, disconnect it.
2. Click on the Start menu.
3. Click on Control Panel
4. Click on the Hardware & Sounds control panel.
5. Click Printers.
6. Click "Add a Printer"
7. Click "Add a Local Printer"
8. Check off the "Use an existing port" check box.
9. In the list entitled "Use an existing port" choose "LPT1: (Printer Port)
10. Click on the "Next" button
11. Choose "HP" as the manufacturer from the list of manufacturers
12. In the printers list that shows up, choose "Deskjet 5600"
13. Click on the "Next" button
14. In the text box called "Printer name" type "Photosmart 7655"
15. Wait for the computer to say that the printer has been successfully added.
16. Connect your printer to your computer (i.e. connect the cable to the USB port at the back of your computer.
17. A "Found New Hardware" screen should show up. Click Cancel on this window. (if it keeps showing up, just keep on clicking cancel until no more windows pop up)
18. Go back to the printer folder (i.e. the one where you clicked "Add a Printer"
19. Right Click on "Photosmart 7655"
20. Click on "Properties" in the menu that popped up.
21. Select the "Ports" tab.
22. Change the port from "LPT1" to "USB"
23. Click on the "Apply" button.

And that's it! That should allow you to use your HP Photosmart 7655 printer in Windows Vista.

You might want to print out a test page just to make sure the printer works.

neeltje hensen on January 22, 2009
RE: Installing HP Photosmart 7655 Printer on Windows Vista

bedankt het werkt fantasties
Henk on August 7, 2009
RE: Installing HP Photosmart 7655 Printer on Windows Vista

Hello Eric,

Thanks for this works perfect.
Now I can use this printer with vista.
Greetings from Joure in the Netherlands.
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