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HP PSC 1610 Printer Driver

Drivers > Printer > HP > PSC 1610

Free download and instructions for installing the HP PSC 1610 All-in-One Printer Driver for Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit. For those who have lost the installation CD.

OSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About)
Windows XP 64-bitDriver1.0 - Beta2008-05-1058.43 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows XP 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 7Driver13.1.02009-12-04362.68 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows 7 Printer Driver Download
Windows 7 64-bitDriver13.1.02009-12-04362.68 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows 7 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 8Driver14.8.02012-12-06412.74 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows 8 Printer Driver Download
Windows 8 64-bitDriver14.8.02012-12-06412.74 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows 8 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 2000Driver4.7.1 - Basic2012-12-0639.75 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows 2000 Printer Driver Download
Windows XPDriver4.7.1 - Basic2012-12-0639.75 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows XP Printer Driver Download
Windows VistaDriver080.001.237.0012012-12-05163.28 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows Vista Printer Driver Download
Windows Vista 64-bitDriver080.001.237.0012012-12-05163.28 MBexeHP PSC 1610 Windows Vista 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Taking too long to download? Order a driver CD containing all of these installation files or buy high-speed priority download access.
This page was last reviewed on December 6, 2012 to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

Installation Instructions

To install the HP PSC 1610 All-in-One Printer driver, download the version of the driver that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop. Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

exe (Executable File)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions for installing the driver.

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 Comments about HP PSC 1610 Printer Driver
¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©`¥Ö¥é¥ó¥É¥Ð¥Ã¥°N¼‰Æ· on September 27, 2020
¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©` •rÓ‹NÆ·Ù|¥·¥ê¥¢¥ë¸¶¤­¤âÓФ긶ÊôÆ·Íê‚䣡
¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©` •rÓ‹˜SÌ쥪©`¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó¡¢µ±Éç¤Î¥í¥ì¥Ã¥¯¥¹¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©`,¥Ñ¥Í¥é¥¤¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©`,¥¦¥Ö¥í¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©`,¥·¥ã¥Í¥ë ¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©`ÉÌÆ·¤Ï½~Œ¤Î×ÔÐŤ¬Óù×ù¤¤¤Þ¤¹¡£
¤ª¤¹¤¹¤áÈËšÝRolexÍó•rÓ‹£¬ ×î¸ßµÈ¼‰•rÓ‹´óÁ¿ÈëºÉ£¡¡¢‰Óµê¡¢Ð¶‰Ó¤ê¤ÈС‰Ó¤ê¤ÎµÚÒ»ßx’k¤Î¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©` •rÓ‹¤Îµê¡£
¡ïNÆ·Ù|¥·¥ê¥¢¥ë¸¶¤­¤âÓÐ¤ê ¸¶ÊôÆ·Íê‚䣡
jc never on November 18, 2018
Antonio on November 12, 2018
¥¹©`¥Ñ©`¥³¥Ô©`¥Ö¥é¥ó¥ÉØ”²¼N¼‰Æ· on October 4, 2018
×î¸ßÆ·Ù|ÉÌÆ·¤òµÍý¸ñ¤Ç ¤´Ìṩ¤¹¤ë¤³¤È¤Ç¤¹
meron@uol on April 2, 2018
Is it possible to install HO 1610 PSC with Windows 10 ?
Alhaji Bashir Kamara on October 20, 2017
j... on October 31, 2016
great job!
Golden Computer on September 8, 2016
Very very thanks...I am so worried for the software.No site is available.Thanks.
karam on September 21, 2015
thank you
mohammad al aisi on September 11, 2015
hoanglinh on December 29, 2014
ali on September 5, 2014
Yacnte, Roque Eustaquio on August 25, 2014
alexander chirinos on July 30, 2014
en descarga espero me funcione
aya on July 21, 2014
jose on May 16, 2014
Carlos Reis on March 10, 2014
thank you so much
Voces resolved a tremendous gaffe HP because their website does not work, thanks again, always remain so, bye.
OKITO on January 7, 2014
Csonka Simon on December 28, 2013
HP PSC 1610All-in-ONE telpitõ windows8 64 bit
rusli on December 11, 2013
Paddy on October 23, 2013
Thank you
foulis on October 12, 2013
John Smith on October 9, 2013
Good works
mo on September 25, 2013
Warren on September 2, 2013
The window asking where I would like to save the file does not show up, so I cannot download the file
JAMES SESAY on August 23, 2013
james kargbo on August 23, 2013
i have lost my software
Maree on July 26, 2013
Thank you so very much
jenny on May 6, 2013
hp psc1610 on March 29, 2013
no bute pa
HP PSC 1610 Printer Driver on February 28, 2013
juan on January 11, 2013
HP on November 11, 2012
chamorro on November 6, 2012
Thank you in advance! I hope it works.
test one on October 26, 2012
thanks you to much
pee on October 10, 2012
gleness trask on October 7, 2012
After being away I can longer get my printer to work on the laptop hope that you can help
pless on October 3, 2012
sabino on October 2, 2012
Alexsander Pereira on September 29, 2012
Thanks a lot, I was almost putting my printer on the trash.
Pat Campbell on September 26, 2012
Thank you-sure hope this works as my HP disk was stolen.
koko on August 19, 2012
thanks a lot!
dyno on August 1, 2012
driver be yi aki ba fa
DSHORE on July 31, 2012
Manidhon, India on July 26, 2012
finally I got it! thanks a ton. I can use the printer again.
tom on July 6, 2012
drmaluisas on July 3, 2012
I like HP printer alot
Terry on June 23, 2012
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Works great now! I cannot Thank You Enough!
rob on June 22, 2012
agerzam on May 26, 2012
tanmirt bahra irghan
\l gallantree on May 23, 2012
Not sure if it worked
Dan on May 14, 2012
worked perfectly
pierre antoine on April 4, 2012
herbert jackson on April 2, 2012
hope this work put in new system forgot about my printer
oscar almasque on March 19, 2012
I had to reset my computer and I lost my CD driver
zack on March 15, 2012
florin on March 10, 2012
bun bun
oana catalina on March 5, 2012
khaled on March 3, 2012
nico on February 27, 2012
Roger Kantner on February 24, 2012
Waited 15 minutes for download, then gave up
Cherry on February 22, 2012
Will installing the driver enable me to use the scanner? My printer and copier are both working. The scanner is not.
mick on February 21, 2012
Need to beable to use the 1610 scaner but it will not scan in pdf format any Ideas?
macodou sarr on February 10, 2012
j aime bien votre facon de travaille
Dale Gray on February 9, 2012
Bill Albert on February 4, 2012
Thank you...thank you...thank you. I have the CD but the drivers wouldn't load.
3233GHH on February 3, 2012
jej3 on January 8, 2012
hjilhh on December 19, 2011
hjj on December 19, 2011
7678ghjgj on December 19, 2011
angel on December 17, 2011
spero che funziona
hp psc 1610 on December 11, 2011
My documents
baybie bonono on December 11, 2011
HP printer is convenient.
salvo on December 7, 2011
Alexia on December 1, 2011
very good
dolo on November 30, 2011
Aleex on November 29, 2011
Alex on November 29, 2011
hamidul on November 16, 2011
Whatever on November 15, 2011
Just do it, dammit
shorty on November 14, 2011
franklyn manuel on November 12, 2011
ramirez paredes
andi on November 6, 2011
susah cari driver..
Defri Irwandani on November 4, 2011
give me the best program
leito on October 30, 2011
solomon kifle on October 20, 2011
Iwant teray The product
mohamed on October 20, 2011
very good
alberth k on September 25, 2011
ghafoor on September 22, 2011
i like hp products
indra on September 13, 2011
barbara cannon on September 11, 2011
need printer device software to use scanner on printer
Tuan on September 4, 2011
rusko on August 31, 2011
very good thank you
Benjamin Aponte on August 23, 2011
All fine.
Philman on August 20, 2011
Graduacion de Mariselly (enfermeria) on August 18, 2011
good printer
sunil on August 17, 2011
Prince on August 14, 2011
Easy install which worked perfectly. Thank you!
su on August 6, 2011
rolando de jesus contreras on August 5, 2011
my name is an your jave
sejin on August 2, 2011
joe cox on August 1, 2011
Good printer
francime romaire on July 24, 2011
i need it so much
Turkish on July 19, 2011
claudinon on July 14, 2011
chargement 14/07/11
Richard Boudreau on July 9, 2011
merci ,elle fonctionne
BILAL on June 17, 2011
Angela on May 19, 2011
this is crap.. downloaded it for an hour and still did not work...
susan s on May 6, 2011
its not working after the downloading
rommel rebutoc on May 3, 2011
didnt work for me
rommel rebutoc on May 3, 2011
hard to use
Adam on April 28, 2011
Didnt work for me. Pinned to desktop and tryed to run but popped an error code and told me path cannot be specified. Help???
DIVERTITO CONTENTO on April 25, 2011
CSM on April 5, 2011
The down load took a little longer than I thought it would but it worked - THANKS!!!!
charanjeet singh on April 3, 2011
hall on March 25, 2011
awad hussain on March 24, 2011
thanks .
sam on March 9, 2011
dionisio m nova on March 4, 2011
tweeker on March 3, 2011
pretty good
idji on February 26, 2011
HP PSC 1610
wichian on February 20, 2011
Ac on February 16, 2011
Jods on February 12, 2011
lito on February 9, 2011
Jess Hernandez on February 4, 2011
jade on February 4, 2011
PABLO on February 2, 2011
jimbobsgirlnpa on January 24, 2011
its great
farlino on January 17, 2011
i like psc 1610
subhrajyoti bhattacharjee on January 12, 2011
its damn good
Dave on January 3, 2011
HP 1610 driver
john montana on December 17, 2010
john montana on December 17, 2010
thanks very great driver
ryan on December 14, 2010
AMY on December 6, 2010
alop on December 5, 2010
i think it will work
HPPSC1610 PRINTER on December 4, 2010
Borislav on November 19, 2010
Finally it works! Thank You!!
francisco on November 9, 2010
thank you
tina on November 7, 2010
thank you
maria on October 19, 2010
ndawn on September 29, 2010
says it's downloaded but won't save
Tami on September 29, 2010
Where can I get the Image Zone software from? O.o My computer crashed and it seems as if they no longer have Image Zone at the HP site as it has been replaced with Photosmart or something. I downloaded it, but I really don't like it.
Ken on September 27, 2010
Downloaded and I'll try
frgthyjkl on September 20, 2010
paulll on September 19, 2010
Thank you very much, because the Driver was not at the HP-Page.
Celso on September 13, 2010
Thanks for the option, hopefully it is gonna work fine, since the trial from HP site did no went well
chanin on September 9, 2010
HP PSC 1610 Printer Driver
tor on September 1, 2010
Mariela on August 29, 2010
Thank you very much!
Oscar01 on August 15, 2010
This worked like a charmed.....Thanks!!!!
Sal on August 9, 2010
hope it works
almakitty on July 18, 2010
Thank You very much!
michel on July 14, 2010
i m desesperate
CCline on July 11, 2010
New computer
andrew on July 5, 2010
Thanks for the suppñort.
solange on June 17, 2010
CHERYL on June 16, 2010
Judy Hanks-Henn on June 2, 2010
Need download for OSX 10.4.11, not Windows.....where to find a site for mac?
nuno on May 22, 2010
nice site
chandra on May 20, 2010
good site
risi on May 18, 2010
very nice
DOH Ismael on May 13, 2010
besoin du pilote de hp psc 1610
DOH Ismael on May 13, 2010
mpa on May 12, 2010
Thanks SO much!
MLC on May 2, 2010
recognized printer 1610 all in one, but says cannot scan to pc
mab on April 20, 2010
thanks for help
sudhir on April 20, 2010
olalekan adewunmi on April 14, 2010
Ryan on April 11, 2010
Thanks Mate
in on April 8, 2010
Pat on March 30, 2010
Have printer but no software
kevin on March 13, 2010
I am operating on vista and cannot scan to email, documents etc all I vget when I press scan to is a message sayingno scan options , you need to instal or run device software for feature. I have just uninstalled everything and downloaded and installedthe driver for vista on the 1610 but nothing has changed. Any help please???
egi on February 18, 2010
Comments about HP PSC 1610 Printer Driver
egiarto on February 18, 2010
drever HP 1610
Bustami on February 18, 2010
Saya coba ... I hope it works.
Jeff Gunn on February 12, 2010
takes awhile i hope it works
precious on February 12, 2010
val alfred viana on January 26, 2010
very good
Monir on January 25, 2010
Thats good. Tq
Beth on January 23, 2010
I need help to download HP PSC 1610 ... how long it takes to doawload the driver im on XP window.
Karena on January 15, 2010
Thanks very much needed works great
joe on January 10, 2010
jai perdue le cd
Meh on December 29, 2009
I keep getting a "File is Corrupt" message when I try to open mine. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit.
Safiyyah on December 29, 2009
Need help downloading drivers to scan pics
Bat on December 27, 2009
Thanks for assistance.
pEMA tAMANG on December 25, 2009
JO on December 19, 2009
i want a help i would like to scan some documents with HP PSC 1610
Ira on December 16, 2009
Zen on December 14, 2009
Thx u!
PAUL TAYLOR on December 10, 2009
ahmed on December 5, 2009
thaks for all....
Tim on November 24, 2009
all good now, thanks
Ron Guzman on November 16, 2009
irina on November 8, 2009
Maris de los Santos on November 7, 2009
thank you
sawiadvertising on November 3, 2009
thank you
py on November 2, 2009
thanks so much
natalia1976 on October 23, 2009
Ferhat on October 19, 2009
thank's a lot
Leopard on the go on October 18, 2009
prayerfully hoping it will solve my hp printing errors
michael kirk on October 13, 2009
Barbara Katz on October 5, 2009
hoping to be able to acess my printer..
betsie williams on October 3, 2009
I soo hope this woks Tried every thing Thank you
karen kirksey on September 20, 2009
hopefully mission accomplished
tim jones on September 10, 2009
thank you
LatinKid on August 25, 2009
Thnx years for this it pissed me off cause i never wanted to get a new one, and now thanks to you guys you helped me alot!
ryan on August 20, 2009
thanks a lot!i hope this will work...
edwin on August 20, 2009
HR on August 18, 2009
Im gonna be so happy if this works!!
PRINCESSa on August 17, 2009
Your Printer Sucks
Zaldy S on August 13, 2009
thank you so much
james on August 9, 2009
thanks alot
Paget Kintu on July 11, 2009
Thank you for this Nice Site
yo mamma on June 18, 2009
thanks great help from yo mamma
Valen on June 9, 2009
Thank you, saved my life in a fix!
2004 usa on June 7, 2009
hummmmmmm.that 's really help thanks dear
Mario on May 11, 2009
i hope in your help
marvin brown on May 3, 2009
JAC on May 3, 2009
I can't believe how easy this was after wasting half a day trying to download/install from the HP site. Thanks!
shyped on May 2, 2009
Hp website difficult to navigate round, and found their drivers difficult to locate and useless when downloaded. The driver here on SiliconGuide had my printer up and runnung in next to no time. Brill !!
sbm on April 30, 2009
Igor on April 21, 2009
did somebody knows where can i find windows 7 driver for HP PSC 1610??
Thanks in advance.
ISIAKA S.B. on April 12, 2009
Ken H on April 7, 2009
Got HP PSC1610 w/no drivers. Down loaded twice from HP web site and theirs wouldn't work!! Yours worked first time and was running in 15 min! Great!
beryl on April 6, 2009
thanks very much for your help
Ray from Singapore on April 2, 2009
Good ! very smooth downloading process !
Leonid on March 31, 2009
Thank you so much!
Paul on March 30, 2009
Same comment as I made on the 25th, did the same with my desktop, cool, no problems
Paul on March 30, 2009
Bill,, Look above these comments boxes, pick your operating system then download the driver.
bill on March 28, 2009
inherited 1610hp scp but no driveer or manual .any helpers please.
Paul on March 25, 2009
Found the HP site useless and very difficult to understand and navigate round. No such problem here, download very quick, driver now installed and printer working. Many thanks.
Ray on March 22, 2009
GREAT!! Thanks a million, an inherited printer is now working again!!
Kenneth on March 21, 2009
Got HP PCS1610 second hand w/out software. Tried downloadind drivers from HP and it did not work (gave up after over 4 hrs run time. Same thing at another site. Was going to give up until I found silicon guide. Downloaded drivers and had the PSC1610 working in about 10 - 15 min!!! Great! Thank you!
margene 7 on March 6, 2009
This was great, expecialy when you have lost the cd
Anonymous on March 2, 2009
thanks, useful for when my dad loses the cd and i have to restart comp cuz of a crash ^^ ty
Cindy Hardwick on March 1, 2009
I think ihave Windows 98. The printer was uninstalled when my whole system blew up and the IT company loaded everything back on except the printer. I no longer have the CD. Can I use Windows XP?
mike on February 23, 2009
martin lemus on February 14, 2009
tks for the sofware
Abdu Ibrahim on February 7, 2009
Collins Ohaechesi on February 6, 2009
gen on February 3, 2009
chulawson on January 6, 2009
chulawson on January 6, 2009
chulawson on January 6, 2009
chulawson on January 6, 2009
good working driver
Abby on December 16, 2008
THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!! Worked out great and solved my problem. Quick and efficient!
Boris on November 13, 2008

Thank you very much!
krissy on November 10, 2008
hey thanks for the download! it was really helpful and convenient!
ann on June 4, 2008

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