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Canon PIXMA iP2000 Printer Driver

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Free download and instructions for installing the Canon PIXMA iP2000 Photo Printer Driver for Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit. For those who have lost the installation CD.

OSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About)
Windows 98Driver8.402009-12-076.08 MBexeCanon PIXMA iP2000 Windows 98 Printer Driver Download
Windows MEDriver8.402009-12-076.08 MBexeCanon PIXMA iP2000 Windows ME Printer Driver Download
Windows 2000Driver1.802009-12-073.36 MBexeCanon PIXMA iP2000 Windows 2000 Printer Driver Download
Windows XPDriver1.802009-12-073.30 MBexeCanon PIXMA iP2000 Windows XP Printer Driver Download
Windows XP 64-bitDriver1.902009-12-073.71 MBexeCanon PIXMA iP2000 Windows XP 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Taking too long to download? Order a driver CD containing all of these installation files or buy high-speed priority download access.
This page was last reviewed on April 15, 2013 to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

Installation Instructions

To install the Canon PIXMA iP2000 Photo Printer driver, download the version of the driver that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop. Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

exe (Executable File)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions for installing the driver.

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 Comments about Canon PIXMA iP2000 Printer Driver
Gata on November 26, 2015
Well ..I guess I have an extra $2500 laying aronud. IMHO Sigma glass and cameras do not carry a reputation that will support this price point. Rich pros that do support Sigma will likely have this camera. Lucky them but, I gotta say that lately some Bayer Sensor cameras are striking closer and closer to the Foveon look. Remember what Microsoft's DOS eventually evolved into. Given enough time Bayer will arrive .Still, I love the Foveon look so much, it is a sad day. Could I justify this price as an enthusiast? A resounding no ..This absolutely sucks. Who started the Canon 7d price point rumor? Problems I see:ISO is limited at 6400? WTF if that is their top end it is likely noisy. This ISO level is beaten hands down on multiple models of cameras available at lesser prices. What about the AF speed? Better be fast to compete What I am saying is this If this camera has the same problems that earlier cameras have had in the Sigma line-up it will not be tolerated by the pros that are the only likely customers at this price point. A Nikon D3X will eat this camera on every front except resolution. 30 to 35 megapixels is a more likely estimate of acutal resolution based on earlier version comparisons of the Foveon Sensor. Thats not much over the 24MP 7K$ units out there I really cannot fathom what the hell is going on here They have to overcome some things here:Low top ISONo video (which I couldn't care less about)Sub-par lcd (is there liveview?)Buffer speeds on prior models not goodAF speed on prior models not goodAt this price point none of the prior maladies of Sigma's sub-par camera design will be tolerated when lesser priced cameras like Canon and Nikons flagships are out there Sigma is pricing this unit as the best camera in its class. If it is found to be less than the best it will flop. The Foveon Look that the pictures have at the end of the day will not be enough to sustain the brisk sales levels needed to pay for R&D and compete against other pro level cameras. Which once again will slow development of the Foveon technology. God, why didn't Canon buy Foveon?If DPreview and other review sites tear this camera up like they did every other sigma offering this camera will end up the Edsel of the camera industry. Then the price will come down and maybe I will be fortunate enough to own one ..Fov
YUYU on March 18, 2015
Caleb on February 15, 2015
“wow, awesome article post.Thanks Again. Want more.”
Van den heuvel on July 18, 2012
gesponserd door...
NICOLE on July 10, 2012
ugh none of the downloads work for windows 7 for me...the installation disk will not work either damn
mohamed kargbo on July 2, 2012
cannon is my best product
mohamed kargbo on July 2, 2012
cannon is my best product
georges on June 25, 2012
Steve Withey on January 3, 2012
I have Windows 7;i'm hoping windows xp 64-bit download will work.Windows xp failed miserably last time.Really wished I could find the Canon disc that came with the printer.signed Frustrated.
;pih on September 30, 2011

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