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HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Driver

Drivers > Printer > HP > Photosmart 2610

Free download and instructions for installing the HP Photosmart 2610 All-in-One Printer Driver for Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit. For those who have lost the installation CD.

OSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About)
Windows XP 64-bitDriver1.0 - Beta2008-05-1058.43 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows XP 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 7Driver13.1.02010-01-07362.68 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows 7 Printer Driver Download
Windows 7 64-bitDriver13.1.02010-01-07362.68 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows 7 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 8Driver14.8.02013-02-07413.46 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows 8 Printer Driver Download
Windows 8 64-bitDriver14.8.02013-02-07413.46 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows 8 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 2000Driver4.7.1 - Basic2013-02-0759.54 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows 2000 Printer Driver Download
Windows XPDriver4.7.1 - Basic2013-02-0759.54 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows XP Printer Driver Download
Windows VistaDriver080.001.237.0002013-01-01163.28 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows Vista Printer Driver Download
Windows Vista 64-bitDriver080.001.237.0002013-01-01163.28 MBexeHP Photosmart 2610 Windows Vista 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Taking too long to download? Order a driver CD containing all of these installation files or buy high-speed priority download access.
This page was last reviewed on February 7, 2013 to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

Installation Instructions

To install the HP Photosmart 2610 All-in-One Printer driver, download the version of the driver that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop. Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

exe (Executable File)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions for installing the driver.

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 Comments about HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Driver
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Thiviouri on June 27, 2020

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ashok on March 5, 2019
Rhon on March 29, 2016
To whom it may concern, your selection has no Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS. Help..
Rhon on March 29, 2016
To whom it may concern, your selection has no Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS. Help..
Rhon Lo on March 29, 2016
To whom it may concern, your selection has no Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS. Help..
SAM on November 15, 2014
rene on August 20, 2014
care for HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Driver
rosanna cannone on July 24, 2014
rosy on July 10, 2014
thank you
LUIS MENDES on May 13, 2014
Alex on April 9, 2014
I am looking for the right drivers for my HP printer
Chang Sun Lim on November 13, 2013
no comment
JJH on April 18, 2013
Good. Thanks.
Alex on April 10, 2013
Downloaded the hp photosmart 2610 for my windows xp 64 bit and it works very well. Thank You
GIONONOIY BGI on February 8, 2013
Jim on January 1, 2013
pound21217 on November 4, 2012
wow!i can print my homework now when i download it and try to work it!this is my first program of printing!yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David on October 28, 2012
When I download the HP 2610 driver for windows 32 bit it down loads the HP7600 driver which does not work. Anyone know where to get the correct driver?
Ed on October 20, 2012
HP Photosmart 2610 all-in-one.
When I click on printer icon Fax page appears. how do I get the print icon to print instead of Fax?
Ilse Kenny on October 15, 2012
My printer still does not work, what can the problem be?
me andher on September 27, 2012
all good
JUde law on September 27, 2012
loves to have the single scanner drivers as weill sincly my disk got a pit in ti before I cold save it aahhgr
Curtis on September 27, 2012
Thank you, Printer now works perfectly.
Giuseppe on August 17, 2012
bad on May 21, 2012
Thank you
zoltan juhasz on May 15, 2012
thank u
Muokweh Julius on April 23, 2012
I wish to download driver for hp photosmart 2610 windows XP but it seems not to be working. What can be the problem?
Muokweh Julius on April 23, 2012
Download driver
Lisa Kourakos on April 15, 2012
download driver
Kemi Alfonso on April 15, 2012
download driver
PHOTOSMART 2610 on April 6, 2012
photosmart 2610 on April 6, 2012
download driver
tchinou on March 11, 2012
pas de doute
arturo zarco on February 11, 2012
up grade windows 7
Carolyn on January 13, 2012
Theodor on January 11, 2012
Installation: W7, LAN U.S.Robotics 5461, HP Photosmart 2610 USB-connected to the Router, AIO_CDB_Net_Full_Win_WW_130_141 installed, HP SW cant find Printer, can print!
Beth on December 5, 2011
Scan won't work on Windows 7. My disc won't load it. Is there somewhere I can get the software?
Sandra on December 1, 2011
unbelievably slow-still going at 45 minutes with Comcast internet! If it gives me function for printer, will be worth every minute-thanks for haveing it available
Roger Schmidt on November 26, 2011
Driver Photosmart
paula nov 11,11 on November 11, 2011
trying to get going
rocha joaquim on November 9, 2011
driver hp photosmart 2610
rocha joaquim on November 9, 2011
driver pour hp photosmart 2610
joaquim on November 9, 2011
hp photosmart 2610
sdasd on October 3, 2011
ydraulikos on October 3, 2011
Vili Aufai on September 30, 2011
extremely slow downlooading
Rana Najam on September 6, 2011
xtreemly slow dowmloding alot
jane on August 18, 2011
chode on August 11, 2011
xtreemly slow download... This sucks...
ada on July 27, 2011
VMH on July 9, 2011
HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Driver
Jonacani on June 6, 2011
alex on May 4, 2011
very good
baryalihemmat on May 1, 2011
hp photosmart2610 printer driver
tomar on April 16, 2011
FRE on April 12, 2011
paul on April 5, 2011
rac on March 12, 2011
dial up takes about 2 hours though zzzzzz
and that's for the basic one
RAC on March 12, 2011
thank you rivials c-net
as my kids say "easy peasy" and the price is right!
Dean on March 7, 2011
Jorge T. on February 26, 2011
Shwan Mufty on January 19, 2011
Every time the printer disappears validity on Devices and printers
nhurain0615 on December 31, 2010
really slow but still usefull beggars cant be chooser....a big thanks to this website...
rerty0987j on November 25, 2010
slow download
d on November 25, 2010
my installation disk was not compatible with windows 7 and I lost it
bhudz09 on November 12, 2010
i have lost my disc and i cant get started with my HP printer hmmp!
Vincent on October 11, 2010
fail to connect the printer via the lan when under the 64 bit windows 7 driver
john on September 22, 2010
how do get the downloads for my hp photosmart all in one
abbas on September 13, 2010
hp photosmart 2610 windows 7 64-bit printer drivr
Amy on August 3, 2010
anonimous on August 2, 2010
very helpfull
fenelus on July 23, 2010
USC Chick on July 13, 2010
What is the appropriate length of time that the driver download should take? I'm not sure if I need to reboot and start again. Time so far is 35minutes.
FEwing on July 8, 2010
How big is the 392.exe file. So far I'm up to 11.8MB
shey on July 5, 2010
this website seems to be very convenient
ferol jean fequiere on June 12, 2010
je veux un software pour hp photosmart 2610
ferol jean fequiere on June 12, 2010
je veux un software pour hp photosmart 2619
Bruno Orlando on June 6, 2010
I need a CD Install HP 2610 Photosmart for Vista
Me on April 29, 2010
Worked good for the printer. Can't get the scan to work though.
Lady Gaga on April 26, 2010
Thanks A lot..I don't have to buy the CD from HP, i can download it from here for free ! :)
Stephen Banks on April 1, 2010
Hi, downloaded Windows XP Driver 4.7.0 - Basic successfully but will not install, left over night but overall progress still only 7%. Can you help? email is Thanks Steve.
Mary on March 31, 2010
this was a bit tedious. A step by step process would have been appreciated.
alfrodriguez on March 23, 2010
very usefull
noar on March 18, 2010
i want only driver to install, but exe file has other function and it stop at page connect to printer, and it's done with thai print error
misty on February 23, 2010
i dont understand how to download this
Joyce on January 13, 2010
No use would not download
yýlmaz on December 21, 2009
jorge on December 21, 2009
how can i download my hp photosmart 2610 all in one in my computer?
Clay on December 16, 2009
Thanks. Your download worked very well.
bernabe on November 16, 2009
for some reason internet explorer cannot download 392 exe from s1 siliconguide wat can i do? i need this program in order 2 start my preinter
Lloyd Hinton on October 30, 2009
Thanks for the 2119 drivers. My computer died.
Dennis on September 10, 2009
very lame that drivers for xp pro 64 bit do not work. Terrible customer service
joellen on August 27, 2009
lost cd
joellen stoner on August 27, 2009
lost my cd
Dell on August 6, 2009
Thanks, I didn't think I would ever be able to use my printer again! And such a quick download too...
Ulli Drews on August 6, 2009
clive harris on July 28, 2009
quick and seems ok
--- on July 24, 2009
What everyone else says : THNX! xD ROFLMAO
Art Johnson on July 4, 2009
wooHoooh! 2 days later and 20 seconds on this site and you got me runnin within 3mins. Thanx!
john on June 30, 2009
great, thanks
RentzSen on June 16, 2009
YOU, my friend...are a life-saver!!! God Bless!!!
Gary Wride on June 8, 2009
Many Thanks!
ximan on May 11, 2009
u are the best u just saved me ,thanks
NLA on May 11, 2009
missing driver cd.
Chuck on May 7, 2009
You just saved my marriage. My wife had given up on me. The HP Printer has stopped working for months!
Lino on April 29, 2009
Thanks !
Joao on April 13, 2009
thanks for the download,and all the instrutions
CARMEN on March 12, 2009
ks on March 12, 2009
I cant even begin to explain how thankful I am...:)
fitrin on March 8, 2009
K.M. on February 25, 2009
Thanks, So easy to use and set up. I was downloading & printing within Mins.
Mrs. B on February 11, 2009
Your site is a GODSEND!!!! My husband threw out my disc & then my motherboard went out & I had to switch to a laptop.....Thank You
LLL on February 9, 2009
jgfyl;rdymty on December 28, 2008

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