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HP Photosmart 7760 Printer Driver

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Free download and instructions for installing the HP Photosmart 7760 Photo Printer Driver for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit. For those who have lost the installation CD.

OSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About)
Windows 2000Driver5.32008-07-2321.52 MBexeHP Photosmart 7760 Windows 2000 Printer Driver Download
Windows XPDriver5.32008-07-2321.52 MBexeHP Photosmart 7760 Windows XP Printer Driver Download
Windows XP 64-bitDriver1.0 - Beta2008-05-1058.43 MBexeHP Photosmart 7760 Windows XP 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows VistaDriver080.001.260.000 - Basic2008-07-0720.73 MBexeHP Photosmart 7760 Windows Vista Printer Driver Download
Windows Vista 64-bitDriver080.001.260.000 - Basic2008-07-0720.73 MBexeHP Photosmart 7760 Windows Vista 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Taking too long to download? Order a driver CD containing all of these installation files or buy high-speed priority download access.
This page was last reviewed on February 28, 2013 to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

Installation Instructions

To install the HP Photosmart 7760 Photo Printer driver, download the version of the driver that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop. Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

exe (Executable File)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions for installing the driver.

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 Comments about HP Photosmart 7760 Printer Driver
M H on May 23, 2017
getlef on April 23, 2017
thanks and glad its clean
john on December 30, 2016
Thanks for the download on March 15, 2016
Please i wish to download a window 7 drivers for hp photosmart 7700series printer
Pam on December 6, 2015
Working great!
A. L. on August 19, 2015
Hope this works...
Nuno on June 28, 2015
Driver for Windows Vista works fine on Windows 7. Thanks!
Joshua on April 5, 2015
This is so great! Thank you!
Dennis Dobosiewicz on July 11, 2014
ahmed on April 4, 2014
kjh on December 19, 2013
fur on October 2, 2013
oficcial doesnt work
regina bermingham on August 9, 2013
easy but wait til I try to print!!
walter on August 5, 2013
best driver
artiya on July 19, 2013
Rune Tjernström on May 24, 2013
Betselvägen 20 85750 Sundsvall
yousef on May 9, 2013
thank you
edifixer on May 7, 2013
easyer than the sit from HP....
dongho on February 23, 2013
Esko Xrexi on February 19, 2013
(Not) so difficult!-)
delworth Heath on February 4, 2013
I own a HP Phoyosamrt 7760 Printer and has lost my CD
amal on February 3, 2013
I have a 7760 Photosmart printer and have lost the cd - need to reload
hamid on February 2, 2013
thank you
Dee Thomason on January 26, 2013
I have a 7760 Photosmart printer and have lost the cd - need to reload
Rec Calingasan on January 1, 2013
Which driver is compatible with Windows 7?
Claire on January 1, 2013
which one do i download for windows 7 please?
Bill Curry on December 28, 2012
ligali on December 20, 2012
Very good
E.ALEX on December 13, 2012
Thank you
Mahesh DV on December 1, 2012
Thank you
camara fode on November 28, 2012
je veux télécharger le pilote de hp photosmart 7760
enebia gee on November 22, 2012
so so reliable and easy to operate. thanks
Dian on October 20, 2012
Thank you soooo much for the driver update ... since the manufacturer decided to not provide them!
Dsr on October 2, 2012
This download has malware. My computer rejects it.
ligali on September 26, 2012
Very good
uyonim on September 24, 2012
yoni on September 24, 2012
jayprakash keshari on September 18, 2012
i want nesesari driver for hp photosmart 7760 imediatali
John Mino on August 31, 2012
Why do I keep getting an 'error' message when trying to install the driver for my Photosmart 7760printer?
faraz on August 16, 2012
yuri_nahl on July 3, 2012
I spent hundreds on this manure pile. What a mistake!
Ashok Tilwani on June 6, 2012
How to download 7760 printer driver?
Thida on May 15, 2012
omid on May 1, 2012
martin on April 14, 2012
marcelo on April 4, 2012
LINDA on March 31, 2012
HP 7760 Photosmart prints one word at a time takes 30 minutes to print document. I've downloaded patches, drives, fixes etc. Nothing helped
kathy on March 26, 2012
cant wait
haval on March 15, 2012
Sindy on March 12, 2012
Tx for the help
ko on March 9, 2012
YASIN on February 20, 2012
YASIN on February 20, 2012
PhilNukes on February 16, 2012
Brian on January 28, 2012
TONYB on January 8, 2012
NELLIE VAN WYK on November 23, 2011
Tx for the help
NELLIE VAN WYK on November 23, 2011
Tx for the help
soon73 on November 2, 2011
wood on October 14, 2011
ashiq husain on October 6, 2011
hp7760 printer download
Ice on September 29, 2011
Knowedlge wants to be free, just like these articles!
mboo on September 21, 2011
007 on September 16, 2011
neeraj on September 16, 2011
Tammyver software on September 14, 2011
Need dri
marlon on September 8, 2011
its help a lot to me
ifeanyi on August 26, 2011
am grateful for ur good job
frederick grant on August 12, 2011
down load printer softwer
Bill on August 11, 2011
Jim Kaestner on August 9, 2011
françois on July 18, 2011
c'est bien de trouver cequ'on cherche.merci
MJ on July 17, 2011
is good site
HASSAN on July 4, 2011
erika on June 3, 2011
firoz on May 17, 2011
ebony studio on May 15, 2011
fantastic product
Hp photosmart on May 8, 2011
Thanks Great
lulu on April 22, 2011
sasa on April 8, 2011
for win7
alfredo soto on April 1, 2011
thank you
waniRayees on March 21, 2011
Hp Photosmart 7760 printer
Rod Case on March 3, 2011
This was so nice and easy! Thank You. know I can print again
Teresa Lee on February 27, 2011
eun kim on February 16, 2011
I lost hp photosmart 7760 printer CD but another computer all ready installed
sue on February 12, 2011
7760 for windows 7
Frank Messina on January 22, 2011
The instlation gets stuck at step 3 at 9%. The instalation just stops at 9%.
Donald C on January 16, 2011
same question here. need legit download source for 7760 to work on Win 7 Home edition thanks
Lajoie on January 15, 2011
Where can I find the driver for this using windows 7?
veronica on January 9, 2011
thanyou for making it soooooo easy
M Noori on December 30, 2010
DENISE on November 28, 2010
rannie on November 23, 2010
this is one of the best printer in town
JOE on November 19, 2010
First try did not work :(
joe on November 19, 2010
taking a long time to load, hope it works!
s jude thaddeus on November 19, 2010
I hope i am downloading the correct drive. thanks.
diego on November 11, 2010
mburli on November 9, 2010
donald on November 8, 2010
Thanks for my help.
mr. x on October 28, 2010
Dinesh Singh on October 4, 2010
Thanks for my help.
rocky miller on September 19, 2010
cool i hopeit orks out for me most likely not like everythingels workout ot
Debbie Canada on August 23, 2010
Thank you. I haven't texted it yet but the installation was really easy.
elena on August 6, 2010
Khelsi Price on July 17, 2010
sathaphone on July 14, 2010
m gerding on July 11, 2010
windows xp driver for HP photsmart 7760 is flawed, will not install!!!
YOYOYOYO on July 6, 2010
For the Windows 7 users, use the Vista drivers. Works for me.
tallpall on July 1, 2010
Re: Win7 problem. Found the fix for trying to use the 7760 in a network. The trick is to create a new local port (easy). See comments in this link by Arthur Xie
tallpall on June 30, 2010
Win7 problem. Can't get 7760 to work as a networked printer. It is hooked up to an XP pc that other wireless XP laptops could print to. Now we have Win7 laptops and even the Vista driver (I used 64 bit) suggested below does not work. Can anyone do this?
Althebuff on June 30, 2010
works a treat thank you
tony tran on June 30, 2010
thank you guys... keep up the good works
mama on June 28, 2010
I have mac which window should i download?
jojoe on June 25, 2010
LRF on June 22, 2010
All who are looking for the Windows 7 OS Driver; download Windows works with that version. I have Windows 7 and I've done it!
adesupo solomon on June 9, 2010
lovely printing works
Jan on June 8, 2010
I need the drivers for windows 7.
Kenny on June 8, 2010
where do I find a driver for windows 7 professional
dfsdfsdafsdf on June 7, 2010
Graham on June 1, 2010
cristy capili bunag on May 31, 2010
michael le on May 24, 2010
xxx on May 15, 2010
Pablo L Aguas on April 29, 2010
good product
umair on April 25, 2010
me on April 9, 2010
I wanted to say Thank You very much! For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to install the printer and the CD was not helping at all. Your site made the process sooooo simple. Thank You a bunch!!!!
joelory on March 31, 2010
hope this driver works ....still have to test it . thanks
lynn w on March 12, 2010
can i use this printer with OS windows 7?? I dont see that driver option
John Thomas on March 10, 2010
This does not supply drivers for linking to a remote HP Photosmart 7760. I need to load the device drivers for a remote link -- no printer attached to my XP system.
maguerite main on March 9, 2010
thank you for the download we misplaced ourxcellent customer service
Rene on February 8, 2010
Should include the window 7 version driver for this model
CHRISTINA JURY on February 5, 2010
fern on January 25, 2010
Peak Tek, Inc. on January 20, 2010
download driver for hp photosmart 7760 windows xp pro
john harvey on January 16, 2010
hp photosmart 7760 driver with xp download
john harvey on January 16, 2010
driver download for hp photosmart 7760 with xp
curtis on January 15, 2010
hopefully it works
DARIO on January 12, 2010
The Fly Fisherman on December 29, 2009
Thank you for cutting through the b/s and straight to the point....bless you for untangling the knots
ARMIN ABEDI on December 29, 2009
Nick Adle on December 20, 2009
I need driver for HP Photosmart 7760
ahmed on December 19, 2009
thanx 4 help me
pete powell on December 7, 2009
Duane on December 1, 2009
Having trouble net working the HP Photosmart 7760 using Vista and Windows 7
Zaw Min Myint on November 10, 2009
joselyn on September 30, 2009
momo on September 19, 2009
thanks so much
akbear on September 13, 2009
thanks!!! HO rocks!!!
kold on September 6, 2009
anton on August 25, 2009
i got it
Marcella on August 10, 2009
thanl you
Sal on August 6, 2009
thank you.
Eric Aboagye on July 24, 2009
HP Printer are the best printers above all.
3pthe on July 19, 2009
not bad...
Mich on July 8, 2009
Thank you ;)
Walter (Vienna) on July 4, 2009
Thanks a lot; i can use my old 7760 on Xp x64! THX
anne on June 15, 2009
excellent program that can hel us when we had lost the driver CD
JT on June 10, 2009
nika on June 7, 2009
it is good
aida on May 20, 2009
you guys are great
David on May 2, 2009
thanks for the help, the driver works fine
riyas on April 18, 2009
good printer
kaj on March 18, 2009
hope this will save my worries
jim on March 6, 2009
i hope this works
julissa on February 25, 2009
i need to make my printer work
hp on December 8, 2008
hp photosmart 7760 on December 8, 2008
anees on November 28, 2008
i want driver for hp photosmart 7760

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