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Lexmark X1180 Printer Driver

Drivers > Printer > Lexmark > X1180

Free download and instructions for installing the Lexmark X1180 All-in-One Printer Driver for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit. For those who have lost the installation CD.

OSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About)
Windows Server 2003Driver2.0.2.22008-05-1723.52 MBexeLexmark X1180 Windows Server 2003 Printer Driver Download
Windows XPDriver2.0.2.22008-05-1723.52 MBexeLexmark X1180 Windows XP Printer Driver Download
Windows 2000Driver2.0.2.22008-05-1723.52 MBexeLexmark X1180 Windows 2000 Printer Driver Download
Windows VistaDriver1.0.11.12008-05-1734.88 MBexeLexmark X1180 Windows Vista Printer Driver Download
Windows Vista 64-bitDriver1.0.11.12008-05-1751.69 MBexeLexmark X1180 Windows Vista 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Taking too long to download? Order a driver CD containing all of these installation files or buy high-speed priority download access.
This page was last reviewed on December 6, 2012 to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

Installation Instructions

To install the Lexmark X1180 All-in-One Printer driver, download the version of the driver that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop. Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

exe (Executable File)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions for installing the driver.

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 Comments about Lexmark X1180 Printer Driver
Mukoti on May 22, 2022
Do you have drivers for windows 10?
johnny on October 26, 2020
i don't have Cd drive not more how can i install my printer in win 7?
Andile on May 4, 2020
Do you have drivers for win
Rita Graham on April 30, 2020
Thank you!
sagheer on January 6, 2020
good print x1800
Krenar Ademi on October 31, 2019
niek wiid on September 18, 2019
niek wiid on September 18, 2019
Micaela on August 10, 2019
for windows 8??
Lexmark on April 16, 2019
FOR WIN 10 ??????? NO????????????????
Keaton on September 8, 2015
Dave on May 14, 2015
lost the cd
jack on May 5, 2015
I have a new computer acer aspire xc-605 windows 8.1, and have a Lexmark pinter x1180 but it does not work,why?
jojo on April 23, 2015
my os is windows7, which of the drivers do I use?
Assain Silwimba on February 17, 2015
I can't print because the system is saying there are no drivers for this printer
pedros on February 16, 2015
desmond c. kindred on February 3, 2015
I have a new computer acer aspire xc-605 windows 8.1, and have a Lexmark pinter x1180
can I rely get someone to help me I needto install my printer "x1180 I have windows 8.1 can someone help please I need to use this printer.
christine tilbury on January 25, 2015
is x1180 compatible with windows 8 - does anyone know please?
lardus on November 17, 2014
lost my cd
maree on October 31, 2014
Can I rely get someone to help me I need to install my printer "lexmark X1180" I have windows 7 can someone help please I need to use the printer for work please
Jose Gomes on October 30, 2014
Lost my cd
rian on October 28, 2014
alobaidat on August 9, 2014
thank s
Lakshman on July 18, 2014
For the driver
simon jepson on June 4, 2014
lost my CD
lunie on April 13, 2014
i lost my CD installer of my Lexmark x1180 printer/scanner how can i use it and download it so i can use it again?
nae on April 10, 2014
saf on March 25, 2014
Kertész Monika on January 16, 2014
edwin` on October 10, 2013
hope this works
Ricardo on September 13, 2013
nenhum comentario
Yolanda on September 11, 2013
could you please help me use my lexmark x1180 printer
Myburgh on July 8, 2013
john addinall on July 1, 2013
LeonC on June 29, 2013
for Win 7 use the vista driver above it is compatible
terry unwin on June 21, 2013
driver for windows8
DAVID MWILA on June 13, 2013
Are there Lexmark x1180 drivers for I can download for windows 7 (32-bit)
Jane Trevail on June 11, 2013
How can I speak to someone who will help me download printer driver for X1180 printer? Thanks
Ulli on May 12, 2013
It's cool
Sergey on April 27, 2013
Lexmark X1180 Vista Pinter Driver Download- error
dapper muis 2013 on April 24, 2013
thankyou very much. works like a bomb. for windows 7...install the VISTA 64bit driver.
Lexmark X1180 Printer/Scanner on April 15, 2013
Downloaded Driver for Windows 7 64bit which is a vista driver.Great
ALTAF MALIK on April 6, 2013
Can not down load Lexmark x1180 printer driver, file is not complete or incorrect.
vinothan on April 5, 2013
want to downloand drivers for lexmark x1180, ops system windows 7
joo on March 31, 2013
rasheed on March 28, 2013
Having problems trying to reload software, it sets up but icon does appear on desktop.
Nii Amon on March 18, 2013
rodrigue sfeila on March 13, 2013
i want to download lexmark x1180 for windows 7 any help?
dennis on March 12, 2013
windows 7 is there software?
rebitzer karin on March 10, 2013
drucker installieren
Arie on March 3, 2013
kamlesh c jaiswar on February 19, 2013
download slowly
kamlesh c jaiswar on February 19, 2013
download slowly
FRANK ABABIO on February 9, 2013
Abdul Bux on February 4, 2013
I have windows 7 . Is there software for this version of windows for the Lexmark x1180 printer?
MPHONYANA MABOTE south africa on January 22, 2013
i AM UNABLE TO DOWN LOAD THE 1180 LEXMARK drivers. One cd is missing, only CD 1 is available, please help.
Anzel on January 22, 2013
I can't seem to download the driver for my printer, my cd got lost and if i try to download it, it doen't want to, please help
elena on January 22, 2013
very good
Praveena Jivan on January 22, 2013
Require driver for windows 8
Andrei on January 21, 2013
i have win 7 x64 and vista 64 work for me :)
carol Roche Ireland on January 13, 2013
Need driver for windows 7 lexmark 1180 need to connect printer lost cd is it possible
malindela kaNdlovu on January 12, 2013
dricers for windows7,
Mara van Rooyen on January 3, 2013
Is there a driver for windows 7 for Lexmark x1180
Mara on January 3, 2013
Want driver for windows 7
bong on December 28, 2012
aj on December 23, 2012
abdelaziz on December 15, 2012
no aboutlexmarkx1180
doru on December 13, 2012
Willem on December 13, 2012
Thanks for help.
Willem on December 13, 2012
I want to install my Lexmark x1180 - lost my CD. Willem
Dennis heyne Cape town south africa on December 9, 2012
I am trying to download the X1180 lexmark drives to conect my printer as i lost my cd
Alexa on November 11, 2012
me need it
krkndodos on October 21, 2012
problème d'installation lexmark 1180
zac hassan on October 15, 2012
driver intalltion for lexmark1180 or lexmark1100 for windows 98
agim on October 14, 2012
je veux installer dans mon ordinateur
alan on October 3, 2012
very good
Jenbob on September 26, 2012
trying to install Lexmark X1180 on Windows 7 using the Vista download. When I get to the bit where it says to connect the printer I connect it with USB but it doesn't register. I am stuck!
nad on September 7, 2012
geen resultaat bij wista
Derrick on August 29, 2012
I installed the Windows Server 2003 version of the driver for the Lexmark X1180 on my computer which is driven by an operating system Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. When I click on the setup icon for the file, it tells me that file is incompatible with the windows version. What do I do now? Please help!!
elrina trollip on August 28, 2012
ife lost my cd of my printer
dee on August 25, 2012
have just put in drivers but its printing but blank page iv put inks in and removed tags but showing up full ink but nothing on page i print this doing my head in tryed everything
Evans Boakye on August 22, 2012
Works perfectly.Thanks
lakshmi on August 14, 2012
no driver found for Lexmark 1180
worzel on August 4, 2012
Simple - downloaded onto my flashdrive then loaded the file on my other laptop which uses a separate Lexmark printer
lolada fofa on August 3, 2012
anasonw on July 29, 2012
thank you
chrissie moolman on July 19, 2012
elen on July 14, 2012
rami awwad on July 5, 2012
x1180 lexmark printer on June 26, 2012
to download and install
bobbie bob on June 5, 2012
Antonio on May 28, 2012
Molto buono
Kevin on May 25, 2012
Thanks a million guys, works brilliantly
Larry on May 6, 2012
It worked, thanks
touna on May 1, 2012
Elsa on April 29, 2012
Thanx for this program to help us. Your greate.
Camulos on April 25, 2012
For people with Windows 7. Unplug your printer and uninstall related programs. Download the Vista version. Run as Administrator.. while installing, the program ask to plug usb in. It would be working.
me on April 22, 2012
driver needed
maja on April 12, 2012
Courtney Burke on April 1, 2012
Best printer ever recomended
anthony on March 31, 2012
Gerald Hansen on March 22, 2012
Thank You
nadav on March 19, 2012
guma on March 18, 2012
leon on March 16, 2012
driver for windows 7 please
cile on March 15, 2012
Stefan on March 9, 2012
snoekie on March 7, 2012
Keep saying request enttity too large
Odinot on March 5, 2012
Michael on March 4, 2012
No driver for windows 7
esma3el on February 28, 2012
dusan on February 19, 2012
Vuks on February 17, 2012
were is drivers for windows7 pleas
gloria on February 14, 2012
no driver found for windows 7 lexmark x1180
stacian roper on February 6, 2012
thank you so much
Kovácsné Vértes Zsuzsa on February 1, 2012
szeretném telepíteni a LEXMARK nyomtatómat
GARRY on January 28, 2012
solomon mingle on January 27, 2012
solomon mingle on January 27, 2012
want to down for my machine
kiril on January 26, 2012
Ahmad on January 17, 2012
we want for ( windows 7 ) please ?????????
hamode on January 15, 2012
thats nice
karl on January 14, 2012
david on January 8, 2012
joshy on December 21, 2011
saleem kunbher on December 20, 2011
1100 series drivers are also for x1185 , and u can use with windows 7,
zenek on December 18, 2011
kurestwo nie dziala
Fernanda Souza on December 18, 2011
I'm searching for a driver to lexmark printer X1185 that I can use with the windows 7. Where I can find this? Please... Help me!!!
Schura on December 17, 2011
john lee on December 14, 2011
good thank you
TOMAS on December 14, 2011
helen on December 13, 2011
it is good
Sam on December 12, 2011
Thank You, installed with no problems!!
S.Marsh on December 12, 2011
X1180 troublesome to download and to get it working on vista
Alex on December 5, 2011
GERARDO on December 1, 2011
avi on November 29, 2011
avi on November 29, 2011
avraham on November 29, 2011
David watum on November 29, 2011
wayne on November 28, 2011
great site
brahim on November 26, 2011
mauri on November 26, 2011
sharon on November 25, 2011
When i try to install Lexmark X1100 (from 11/07) I hit install, then it says it is not available in English? It was in 2007 when I installed on desk what?
Baruk on November 25, 2011
i need a usb cable for my printer x1180, where can i find one, thanks.
kenny on November 25, 2011
lexmark x1180 on November 23, 2011
maureen on November 20, 2011
i'm trying to set this printer up onto my laptop which has windows 7 but can't seem to get the cd to work does anyone know if it works with windows 7?
mohammad on November 16, 2011
Yves on November 15, 2011
Is it normal when my computer downloads X1100 when it says here X1180?
abdul on November 14, 2011
Glen on November 14, 2011
Good, hope it works
Jamie breen on November 10, 2011
thanks in anticipation of recieving this driver
oleg on November 9, 2011
T.O. Podikunju on November 8, 2011
to podikunju on November 6, 2011
to podikunju on November 6, 2011
zack on November 5, 2011
zack on November 5, 2011
lola on November 4, 2011
works great many thanks guy
jose on November 3, 2011
this web is the best
Sonnika on October 31, 2011
Where do i find the driver for this printer for windows 7??
spal on October 23, 2011
namoi on October 18, 2011
thank you very much
sakis on October 18, 2011
thanks a lot!
Luk on October 16, 2011
cem on October 13, 2011
Dexter on October 6, 2011
Great ! Works fine ! Thanks
Azh on October 4, 2011
Azh on October 4, 2011
topodikunju on October 3, 2011
t o podikunju on October 3, 2011
edel on September 27, 2011
jim on September 22, 2011
angelina on September 22, 2011
X1181 on September 17, 2011
Geoffrey Merritt on September 12, 2011
did not work
dave on September 11, 2011
I tried all drivers availabe,reinstalled old onesmStill not working in windows 7 ...?????..HELP>>
obadimeji on September 8, 2011
eran on September 6, 2011
SALIM IMAMBOCUS on September 6, 2011
jcd on September 6, 2011
alec on September 2, 2011
hope this works for windows 7
RASHID on September 2, 2011
awj on August 22, 2011
thank youuu
yadz on August 15, 2011
to NAIRA....thank you so muchhhh for posting the information about installing x1180 i have succesfully downloaded it..and my printer scanner is functioning now....thank you so muchhhh and God all who are...looking same information...just follow the intructions posted of NAIRA...
Jakes Jacobs on August 15, 2011
Drivers lost
SDF on August 8, 2011
rewerewe on July 30, 2011
lost soft wear
facebook on July 29, 2011
this thing sucks
collin on July 22, 2011
i downloaded the printer drivers for my lexmark x 1180 but it only gave me the scan drivers for windows xp
no print drivers
ann on July 21, 2011
good site, very helpfull and easy to understand
anselmo on July 21, 2011
anselmo on July 21, 2011
Clifford on July 19, 2011
Not found printer driver for my operating system - Windows 7
lexmark 1180 on July 19, 2011
Download the driver for the above printer
Lexmark 1180 on July 18, 2011
Download the driver for the above printer
dries on July 9, 2011
AHMED on July 5, 2011
jan on June 27, 2011
no driver for Lexmark x1180 found for Windows 7
jean pierre on June 25, 2011
No Driver for Lexmark x1180 found for Windows 7
Denisa on June 23, 2011
coþar on June 22, 2011
thank you
lexmark x1180 on June 19, 2011
Bergan Nina on June 19, 2011
i can't connect my printer in my another computer.. what should i do?
Jan Hüygen on June 13, 2011
Please advice of which all in one printer is most suteable for home use
Viktor on June 13, 2011
No Driver for Lexmark x1180 found for Windows 7
stella on June 12, 2011
Hi everybody!I have lexmark 1180.I downloaded the printer s driver for windows 2003 but nothing seems to work!Help please!!!
Webo on June 11, 2011
please send me lexmark1180 driver for Windows7 =>
Petrus on June 11, 2011
Thanks for driver
justin on June 10, 2011
bad not for windows 7
lexmark x 1180 on June 10, 2011
thank you
abs on June 7, 2011
no driverfor lexmark x1180 found for window7
Derick on June 4, 2011
No Driver for Lexmark x1180 found for Windows 7
m shearer on May 31, 2011
thank you
Cebrail on May 26, 2011
Thank You !
andrew coles on May 22, 2011
thanks for help
Naira on May 16, 2011
hi all! I have lexmark x1180 and windows 7/ 64 bit OS.After 3 days!!! Of searching the solution to get my printer work I finnaly did it!! YAY:)
1) GO to official lexmark site
2)support and downloads
3)product selection
4) in search tub type Lexmark X1150 (!!!) instead of x1100 or x1180 etc.

Than choose :microsoft as os and if you have Windows7 than choose Windows vista (32 bit for win7 32 bit) and 64 bit for win7 64 bit) than press filter, you can also choose english or any other lang., than just download the link and your any X11-- ALL IN ONE WILL WORK :) I hope it ll help all of you and save you a lot of time... Good luck :)
AnnieMac on May 14, 2011
things were going well and then the test page printed blank !
Edmond on May 7, 2011
Guys Please help!! i can't download the drivers for a lexmark x1180, I'm using Windows 7 Home premium 32 bit.
Sunny Baba on April 29, 2011
Can someone send x1180 printer driver for windows 7 please? I need it badly and urgently. My email address is:
CLIFF QUAYNOR on April 18, 2011
I downloaded lemark x1180, and it is effective and efficient. Thanks!
sharoncilgram on April 14, 2011
keeps freezing on download
ibtissam on April 12, 2011
driver lexmark x1180
ali on April 6, 2011
thank you very mach
RIK on April 4, 2011
It's ridiculous WINDOWS VISTA 32 driver doesn't work for printer, even from Lexmark website. It's always the same f* file (35mb aprox). Maybe it works on a virtual machine with xp. Don't buy Lexmark printers....
mike on March 31, 2011
thank u very much
jon on March 17, 2011
S Bryson on March 14, 2011
March 2011 Lexmark driver downloads for Windows XP
Naheed Raja on March 13, 2011
I hope my printer and scanner will work
Naheed Raja on March 13, 2011
I hope my printer will work now.
dark872 on March 8, 2011
Hi. Thanks for this driver, but i have a small problem. I installed this driver but works only scanner and printer not. When I opened the All-in-one center writes me this - The Lexmark x1100 Series printer driver is not installed. I don´t understand this. I tried download and install driver for Lexmark official website but it does the same thing.I need driver for printer because in this folder what I downloaded from Lexmark website is only driver for scanner. When I install, it install only scanner. Please help me....and sorry for my English
joao antonio on March 5, 2011
thank you
dark872 on March 5, 2011
Thank´s but I already tried it. I need driver only for printer because in this folder what I downloaded from Lexmark website is only driver for scanner. When I install, it install only scanner.
fedge81 on March 4, 2011
@Sparky. Why do you suppose all us thick cunts are downloading it from here? Just go to the Lexmark website and try it for yourself smart ass
David on March 4, 2011
I have the same Daek872's problem
dark872 on March 4, 2011
Hi. Thanks for this driver, but i have a small problem. I installed this driver but works only scanner and printer not. When I opened the All-in-one center writes me this - The Lexmark x1100 Series printer driver is not installed. I don´t understand this. Please help me... Sorry for my English
george on February 24, 2011
george flannigan on February 24, 2011
KOUTCHO on February 23, 2011
Mg2 on February 21, 2011
There is no driver available for Windows 7
vincent on February 17, 2011
I will recomend your site if this works
vincent edge on February 17, 2011
i will be very glad if this works as so far i have had no luck with other attempts
gamini on January 29, 2011
Shine-On Media on January 28, 2011
Fantastic guys - Thank you so much, will definitely recommend your site to others, regards, Craig.
simon 65 on January 28, 2011
took a while to download but worth the wait will recommend your site
LEXMARK X 1180 THREE IN ONE on January 24, 2011
LEXMARK X 1180 on January 24, 2011
SammyRL on January 15, 2011
How do I install lexmark x1180 on VAIO windows 7 starter please ?
Margo on January 10, 2011
Can you help me with the driver for Windows 7 Lexmark X1180?
namo on January 9, 2011
ic ok
KARL SHORTT on January 5, 2011
safou daniel on January 4, 2011
All my work with the computer are doing with Lexmark Printer
Dim on January 4, 2011
Can you help me with the driver for WIndows 7 Lexmark X1180?
lydia on January 2, 2011
I need a program to install lexmarck 1180 scanner
trevor on January 2, 2011
Macdonald Seemola on December 14, 2010
Hi I am looking for driver for my printer for windows 7 it is a lexmark x1180
anna on December 12, 2010
i am looking for the driver of lexmark x1180 printer for vista, can you help me?
vagn on December 11, 2010
Hi I am looking for driver for my printer for windows 7 it is a lexmark x1180
Elie on November 26, 2010
hi I am looking for my printer for windows 7 it is a lexmark x1180
aimee maddison on November 21, 2010
spha on November 17, 2010
Kobie on November 17, 2010
Reliable and easy to use
spha on November 17, 2010
i need to download drivers for lexmark x1180
SPHA on November 15, 2010
SPHA on November 15, 2010
benzene on November 11, 2010
how can i locate lexmark x1180 windows vista 32-bit driver
Debbie on November 11, 2010
We are looking for windows 7 driver for x1180. How many comments must there be on this page before we get support?
charles on November 11, 2010
Hi I am looking for driver for my printer for windows 7 it is a lexmark x1180
Vanessa on November 10, 2010
Can you please help me ! Do you have a download I can use for my X1180 with Windows 7?? Thanks
vaida on November 7, 2010
I need lexmark driver for windows 7
AHMET on November 1, 2010
Wilco on October 31, 2010
Can you help me with the driver for WIndows 7 Lexmark X1180?
Vera on October 29, 2010
I have Windows 7. Do you have drivers for my pc?
max on October 28, 2010
thank you it worked !!!
max on October 25, 2010
very good
annette on October 18, 2010
HELP!! Do you have a download I can use for my X1180 with Windows 7?? Thanks
Christine Sibille on October 16, 2010
who for Macintosch ???
Roya on October 13, 2010
Plz help me too install Lexmarkx1180 on my laptop DELL inspiron 1525
adn on October 7, 2010
bruna on October 5, 2010
kevin on September 26, 2010
lost disc
Ranvir on September 21, 2010
Please assist me i lost my Lexmark X1180 installation cd and i tried most sites and cannot get it, I have net accesss at work and my company blocks most site. Can someone send me a link or explain to me what to do to get driver. Please email me Thanks
NKILI on September 19, 2010
Supaporn on September 18, 2010
thank you
hassanovich on September 15, 2010
thank you
Julia on September 8, 2010
Bright on September 8, 2010
thank you!!! keep it up guys you are the best
nuran on September 3, 2010
drive lexmark x1180
Klaus on August 30, 2010
Thank you
Fernanda on August 27, 2010
I'm searching for a driver to lexmark printer X1185 that I can use with the windows 7. Where I can find this? Please... Help me!!!
Stone on August 26, 2010
I needed the software. I've got the cd but my new notebook don't gave a cd-rom
Sue on August 17, 2010
thank you for the software i had lost my cd
buster on August 12, 2010
thanks a lot
ellen on August 9, 2010
thankyou for the software i had lost my cd ! loll
nico on July 30, 2010
emma on July 23, 2010
your machines are always better
emma on July 23, 2010
i love your product
j.latter on July 21, 2010
yup yup yup
olamide on July 18, 2010
this site is good and ok. thank u.
Thierry on July 18, 2010
you attract me with the right comment and give me no solution.
ndyambo monezi on July 13, 2010
install lexmark 1180 printer
David on July 12, 2010
Thank You
rakcity on July 8, 2010
why is it difficult to install this printer
stelio on June 24, 2010
Wilbert on June 18, 2010
Windows 7 driver X1180
steve on June 18, 2010
les on June 12, 2010
lost cd
Jcb on 2nd June 2010 on June 2, 2010
Absolutley superb download, I hope now that it works
john on June 2, 2010
very good
nihel on May 18, 2010
pinky on May 16, 2010
thank you works for me :)
Bongani Gambu on May 16, 2010
Does not download
Dot on May 16, 2010
how do i get a x1180 to work with windows 7?
metka on May 12, 2010
good and easy
Laurence on May 5, 2010
Very good service -easy To follow and downloaded upgrade to Windows 7 quickly
Jan Friesel on April 29, 2010
Drivers okey works well
John Mugwagwa on April 14, 2010
Drivers ok thanks
jovan on April 9, 2010
mobark on April 8, 2010
Lexmark X1180
weo on April 8, 2010
a jones on March 29, 2010
raduku on March 29, 2010
great site! thanks!
Nando on March 26, 2010
I need a driver to lexmak x 1180
António Mendes on March 26, 2010
i need a driver to lexmark X 1180
HARRIET on March 25, 2010
kristfer dempsey on March 21, 2010
lost cd rom
mustafa ali ahmed on March 15, 2010
hp lexmark 1180 windows 7
bob on March 14, 2010
Rita Taylor on March 13, 2010
Amazingly works! Thanks so much when other driver download sites including Lexmark didn't work.
robert durie on March 9, 2010
fantastic great site
steve on March 8, 2010
brilliant place
BHSS.M on March 3, 2010
ALEXFORD2ONE on February 7, 2010
PIT on February 6, 2010
PIT on February 6, 2010
PIT on February 6, 2010
PIT on February 6, 2010
Cookie on February 4, 2010
hope it works
boris on February 3, 2010
Carla on February 2, 2010
Thank you!!!
Bertus Oosthuizen on February 2, 2010
Teemu on January 31, 2010
vikki on January 31, 2010
what does one use for win 7
James1 on January 14, 2010
Eachardo, on January 12, 2010
Didn't expect this ease of access of what I had failed even to get from the purported dealers! This is great.
coucou on January 9, 2010
when we can find window 7 drivers for x1180?
Bri on January 8, 2010
thank you
bri on January 8, 2010
download not successfully
ebru on January 8, 2010
i cant find a driver for windows 7 for my x1180
Viks on January 1, 2010
What driver can i used on windows 7 for my lexmark X1180
kal on December 29, 2009
found the driver. Installed and now working fine. Great job, thanks
ONISILOS on December 25, 2009
you are the best
benzaarit on December 22, 2009
download lexmark 1180 driver plaese
Nathi on December 18, 2009
nice job site, i got what i wanted.
barrie on December 16, 2009
Why no download for Windows 7?
nico on December 8, 2009
wich driver I can use for windows 7
Geoff on December 6, 2009
No Windows 7 driver available!
menu on December 5, 2009
i want for OS Windows 7
taqveem on December 5, 2009
lilian on December 3, 2009
thank you
ysftuncer on November 27, 2009
lexmark x1180 64 bit driver search
Thabang on November 25, 2009
hope it sorts my problem out lost my drivers disc that came with the printer
loz on November 24, 2009
wow cheers great ... thanks just what i needed ...
vigour on November 23, 2009
i am still wating
Liz on November 16, 2009
Very good site - no problem finding the drivers I needed, and they installed very quickly.
megan on November 15, 2009
i am trying to download the lexmark x1180 and it seem to not be letting me, could you please help?
alysh doyle on November 15, 2009
siju on November 12, 2009
its very good
Georgia Kokkinou on November 10, 2009
ok on November 7, 2009
ok on November 7, 2009
Debs October 2009 on October 23, 2009
Thanksfor your help
Cinzia on October 22, 2009
thanks, a very usefull driver
Richard Peacock on October 13, 2009
Thanks. no hidden adjenda. Found what I wanted straight away.
Femi on October 12, 2009
Good place to download, easily
lyndon on October 11, 2009
great stuff
LEXMARK on October 10, 2009
Betty Dickson on October 8, 2009
cant download driver says i cant computer not suitable
Louis on October 7, 2009
vero rat on October 6, 2009
i have been strugling and thankyou for this site
nikouuu on October 5, 2009
i am searching for a driver for the Ubuntu linux (9.04) Jaunty 32-bit version.
saju on October 5, 2009
Lexmark 1180 Printer Driver
abdullah abishi albarakah computing on October 2, 2009
thank you very much for that my workshop mobile no 0500900285
ahmed on September 25, 2009
merci on September 12, 2009
Lexmark 1180 Printer Driver
bert gammon on September 12, 2009
hope it sorts the problem super site very easy
arlene on September 7, 2009
very helpfull
deeban on August 29, 2009
thank you so much.
Kossivi on August 22, 2009
Very fantastic
stw on August 14, 2009
a on August 13, 2009
Andy on August 13, 2009
stuart on July 23, 2009
great, printer back in action
stephen on July 21, 2009
Great site. Easy to use and sensible, without the usual bombardment of 'download free driver checker' software.
DjSharK on July 19, 2009
thanks man! on July 13, 2009
Thanks man! Greeting from Athens-Greece
Marcie on June 28, 2009
Thanx, hope it works!
Azam on June 23, 2009
nick on June 16, 2009
tomtom on June 3, 2009
thanks a million
steve on May 27, 2009
i cannot get to download the free software on my dell computer
mirko on April 16, 2009
felix Donnkor on April 9, 2009
i downloaded lexmaark x1180 vista printer drive but it was x1100 which was given to me.AHBU
Az Ahmed on April 4, 2009
Thank you for your help
adolfo on March 28, 2009
can't install this driver, chuif chuif
MONDE on March 18, 2009
monde on March 18, 2009
thank u
bashar on March 6, 2009
thx u
Osman on February 23, 2009
Thank you so much. I hope it will work
Syn on February 20, 2009
imo it's a crappy printer and lexmark overall is a verry crappy printer company!
rounds on February 12, 2009
i want to download the lexmark x1180 drivers but the page is not loading
morgan on February 3, 2009
I like to be using this product, i think is very good printer.thank you
MARTIN BENNETT on January 31, 2009
GEORGE on January 27, 2009
χ1180 on January 27, 2009
thanks for help
Amanda Goosen on January 22, 2009
Neye Babajide on January 16, 2009
I'm very appreciative
Ahmad on November 12, 2008
lexmark x1180
p moodie on November 2, 2008
thank you for your help

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