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Lexmark X5070 Printer Driver

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Free download and instructions for installing the Lexmark X5070 All-in-one Printer Driver for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit. For those who have lost the installation CD.

OSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About)
Windows 2000Driver1.0.2.32008-10-1287.69 MBexeLexmark X5070 Windows 2000 Printer Driver Download
Windows XPDriver1.0.2.32008-10-1287.69 MBexeLexmark X5070 Windows XP Printer Driver Download
Windows VistaDriver1.0.2.32008-10-1287.69 MBexeLexmark X5070 Windows Vista Printer Driver Download
Windows 7Driver1.0.2.32008-10-1287.69 MBexeLexmark X5070 Windows 7 Printer Driver Download
Windows XP 64-bitDriver1.0.2.32008-10-12132.75 MBexeLexmark X5070 Windows XP 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows Vista 64-bitDriver1.0.2.32008-10-12132.75 MBexeLexmark X5070 Windows Vista 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 7 64-bitDriver1.0.2.32008-10-12132.75 MBexeLexmark X5070 Windows 7 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Taking too long to download? Order a driver CD containing all of these installation files or buy high-speed priority download access.
This page was last reviewed on March 14, 2013 to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

Installation Instructions

To install the Lexmark X5070 All-in-one Printer driver, download the version of the driver that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop. Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

exe (Executable File)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions for installing the driver.

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 Comments about Lexmark X5070 Printer Driver
Amelia Wasiluk on October 19, 2017
I am installing a printer.
Hessy on October 3, 2016
Check that off the list of things I was cofnused about.
Fernando Soto on September 30, 2014
Always in my office and in my life
Cesar Aquino on July 5, 2013
Good program
Tyrone on June 24, 2013
Is there a X5070 driver for Windows 8 available yet?
Pete Pryor on May 23, 2013
If this works I will be happy
Morwesi on May 8, 2013
Adri on April 30, 2013
Thanks this is great and it's working.
linda on April 21, 2013
my computer does not have lexmark x5070 what other number can i use?
Teresa on April 13, 2013
Thank you for providing a free service
Basay on March 23, 2013
I hope I serve and be of full assistance to my problem. Thank you.
corrie on January 22, 2013
ireally hopes it work
tttr on January 17, 2013
VIJAY on January 12, 2013
jeff on December 30, 2012
need the driver
hans on October 7, 2012
need the driver
michael jones on October 5, 2012
i would like to down load a driver for the lexmark x5070 printer
Harry on September 30, 2012
hope this works
simplex chithyola on September 14, 2012
i am failing to down load lexmark x5070 to install my printer
simplex chithyola on September 14, 2012
i am failing to down load lexmark x5070 to install my printer
Regina on July 17, 2012
I have a MacBook 1,1 When i downloaded the Lexmark x5070 Printer Driver it was unreadable to my laptop. What driver do I need to download that will be compatible? I cannot find my CD, but this is not the first MacBook I've installed this printer to.
Henry Irizarry on July 12, 2012
Thank you very much for your help reguarding this matter
eshia j on June 6, 2012
print is great.
Jones on May 22, 2012
lexmark printer
Eddie Gonzalez on April 21, 2012
my home computer
claude mckinney.. on March 28, 2012
cannot install my x5075 printer to my HP desktop
ms. lou on February 29, 2012
Thank you for your help.
Laufitu on February 10, 2012
I lost my installation cd for my new computer
ERWIN MARTES on February 7, 2012
thanks for yr help..
Sonyette Mitchell on February 7, 2012
Ale on February 5, 2012
Thanks for you Help! ;)
Monte Williams on January 28, 2012
I lost my installation cd for my new computer.
Les Starck on January 26, 2012
Thank you for the driver and I agree that these drivers don't need to be this large..
ANNIE RODRIGUEZ on January 25, 2012
Technicas on January 16, 2012
I lost my CD
Albert McAfee on January 13, 2012
works ok
cyntia on January 13, 2012
cyntia on January 12, 2012
Thomas Laurent on December 15, 2011
Whatever happened to the days when printer drivers were 2K and could download in 15 seconds? There is no excuse for a bloated 94 megabytes of GARBAGE (Productivity Studio, my ass!) that I will never use. I just want a printer that prints. This piece of junk has wasted more hours of my life than I ever would have thought possible, and it is a lousy printer in the bargain.
Zach on December 12, 2011
drivers were damaged or lost during virus removal operation
eddie a gonzalez marrero on November 30, 2011
Christina J on November 5, 2011
thank you so much this has really help me to complete me assignment at the rite time.
yahaira on October 9, 2011
asasa on October 5, 2011
junjira tanyaphoach on October 4, 2011
very good
GAMALIER on October 2, 2011
fadi estephan on September 17, 2011
tom on September 16, 2011
its not working
geoge on August 28, 2011
se tarda mucho en la descarga
dawn on August 26, 2011
found what i needed
ferguson on July 28, 2011
wow this was the first result in my google search and it worked thanks a lot!
David Derseweh on July 5, 2011
very good
eliott fabio orozco on June 15, 2011
very good
bobby on May 1, 2011
it might work
dean J geisler on April 9, 2011
Thanks alot
Kenneth Piper on April 6, 2011
I can not keep it installed so I can use it and I must be ab le to print at all times ands I can't
laine swartz on April 1, 2011
Thank you for the download.....Up and running now....Easy to do.....
DESCARGA on March 12, 2011
Peter on February 18, 2011
I am unable to download OCR and PDF software for an X5070 printer. Downloading Printer Driver does not solve my problem. Help!!
helen on February 15, 2011
i'm getting a download error msg
maria vazquez on January 27, 2011
I lost my driver
Regina Lundy on January 21, 2011
Says my processor speed is not enough. I have 2.66 rams left
outhay on January 15, 2011
Lexmark x5070 all in one
paul long on October 13, 2010
carol sn\mith on October 8, 2010
I purchased a refurbished pc, with windows xp included.
I was able to install my Lex x5070, but it now will not empty the print que, resulting in no printing at all, even after deliting and re-starting the printer.
jon on September 20, 2010
how can I connect to a lexmark x5070m wireless while it is conncted to a desk top
Elizabeth on September 14, 2010
everything fine
jimmy on September 11, 2010
thanks for the help it was so easy to do.I thought i had to get a new printer
nqobile on September 3, 2010
please can i get the set up
shannon on August 30, 2010
still unable to set up printer
peter on August 28, 2010
pieridis haralambos on August 24, 2010
very good
Mayra on July 31, 2010
Thank you so much!!!
Memphis Belle on July 28, 2010
AWESOME JOB!! New laptop / Lost CD. You saved my life.
narteh on July 27, 2010
thank you
Vickie Coomes on July 26, 2010
Danielle on June 28, 2010
Yayy!!! It worked! Thanx
Lisa Nuttall on June 15, 2010
Life Saver THANKS !!!
nick on June 10, 2010
Juan on May 14, 2010
rocky on April 27, 2010
cameron on April 8, 2010
Thanks, great service!!
audrey on February 27, 2010
thanks so much
ann brown on February 26, 2010
install lexmark x5070
tommy on February 23, 2010
Munir on February 10, 2010
BigHomie on February 3, 2010
Whats up, everything was cool thanx
sp on November 5, 2009
kj on October 28, 2009
I never received the confirmation # e-mail, so this didn't do it

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