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compaq presario 5000
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compaq presario 5000

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jimmy on February 22, 2003
compaq presario 5000

my cd burner tray door will not open to access my blank cd to record. it never has worked since i bought it. i don't know what to do. i'm a novice at this please help
RANDALL on March 20, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

Eric Georgieff on March 21, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I would try opening up your computer and verifying if the drive is powered. If there is no white connector attached to the back of your CD-Writer drive, or it is loose, that would be the problem.

Eric Georgieff
sean royse on April 7, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

i have a problem. i bought a used system. it has no drivers for any of the multimedia, communcations or ethernet. where can i go to get them online for my compaq presario 5000??? can anyone help???
rob on April 24, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

i have a problem with my new photo printer, I had to load the software disc for the printer several times and still i can not print through my usb ports- do i need to install usb drivers for my computer?
Dean on April 25, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

What is the brand name of videocard of compaq presario 5000 with intel celeron 800mhz? where can i download that driver?
Brian McKerr on July 4, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

How do I find out what memory chip i need to upgrade for a 5WV350
Dave on July 9, 2004
compaq presario 5000

my pc will not open to run windows xp, was working fine. it only goes to safe mode and than tryes to restart. need help.
Mark Tranter on July 22, 2004
compaq presario 5000

The PC just keeps shutting itself down at random intervals. I left it alone for about 3 months and then it seemed to work ok for a week. For no apparent reason it then started doing the same thing. Once it shuts down it will not start up again either. Any ideas before i throw it out the window??
mark on July 27, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

how do i open my compaq presario 5000? i mean the mother board. i want to install a lan card but i couldn't open my computer... need help thanks...
Jim on July 28, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

Does the Presario 5000 have AGP or PCI expansion slots for a better graphics card?
charanjeet singh on August 9, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

how to find a modem driver of compaq presario 5000
standard 56000bps v.90 modem
Tom on August 12, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

The compaq presario has both agp and pci.
lisa on August 13, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

My computer is ver slow. It has only 63.0 MB RAM What do you suggest i can do to speed it up?
Marc Kefford on September 13, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I recently managed to damage my machine by accidentally flicking the line Voltage switch while it was on. This resulted in a loud bang and a puff of smoke. I'm now trying to establsh how much harm i have in fact caused the machine as it seems complety dead. Has anyone else made this unfortunate mistake and how much is it going to cost to repair?
René Kabis on September 14, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

Re: Puff of smoke from Marc Kefford

Marc, there are some things you shouldn't do, like stick your hands into wall sockets and play in heavy traffic. What you did was one of those things.

That puff of smoke was probably every vital component being damaged. If you are lucky, your hard drive might still function. I would bring your computer to a competent tech, and see just what you can salvage (as still working), and then build a whole new computer around the salvaged components.

At the very least, the power supply (the big box near the upper rear inside the case) is a goner. By your description, I would also assume the worst; that the motherboard, RAM, processor and every AGP/PCI card have also been toasted.

There is also a strong possibility that any hardware that still appears to work may have hidden or non-obvious damage. While it may still appear operational, there is a high likelyhood that any parts that you salvage may never work quite right again, and will give you more headaches than are worth it. My suggestion: see if your hard drive and cd-roms still work, and dump everything else.

You are not looking at a repair. You are looking at a complete replacement.

martin on September 14, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I try to load a new version of Win xp profetional to a compac presario 5000 and i want to cancel set up what would I do?
Max Steel on September 17, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

Windows 2000 doesn't reconize my on board audio.

I tried getting the driver from compaq but they don't have the file online. I have no compaq restore disk or original drivers.

compaq presario 5000A
Toriano M.Brown on September 20, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I am having trouble find out what type of ram to get for my pc.i've tried looking inside to find the name on the card but it doesnt say.please help

Specs:Compaq Presario 5000
320 mb Ram
20.00 gb hard drive C/
4.00 gb D/

im trying to see if i can get 512 mb in one slot.
please help because if my ram goes down to 54 again while im playin FFXI im going to go crazy.Im a 14 yr old kid.Computers are my thing and i would hate to blow up this 4 yr old pc
pranav on September 29, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

my presario restore cd got corrupt so can't restore my system compleately. Because of some problem i have to format my system. now i have win 98 where perviously it was win me. now i don't have the drivers for sound n display. how to find the drivers from the restore cds . am trying to download it from compaq site but its not downloadng the file. how to overcome from ths problem. plz help me before i throw my pc.
dev sinha on October 3, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

dear sir
give me my presario5000's modem driver,
sound & vga (ESS). modem driver is must plzzzzzzzzzzz give me.
make206 on October 4, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I trying to find out if I can change the processor of a 5000 presario. Motherboard seems to be compaq:s 0708h, via kt133 chipset. The processor at the moment is a 800MHz AMD duron, and I've an extra 1200Mhz Athlon in the closet.
Does anyone have a clue if it would work or not?. The computer isn't mine so I don't want to swap without any knowledge...
amit on October 5, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

i dont have audio driver for win 2000/server , win xp from where can i get it?
J.A on October 12, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

this thing is scrolling by itself..without touching the mouse, it starts to scroll..slow to fast or somtimes not at all. have tried restore cd that didnt help.
LUIS R.G. on October 15, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I have had many PC problems lately, in order to fix these problems I need to buy a set of the system recovery CD's, however I have moved several times and I can not find them. Please, if any one knows how to order a new set please help.

gilbert on October 25, 2004
compaq presario 5000


can i to change the processor of my computer.
my computer is a compaq presario 5000, originaly have a processor pentium 4.

is possible to change for a processor celeron 1.99GHz.

where i can to modify the speed the new processor (celeron). what i need for to configure the bios.
paddy dunne on November 1, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

can anyone tell me how i can reset my presario , i was trying to install a netgear wireless and windows went into a protection mode with a blue screen , the safe mode and rcovery didnt work so found out it was to do with wme, so I found afix down load and this seem to work only i now cannot reset windows to a date before i had a problem,so can anyone tell me have to reset the whole computer.
John Maxwell on November 2, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I am

the computer has started shutting down at random times after starting up if at all.
Is there a fuse? on the motherboard.
Replaced cmos battery tried different video card

nothing seems to work
Clay C. on November 2, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I have an compaq presario 5000 model no. 5bw122 I want to change it's Intel Celoron 600Mhz processor to a p4 processor. My question is what kind of socket does the motherboard have? Is it a Socket 478? If it's not tell me what kind of socket it is.
Ryan on November 2, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

i need to know how can i get a copy of the recovery CD for the Compaq Presario 5000 model. i have a problem when turning the compaq & it stated that i need the Recovery in order to get it going.

Brian on November 13, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I have the same problem with a photo printer and the usb port. please share resolution.
Ruben Tobias on November 20, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

my pc does not read my network adapter drive, we have a pc and laptop on a wireless internet service, the laptop works fine, the service runs thru the pc with no connection.
what can i do.
Adel Ouansa on November 26, 2004
Compaq Presario 5000

I Have A compaq presario 5000 ,I Had Win Xp It Was Really Screwd Up So I needed to format it and install win98 (found it in my closet!) the sound works fine but the display SUCKS! i am only 12 years old and it would be nice if anyone can get a link or
a download.

PC: Compaq Presario 5000

Operating System: Windows 98

Need: Diplay Driver
meytal on December 4, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

lost my compaq recovery cd
got to format my computer. got win xp now
the computer came with win98
Eban on December 4, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I had win 98 and formated it to win 2000, but I lost my recovery cd and now my computer doesn't read my sound card, my cd burner, my modem, etc. What can I do? Can somebody help me out?
Revoltz23 on December 6, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

What kind of mother board is in the Presario 5000?
Rahul on December 7, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I think the Presario 5000 has a "UWAVE" motherboard. Don't know much about UWAVE though.
See you.
Josh on December 23, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I'm trying to replace some ram pieces on this Presario, Yet I can't figure out what it takes??? 3200? 2700? I don't know how to find that out. If anyone knows or can tell me ways to find this out It would be helpful.
Connie Shaner on December 23, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

I have a Compaq Presario 5000. It has been to the shop 3 times.Now my sound left. The Tech said I didn't need a sound card. What could be the problem? For example, when I go to my E-mail, it usually says "Welcome to Compuserve, You have mail".It no longer says that message.The rest of my system works fine.Why would the sound leave when all the volumes are set on the right setting?
Dan on December 24, 2004
RE: compaq presario 5000

BOy dooes this site need organized and a moderator!
kristjan on January 7, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

I really need a Start disc or a recovery disc for Compaq Presario 5000 so I can work on my computer, I live in Iceland and i think i have to have the European kind of the start disc
please notify me asap.
NIC on January 8, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

hey cud someone help me get a BIOS update for compaq preasario 5000....
well another prob is that it doesnt boot from CD cud u help me wid that....
bob on January 17, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

this dam 5wv270 amd 750 duron electronic butt hole
will not run half as fast as my old packard bell
415 166mhz what is up with this desk clutterer
please someone smarter than me kick this things rear for me i need some sort of advice here
i am running 750 amd 160 gig seagate uwave 0008
786ki all other is stock repete slower than a snale in the honey bowl
Jackie Roberts on January 30, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

where do i go to find any upgrades for my compaq for the cmos or bios?? I restored my computer and it is still running rough. Could it be a battery that is my computer. Also how do i find out what is wrong with my cd rom and dvd drive??
jonathon on February 7, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

can i take the motherboard and all of its
accesories and put it on another computer
george on February 8, 2005
compaq presario 5000

i have a compaq presario 5000 and i need driver of mother board please help. this is my email adress.
please send to me mother board driver.
10x for people ho care my.

P.S. i from romania and i dont speek englaish good, but i hope understand me. 10x.
Neal Daglow on February 13, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

HI! I have a compaq 5000. Model # 5bw130. When I try to restore it back to where it was new it just turns the screen blue with a square box in the middle & there is nothing else on the screen. Please help.
evi on February 17, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

what type of RAM would a Compaq Presario 5000 take?
TheMatrixPr on February 19, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

PC 100 Ram Compaq
susan fleming on February 28, 2005
RE: compaq presario 5000

I need the rcovery dic for my compaq presario 5000 series I cant find it.

Thanks Sue Fleming
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