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dvd player problems
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dvd player problems

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Jesse on April 26, 2005
dvd player problems

I have an emachines T2824 with a DVD/CD-ROM player that I'm having some trouble with.

It will play all CD's and almost all DVD's just fine, but there's some DVD's that I really need to get video files from, but the drive just won't read it correctly.

One of two things happens randomly, independent of which of the two things happened the last time I tried to read this DVD:
1. The drive cannot read the DVD at all, and just makes weird clicking sounds.
2. The drive manages to read it, but neither the emachines dvd player nor windows media player nor any number of other players I've tried can read the video from it. I can view it with Windows Explorer, though.

I have a feeling that getting a more recent driver for the drive might solve the problem, but I'm not sure where to find it. Currently, it's using the default Microsoft driver (version 5.1.2535.0 from 7/1/2001).

Also, the device manager (in Windows XP Home) has it named as "HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4481B".

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with this.
Jesse on May 5, 2005
How I solved the problem

For the sake of the 1 or 2 desperate souls who are searching the internet and come to this forum post, here's how I finally determined the problem and solved it. I had to pretty much do exhaustive testing of all possibilities.

The problem was actually 2 problems (the driver was fine, by the way):

1. The hardware problem: The DVD drive was manufactured to be capable of reading Print DVD-R DVD's, but in reality, the reader could only correctly determine the contents of the DVD some of the time. Reading off the label, the DVD drive was manufactured by Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. in March of 2004.

2. The software problem: The DVD decoders that came with the Emachines PowerDVD player were very archaic despite my having bought the computer this year (2005).

The solution that I chose to do was to head on over to Frys and find a better DVD player that also came with software that worked. In my case, I bought a Pacific Digital Mach-16 DVD+RW+R/CD RW with software to go with it (it's in a big yellow box).

A longer term solution to my problem is to never buy an emachines system again. Not only has this problem annoyed me, but whenever I talked to their tech support (about 3-4 times), the representative has always given me a very poor recommendation on what to do, forcing me to take the time to figure out what to do, myself.
leroy davis on May 15, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

in device manager it tells me the driver is missing or has been corrupted itryed to up date the driver and would'nti tried to roll back the driver and it the was not backed up and there is two question marks i have a sony dvd rom and a cd player nec 1100-a
Sylvia on June 26, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

My Koss DVD player which is hooked up via my VCR because my tv only has a cable outlet makes the contrast on most dvd's I play pulse from high to low about every 20 seconds. It's really annoying. Is there anything I can do other than buy a new tv?
pat on July 13, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I have a koss dvd player model k54110. When I put
in a dvd to watch I get a double picture. I tried
to clear it but now I don;t even get a picture.
how do I clear this up and what causes this?
kelsey on July 16, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I have a Hitachi DVD player that says on the side:


Anyways, I have it connected to the VCR because my tv doesn't have those coloured cables. Anyways, Whenever I play a dvd, even new dvds it's ok on the menu page but then the contrast goes from high to low and as soon as it goes to low, all the frames start to go up and down so then, ihooked up my ps2 and played that movie, it did the same thing, I became very annoyed so I had to bring a labtop computer into my room so i can watch dvds. That was very uncomfortable when the computer had to restart when it hit an error and i had to fast forard it to that part. tell me how to fix it
selva on July 29, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

dvd rom (combo drive)
it's not read dvd disk's
driver software is not properly install.

manufacturer: HL-DT-ST


Erica on August 2, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

My power dvd player will not work at all on my puter for some reason. It says it is still on here, can someone help me fix my prob. i can play cds, but not dvds at all!!! will not read a dvd. =(
Diann on August 23, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

Jessee...thanks for coming back and posting what you found. Count me as one of the two searching for this answer. Like you, I will NEVER buy an emachines product again. Same experience with Technical Support
niel on September 12, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

hey i have a dvd player and when i watch my skateboard videos nowdays it plays some parts kinda fast its weird is there something wrong with the lens most likely? or do i have to buy a new dvd player? please reply the answer to my email.
Melinta on September 14, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I have a L.G dvd player. Now i cant play anything on it because the screen comes up in a different colour (first green, now red) and there is no sound. I can still see the movie but in one colour and no sound. please help!
Max on September 23, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I have an eMachine T1840 and for some odd reason my DVD drive just doesn't work it cannot read DVD's CD's anything i've been looking around for help and have yet to find anything hopefully i'll be able to get some help here.
Eugenia on October 17, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I found a solution to this. My combo rw/dvd did not work because of some new software I have put on my IBM Thinkcentre - i.e. INCD and nero burning room software. Especially INCD. Once that had gone, I could see finally the files on the CD but I had still problems with burning as the IBM RecordNow software did not want to recognise the drive. I have then reloaded a newer updated version of the IBM RecordNow software and I am up-and-running again.
Eugenia on October 17, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

On the previous post, I forgot to say that I do agree with some of you. Never buy an "e-machine again", however the problem with the RW/DVD GCC-4481B might be linked to the software you have on the machine - you might want to consider this too.
Babbz on October 27, 2005
dvd player problems

Mark on November 5, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I have had an a e-machines computer for the last year now and the friggin DVD/CD writer is not working properly.

It will not recognise or write to CD data discs but will write and play DVD discs and Audio data discs fine.

When I try to open a data CD on my computer it thinks the disc is blank. Writing a CD is impossible too.

Do you think the CD drive is knackered or the software is corrupt?
It uses Nero.

Any suggestions to test it?

I was thinking the Drive is faulty and will buy an new external combo drive.
Aji Gamgadharan on November 11, 2005
LG DVD player problem

I have a LG DVD Player Model LPC-D1000A/X/S, its play any CD’s in higher speed, even MP3 Files and DVD movie also playing faster then the normal speed,
Can any one help me to fix this problem?
Ken on November 17, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I have the same DVD/CD combo drive in my newer IBM ThinkCentre desktop. It plays CDs and DVDs fine (so far). It will not burn CD-R. It will burn 4x CD-RW media. Try new media.
Josh on November 18, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

hey guys...
i just f-disked my computer, and i was trying to access some of the music files and pictures i had burnt off of the hard drive prior to f-disking, and i can now burn CD's and DVD's but i cannot access the files on this disk. please help me!!!

i have a LG burner, the super-multi one that comes in black or white :P (dunno the exact model sorry guys)
Brent on November 20, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I have just bought a new DVD and tried to play it on my computer. The drive won't read the DVD and is not registering that any disk is in. My DVD is a samsung. Can anyone help? What is the problem
John on November 21, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

For what it's worth, the Hitachi/LG GCC-4481B seems to be quite extraordinarily prone to problems. Dell was shipping it in their machines, and we have had endless headaches with them. It appears that the default MS XP install may set it as a standard CD-ROM drive in the registry, rather than a CD/DVD/RW, and the number of people having sporadic write errors or complete inability to read CDs or DVDs is just amazing with this item. The amount of screwing around needed to try to get this piece of crap to work is way more trouble than it's worth; it's much easier just to get a burner that works straight out of the box and install it yourself -and you might want to avoid any LG products in future, too.
DGW on November 22, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

I can burn a dvd on my computer using nero, but I cannot play it on my Koss model KD260-2 dvd player. It will play on my computer and also with a playstation. I've tried Maxell dvd+r and Verbatim dvd-r dvd's. Is there something that can be done other than buying a new dvd player.
Shorty on November 24, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

Hi there could anyone help at all? I have a rather new computer and it used to be fine at burning a cd but now it wont even recognise a blank cd and when i try to copy a cd it says please insert a blank cd even though there is already one in there. at first i thought it was just the brand of cd i was using so i got more but it still wont work :( i would be really greatful for any help at all.
eric wright on November 27, 2005
emachine connecting problem

I have a emachine m6810.I'm not gettig any connection and everytime I plug the machine up the connection light comes on and emediatly goes back out.Also a little blue plug light comes on and it also goes out.Can anyone help me??
damion on December 9, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

Ok so here is the deal my emachine w3080 will not play any dvds it gives A (Playback failed due to a problem with the video subsystem. Lowering your screen resolution or color depth may fix the problem) I have done what it says to do and still no luck maybe you could help me out its worth A shot
Haydee on December 23, 2005
RE: dvd player problems

i have a Koss-k5322 DVD player. it plays dvd and reads it but,about 2-3 minutes into the play it goes back to the beginning. also, it's the same for a dvd+rw i recorded from a dvd recorder. what can be done so it could read all(entirely)-it is supposed to be compatible with all formats.
help! thanks.
kevin on January 2, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

my drive wont play anything it wont read any cds games or dvds please help.
BX on January 6, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

When trying to play my DVD on the Koss K54110, the volume is very low.. Ive swtiched TV's and still the same problem.. ANY suggustions

HAWK on January 14, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I have year old (RYDR) DVD player. It was working fine since I purchased it. Now suddenly it stoped recongnising DVD disks. When I insert a DVD disk it makes some mechnical noise and then displays a msg NODISK.

I have tried playing other Disk i.e. Audio, MP3 and VCDs all are working fine except DVD.

Can any one help me what could be problem? I tried cleaning lense but didn't work out. :(

Faathih on January 23, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

i have a samsung DVD/CD-RW Combo drive on my PC. its been only six months and now my combo drive isnt reading DVD's. it reads audio cds and vcds perfectly.
shud i clean my lense.

can anybody help.. thankx a lot

Ray Hurford on January 25, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

Well, its yet another emachine problem. One day it was playing DVD's the next day - nothing.
Music CD, or programs CDs are fine. But it won't
play DVDs anymore. Have not seen any solution yet, but if anyone finds one please let me know!
Steve on January 26, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I have an Apex ad-1100 dvd player.....but the sound when watching it through the telly (scart lead)is much lower than when watching the telly! is this normal with dvd players?
polla on January 30, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

my dvd is not workig. when i put cd , the screen show dvd fase but not play and ask me to lower screen resolotion . but it does not rsolve.

when i swich on computer it swo me massge that to fix.ccregvfy.exe.
could you help me to fix that
Dan Davis on February 6, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

www support dell com / support / downloads

filename R120863

Is a firmware upgrade that made mine work.
I have a emachine T2742 with the same drive.
Dan Davis on February 6, 2006
RE: dvd player problems


www support dell com / support / downloads

filename R120863

Is a firmware upgrade that made mine work.
I have a emachine T2742 with the same drive.
backteR on February 6, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

Download and install the firmware upgrade and reboot. I had the same problem and the write function started working after installing this upgrade.
Angie on February 17, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I want to throw my machine right thru a window! I am so at my wits end! I have uninstalled Nero and Incd and used the clean tools and still cannot get my crappy LG GSA 4081B to function. It will only show 2 speeds for burning, 24 and Max and won't even read any flippin discs! What really ticks me off is that I got it to burn a music cd today, but since that it has been nothing but headaches! And whatever is wrong with it is effecting any program I attempt to use to burn. I can't find a newer driver and I don't think there is a newer firmware update. I had this problem over a year ago and somehow, I still don't know what I did, I got it to where it would work again. But since the recent crash and reloading of programs (And I tried putting Nero on again...stupid me!) Now I cannot get it to work for anything and have NO idea what the problem is! I can't afford a different drive right now.... and I just want this damned thing to work...... it used to after all. Any help!?!?!?! Pleeeeeeeeease! I am losing my mind! I just want to burn a flippin cd!
Dan on February 18, 2006
RE: dvd player problems


Jesse: Include your e-mail address if you want people to help you.

This is the latest firmware upgrade for

www. support. dell. com/ support/ downloads
(copy and paste into address bar and take out the spaces)
filename R120863

Is a firmware upgrade that made mine work.
I have a emachine T2742 with the same drive.
Arnold Ardeman on February 18, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

When I record DVDs on my Hitaci DVD Combi they will play on my Computer but not on a Stand alone DVD Player
Norma on February 27, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I recently put a GCC-4481B CDRW/DVD into my puter and it won't play DVDs anymore. I need the drivers but cannot find them anywhere. My puter has xp home. service pack 2 was recently installed too. Please help me!!
chris h on February 28, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

dan davis
i have cd/dvd combo drive Hitachi/LG GCC-4481B i dont know if lg or hitachi but i tryed your link to dell's support site for filename R120863, used their search engine and everything and could not get a link or you know of anywhere else i can download that exact file?
jeff on March 7, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I've got an emachines T2862 with same lousy dvd/cdrw HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4481B. I haven't been able to burn cd's since day 1 and now it won't read cd's. It will read dvd's though! I tried to cut and paste the link given above to Dell's website, but it looks like you need a Dell computer number in order to download...any additional ideas/help would be appreciated. Looks like a common problem
Fred on March 17, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

remove all spaces and make sure all of the url is in the address bar before hitting "go"
Betty on March 18, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I have a dvd player LG.model: DV8621p.
When I first got it it played burnt DVD's great CD's & VCd's. Now it plays all except for burnt DVD's, it just comes up as a "Disk Error" for i don't understand why it would play them before and not now. Please Help.
krishnadas on March 18, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

software problem
John E. Gamblin on March 27, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I have a Zenith DVB412 DVD Player. When I load a DVD, it shows "Load" like it is suppose to, but then after 15 seconds or so, a screen message comes up "Disk Error". Now, when I take the same disk down to my other Emerson DVD player in the L.Room and try the same thing, a messages pops up saying..."Disk back feature unavailabe". Could this be an incription error where the players can not read the information to play the movie??? If anyone can help, that would be great! Thanks, -jg
lalson on March 29, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I have sony dvd writer but it is very slow in its perfomance in this situation for geting more perfomance what can i do
Kevin Morgan on April 3, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I can't seem to play any of my DVD's on my computer. I've tried everything to get my computer to play dvd's but nothing will work!!!
Susan on April 5, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I am having the same problems with the dvds reading as a disc error in the dvd player. I have a Gateway 600XL laptop with a sony dvd burner hooked up via usb2 cable. machine is running a pentium 4 2.4 processor with a gig of ram.

We have been using 1 click dvd for a while now and not had any problems, but within the last 3 weeks the program will say copy complete but the disc will not play. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appericated!

Thanks =)
Nina Smith on April 7, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

i have a dvd hl sd st rw/dvd gcc 4481b which won't let me cds i get one or two songs and then it tells me to try and burn at a slower speed but that doesn't work either please help it is a new burner that came in the emachine hasn't been able to burn since day one when i got the computer
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