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dvd player problems

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teresa on April 14, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

need latest firmware upgrade for CD/DVDW TS-H552B
omar on April 19, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I have a emachine "T3958" the dvd does not work. i put a cd or dvd in it and it doesn't do anything it, doesn't play at all. it does not show that it has a cd or dvd on it. can some one help me ???? ITS A DVD +/-RW doublelayer burning 8.5 max capacity
Ron on April 22, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I have a sony crx320ae cdrw/dvd rom and it wont play any dvds. Ive tried using nero and windows media. In nero i get a picture w no sound and in windows media i get sound with no picture, plz help
Rita on April 22, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

I have a emachine W4885 and the CD/DVD player just stoped working....will not do anything!
Was working one minute and the next it just stoped. I need help..pleaseee.
amy on April 27, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

i have no problem playing my burnt cd's on my dvd player when they only contain music but it says cd non playable when it has music videos on it. why is that? do i need a different type of cd to burn music videos, i used cd-r ones last time.
natty252 on July 15, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

help please, I have a LGDV8621P dvd player.
I have had it for a long time now and i changed the region code on it when i first got it. For some reason now it will play burnt copys of disks perfect but will not play orginal disks at all if anyone can please help me find out a way to fix it it or work out what is wrong with it that would be great
deborah on October 2, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

i have a dvd in my computer. how do i make it work to watch dvd's?
tomasSC on October 11, 2006
RE: dvd player problems

thanks for the Dell suppport link. fixed my LG GCC-4481b. I could not get it to read Double Layer DVDs. upgraded my drive from E106 to E108. All is well now. Thanks again!
Tanya on October 27, 2006
dvd player problems

Hi there

Hope someone can help me.My dvd player (LG DVD RRW GSA4166B) struggles to read some DVD's, they are originals and I have also checked that my region is set correctly.It doesnt read the dvd at all in some programs it says that there is no medium present.Hope someone can help me solve this problem it's realy frustrating.
Jason on July 10, 2007
RE: dvd player problems

it's funny the amount of people that replied to this that only need to READ the thread and their problem will be fixed...

same problem here: dell machine with the rapscallion drive.

i have the firmware installer and the file, but the problem is i cannot select the drive to install the firmware since windows does not install the drive in "my computer"

From device manager, I believe it is giving error 09 -- problem with the entry in the registry for this device...etc. i can't remember the exact message.

I have doublechecked the connections, jumper settings, and all is well. I have "uninstalled" the drive and let windows find it and install it... still no luck

so the 1,000,000 question is how do i get windows to recognize this drive once again?
ramesh on May 17, 2008
RE: dvd player problems

DVD is any Audio & Vidio CDS DVDs not working (No Disk)
Frances on May 18, 2008
RE: dvd player problems

I have a 'Targa' dvd player, sound is ok, but I get a double picture, its also a bit green looking, please help
Esereme on July 28, 2008
RE: dvd player problems

My panasonic sa ht870 dvd player. the disc compactment would not open for me to put a disc in it.twhen i press open, the display shows open but the copactmenr fails to come out. please help
ildalufias88 on September 13, 2008
RE: dvd player

the visual nt came out,sound system stuck.dvd player made a loud noise
niku on December 30, 2008
RE: dvd player problems SA-HT840

I have a probelm with my DVD player. Its stuck on VCR on the display. When I turn it on from the remote it displays the GOOD BYE message but when i switch it on from the player it shows the HELLO message and then it displays the VCR. From then onwards I can't turn it off or use any of the other buttons.

Help please.
Arky Geek on December 31, 2008
RE: dvd player problems

I had a Hitachi 4481b given to me and it wouldn't read DVDs or wouldn't write to any CD at all. I found the answer was an upgrade of the (firmware) from IBM. The program was PZ2Z34US. I downloaded the upgrade, installed it and rebooted. Now I can use Sonic Record and do just about anything. The damn thing works good every which way except on Windows media player Media player says the disc may be bad but on Sonic it works perfect. I believe the only problem I have now is recording on media player, but who cares because I use Sonic Record to Burn all my CDs and Data anyway. Hope this helps.
Absalom on September 15, 2009

I bought an home theatre named above.the cds are playing okey but iam not able to play some DVDs.Apparently i bought one DVD from a genuine DVD and CD shop which failed to play.To my dismay a locally burned DVD played okey. What could be the problem?

Kind Rgards
kim munro on September 29, 2009
RE: dvd player problems

we have phillips surround sound and the dvd player with it won't read the disc and it then comes up saying no disc.
angie on July 6, 2010
RE: dvd player problems

hi i have a portable dvd player that has an inbuilt battery i need to replace it but dont know where to get the battery from it is a li polymer coin shape can anyone help thanx
kathy on September 25, 2010
RE: dvd player problems

My Memorex dvd shows a double (side by side)image when I try to use it...please help?
Prince on September 29, 2010
RE: dvd player problems

i have philips dvd player 5150. not working dvd9 disc. first layer is working correctly, but second layer started picture still
Help please.
sagar sarkar on October 18, 2010
re:- dvd picture problem in my computer

when I play dvd disc in my dvd rw in my computer it work properly but when I play it in full screen the picture is noisy and like as play slow motion why suggest me my dvd rw is LG company make
Ivan Smith on November 1, 2010
RE: dvd player problems

MY 2 year old LG 5.1 home theatre system player has just developed a read disk fault cannot play any disks now
bill on December 7, 2010
RE: dvd player problems

I have an LG DV8631 that gives "disk error" and rejects all disks. When I take off the top, it is clear that the motor drive is not spinning the disk as it should. Where should I wiggle some wires in hopes of fixing a bad connection? Or is it something else?
jim on May 29, 2011
supersonic dvd player

cannot hear actors voices, only background music
halodadson on June 24, 2011
RE: dvd player problems

I had a Sanyo dvd player watching the Saints Super bowl on, then got an RCA RTD325W home theater system with HDMI cable , and now the picture sucks. I`m thinking the RCA is what sucks even with the HDMI cable through direct tv hd box. Anybody.....anybody..????
kris on June 26, 2011
RE: dvd player problems

lg dvd player, can only hear background music no voices......can anyone help?
Dick on July 23, 2011
RE: hp laptop 5600

The above subject reads & plays dvd's ok but will not show on tv,however the player controls appears. How do i fix it????
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