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IItronics IMP11
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IItronics IMP11

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Eric on December 7, 2005
IItronics IMP11

The instructions with this machine are woeful and I am now wishing I had bought another one. I have loaded in files but when I try to access them I can see them on the computer but only some of them appear and can be played on the machine even though it is a 1Gb What am I doing wrong or should I claim on the guarantee and get rid? Help would be much appreciated.
stella on December 10, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

The instructions with this device are wrong . I have loaded in files but when I try to access them I can see them on the computer and none of them play on the says no files. even though it is a 1Gb What am I doing wrong or should I claim on the guarantee and get rid? Help would be much appreciated.

P 1
joanne on December 25, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

same here guys i went on the web to find out if enything could help me understand but its not me its the manual its usless i dont even no how to download files/songs im gettin sick of it and im thinking of taking it back.if eny one can help me plz email me on plz plz plz help me.
jane on December 26, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

IItronics doesnt work i brought 1 for christmas and i cant download any songs ive lost da reciept aswell
Jon on December 26, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

Stick my USB in - its says starting, then nothing - no menu icons!!!! Instructions are bad.
Danielle Dandelion on December 27, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

I recently brought IItronics IMP11 for christmas and I had 2/3 problems occuring to me:
I have successfully installed the cd-rom onto my computer. I also successfully managed to plug the USB Port into my computer the MP3 says its startin but nothing happens.
The instructions differ for the MP3. In the User Manual it says "Online Device" went I look for the Online Device its not there it only says "Online Mode"
I have been racking my brains since christmas day to figure this MP3 out and still no answers.

So please help me!!!
Reply me as soon as possible using the email.
Thank you
Danielle Dandelion on December 27, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

Once again I download music to my MP3. Im sorry to say but your instructions are really really bad!!!!
You need to fix them up.
alison on December 28, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

bought imp-11 512mb for xmas instructions useless
although files in the appropriate drive, mp3 player showing no files. help wish i bought an ipod now
Sam Ellis on December 28, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

Got imp 11 as Christmas present ... I'm an IT Lecturer ... the instructions are pathetic ... I swithed it off using the on/off button ... then switched it on ... now there are no icons on the lcd screen ... and it wont switch off unless I remove the battery ... connected it to USB port to update firmware ... all I get is message saying that removable disk is busy ... my son hadn't the cash to buy me a Sony MP3 but I think that I'll get him to exchange it for a Sony and pay the difference. Looking at all the forums I see that the IItronics iMP 11 is problematic - I guess you only get what you pay for ... I've got lots of Sony equipment ... all reliable, albeit more expensive than it's competitors ... but worth the peace of mind when I experience all the frustration with the IItronics iMP 11.
Lovepants on December 29, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

I've got on ok with mine. Just dragged and dropped mp3 and wma files in different folders to the player - all show up ok. Having trouble with firmware upgrade though - software dosn't install properly. Any ideas?
Angela on December 29, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

I have just bought an iMP11 512mb and have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I plug in the USB cable and when the LCD on the player comes on its a picture of a computer and a file, what does this mean? I dont know how to download music from my computer to the player. The instructions are worse than useless!!! can anyone get me started or at this rate its going back to the shop.
Melissa on December 29, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

I have the 256MB portable WMA/MP3 player iMP-11 from IItronics. can you please tell me which web sites i can download music to my mp3 player. i have been on a few and they said my portable device is not compatable with thier product.
From Melissa
joanne on December 29, 2005
RE: IItronics IMP11

i bought a 512mb i download some song and then i tried to download some more it say disk error hheellpp
Hayley on January 5, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

My boyfriend got a IMP11 256mb for xmas and it has taken me ages to install it and tranfer files because instructions are bad. i have fianlly tranfered music to mp3 player but now it will not play them saying there is a format error. i need help sorting this out!
ian on January 6, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

hi I have a 512mb how do I get the top half of the display to show me the bit rate, repeatmode track number and what ever else it should play at least I can load music onto it and listen to the tracks
JAMES on January 6, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

i do not know how to download music please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
callum on January 7, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

i got my imp-11 for christmas it worked 4 a week and now it wont come on at all
Eleanor on January 7, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

i have just bought a 512m and i have copied a load of songs on to it and i cant get it to work, it wont play da music please help me :(!!
bill on January 7, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

eleanor you need to have a prolonged press on the play button then a menu on your mp3 player will come up and select music (by pressing the mode button down at the top) then it will say your songs. to play them you need to press play or turn up the volume
derek on January 7, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

just purchased a iMP-11
does anybody know to download music
to this MP3-seems impossible -- but there must be a way, or maybe not.

if anybody could help that would be great
or is it better to pay more a buy a SONY?

is so any suggestions/recommendations
Andrew on January 7, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

how do you update the firmware because it is not in the cd
KIRSTY on January 8, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11


I got an iMP-11 for christmas and can't get anything at all!! When connected to the computer there is no sign of life. The instructions say that the menu should display 'staring' Mine does nothing...any ideas?

Graham on January 10, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

have stumbled across this board because my daughter couldn't figure out why her iMP-11 wouldn't copy any more files and wouldn't show a lot of them.... so after reading some of the posts above here's my conclusions (hope they help).

Download Music - don't download straight to the player, download to the hard drive first then use windows explorer to drag and drop on to the removalable drive (the mp3 player)

CD to MP3 - take a look on one of the download sites (, tucows, etc) for a program called "audio catalyst". This program reads normal CD's and crunches them down to MP3. Don't forget to crunch them to your hard drive first then drag and drop them on to the MP3 player.

99 Tracks Only - The player seems to be locked to 2 digits, so although you can see all the songs on windows explorer only 99 will show on the player. What to do is in windows explorer create folders on your MP3 player (folder1, folder 2, etc) and then place up to 99 tracks in each folder. The MP3 player will let you swap between "local folders" and all songs will be displayed and played on the player.

Player Switches Off - check that you haven't got it on sleep timer.

Firmware - why? The player plays songs so why mess with firmware? Sorry folks but I am of the school of "don't fix what ain't broken".

Anyway, here's hoping that some of the above might have been of help to at least one or two people.

Keiran on January 11, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

OK, here's some pointers.

1. The drive will only read audio files in a single level directory tree.


You can tailor most MP3 ripping software to do somthing like
using an expression language that should be part of the advanced setup.

If you have more than 99 tracks for an artist make an extra top level directory like artist-vol2.

2. The manual on the IItronics website seems to reflect the interface better. Downloads at '{449FCCBB-9B6A-4742-BCF1-3F2D1E54574B}'.

Hope this helps
Rachael on January 12, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

Hi i got the same mp3 player and i am finding it no trouble at all so if anyone wants to ask me questions i will be very happy to answer them i will try to reply by email
jane on January 13, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

cant play music files on my imp11 1gb - it seems they are there somewhere as memory indicates they are, but dont know how to access them. music files says "empty". when plugged into pc the files are there just cant get to them. please help!
svs on January 15, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

i got my neice the 1gb portable WMA/ Mp3 player iMP-11 for her christmas and one for myself. We both have problems downloading Windows Media files to the player. I have tried changin the properties but nothin works. Could some one tell me what to do?
alicia parsons on January 19, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

iv out in the usb cable alright but i dont know how to put the music on to the mp3 player it doesnt say. they have crap instructions
DC on January 20, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

open up windows media player install your cd and save tracks to the library. then plug in mp3 player and transfer contents of library to player think its shown as file e unplug player voilla
jo on January 20, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

ive just bought my mp3 player and can't even listen to music. the song name comes up but wenever i press play it says format error.ive tried everything and ive just sent an email to the company and see what they say about it.
natalie hills on January 20, 2006
IItronics IMP11 screen

hey i bought this product 3 weeks ago and i must of dropped it or acidently knocked it because my screen has cracked, i was woundering how i could get a new screen or somthing. To be ohnest those screens are weak and easily broken. so if you could get back to me i would be most grateful.
Dan on January 20, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

hi i got mine as a late christmas present (256MB) and have had no problems but then when i borrowed my friends to download some songs for him i noticed the screens are different. On his the display is identical to that in the manual but mine is a smaller display. ANd when i switch off his a display with a person vanishing followed by the words Power Off comes up but on mine it just turns off without saying anything.
Hace i got a fake or has my friend got a fake, i think i have because the manual shows a display identical to the one my friend has. My friend has 256MB as well.
Also in the manual and my friends display the black and white part of the screen takes up the whole thing but on mine there is a little header and border that houses icons that turn black whn on, like battery power level.
dan on January 20, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

If Ian is still checking this board i think we have the same problem, does yours have a smaller digital display part and the same problems that i have noted in my previous post
callum on January 21, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

Does anyone no of a download site where u can download music compatible with the mp3 player. It always says 'file error' when i try to play it
BOB on January 22, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

Susan on January 24, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

My daughter has 512mb version of the above named MP3 player. Works fine but when she goes to add more tracks onto it and click the 4musics icon it comes up with the message " Sorry but your 15 day trial has expired! Please register your copy at Which I have tried and tried to do but there is no link to take you to the registration part, all there seems to be is downloads for files to convert and ALL are at a cost. So am a bit peed off that after paying £50 am expected to fork out more cash !! Is there any quick solutions to this or has anyone else discovered this problem??
dan on January 25, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

you could also try when downloading save to the computer first then copy and paste it onto the removable disk
vicky on January 26, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

Well I had the damn thing for just over a week and nothing I do seems to work. The 'INSTRUCTIONS' may as well be in a foreign language for all the help they are.
I am using Windows XP but when I plug in the usb cable the screen on my MP3 player has a file and a little computer (don't know what this means). This is very frustrating and may as well be an ornament for all the use is it or crushed into little pieces. Please help otherwise I will be taking it back to the shop (Argos) and demanding a refund.
tasha on January 26, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

how do i update my firmware on imp-11 itronics thanks tasha
Stephen on January 27, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

Hi all I bought 2 IItronics iMP11 players at christmas 1 for me and 1 for my son I have a problem with either at the moment touch wood, As far as i can see there isnt a firmware upgrade released for this model as yet well not on there web site. The only problem I have is the 99 tracks but if you create a directory in the root directory on the player it runs fine you just have to switch between root and directory. Silly but its a work around until a iMP11 firmware release is posted on there site.
adam on January 28, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

this mp3 is crap
on January 28, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

HI, i just bought this mp3 too, and have problems getting the songs to play!!!!!! The instruyctions are not right on mine either.....Im goning to exchange it or a refund, as i got till next week to take it back....After reading these replies im not getting it again....
Heather on January 29, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

Hi, i just bought an IItronics mp3 player and i installed the disc and everything but I cant download anything cause I dont know how and the Instuctions are really bad!!!!!!!!!!! Please help !!!!!!!!
Rob on January 29, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

Keiran on January 29, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

It is really woeful that it seems no-one is actually reading the posts. Don't get me wrong I thought the instructions were rubbish too.

Rob, this MP3 player will not recharge your battery (it's not an ipod). Change the battery.

So as above, heres some more pointers.

1. This device works with both variable and constant bit rate MP3's, Audiograbber with a encoder such as 'lame.dll' works fine.
2. If your using windows XP you don't need to install any of the provided software:
a) Rip a CD to MP3
b) Plug in the device (windows should detect it and display it as a drive in 'My Computer')
c) Drag/Copy-paste the tracks onto the device
d) Most importantly, you can only have one level of folders, even if you don't want to access data in the other folders.

3. Music downloaded from itunes is generally ACC format not MP3, you will have to convert it to MP3 if you want to use it on this device.

Again the software and instuctions are poor, but it's not difficult.
Andy on January 30, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

Thanks keiran

I tried all that last nite and it does work. Only now i try and copy tracks over from wm9 to my player and it says an error has occured and can not copy, i think i might have messed up somewhere, but i'll keep trying.

Your advice has helped alot thankyou.
stuart on February 9, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

hi all,
hav had no problems with this mp3 player until today. replaced the headphones with some new sony ones and it worked fine for a few weeks until today, when sound would only come out of the left earphone. sound would come form both earphones if i pushed the jack to one side of the plug on the player, but that would mean i would have to hold the earphone jack in position, which is stupid as i didnt have to before. i hav this problem with many sets of earphones, so it is the player, not the earphones. does anyone else have this problem?
callum on February 9, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

You can't download from itunes for this mp3 player because the AAC tracks are copy protected and you can't convert copy protected tracks.
Keiran on February 12, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

I've had a few questions recently, so I thought I'd post them up incase they help anyone else.

Q: Once I'm in music mode I can't get back to the original menu without turning it off and plugging it into a usb port.. is there another way to get back to the menu? My reason is because I want to record voice after listening to music and there is not always a cpu handy to reset the player!
A: Found this out by accident, but just hold down the select function of the jog dial (how you access the menus to begin with).

Q: I sometimes get file error when dragging files into the player box and music wont play. Some albums work and some dont!?
A: I've not had this problem, but I would suggest the following.
1. Build the track/folder selection you want adding to the device on your HDD (make sure you have no folders within folders!).
2. Check the size (right-click, properties) does not exceed the size of your device.
3. Then drag drop onto the device.

Hope this helps.

kelly on May 11, 2006
RE: IItronics IMP11

wots the use of makin the imp-11 and in the manual sayin to download the firmware wen ther aint 1 its stupid evrythn works but i can only av 99 songs atm n how do u add anuther folder HEY IITRONICS GET WORKIN N MAKE A FIRMWARE FOR US UR MP3 IS CRAP AT THE MOME SHEESH WISH ID GOT A DIF MP3 NOW!!!!
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