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How do I increase my memory?
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How do I increase my memory?

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Ta Diana on May 11, 2001
How do I increase my memory?

I have sent two questions via your web page but I keep getting a fault message, so please forgive me if my message did get through and I am repeating myself here.

I have a Compaq Presario 4712 16 Mb onto which I upgraded to Win98 and I am now finding I do not have sufficient memory. I want to increase my memory but do not know how to do so, what I need or where I might purchase the same. I live in Surrey UK. Can you help.

Also I want to buy a CD-RW for my son-in-law for Xmas. I can get a Yamaha Internal "standard" CD-RW but I need to know if it will be compatible with his PC and as its a Xmas Pressy I cannot ask him. What I do know is that he has a Hewlett Packard Pavilion which he purchased about 9 months ago.
Eric Georgieff on May 11, 2001
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Ta Diana,

According to Compaq Corporation's computer specifications registry, your particular model (Presario 4712), can have up to 128 MB of Ram.

It must be EDO RAM (not SDRAM, RDRAM, Fast Page or any other kind), and on a 72-Pin SIMM (Single Inline Memory Module).

This type of RAM is readily available at most computer stores, but will probably cost you more then newer types of RAM, since the memory manufacturers don't produce as much of it.

Here is an approximate price list for 72 Pin SIMM - EDO Ram:

4 MB - 17.99 (U.S. Dollars) - 12.85 (Great Britain Pounds)
8 MB - 32.99 (U.S. Dollars) - 23.56 (Great Britain Pounds)
16 MB - 49.99 (U.S. Dollars) - 35.71 (Great Britain Pounds)
32 MB - 99.99 (U.S. Dollars) - 71.42 (Great Britain Pounds)

Once you have purchased the RAM you wish to add to your system there are a few things you need to know to properly install it.

First of all, your particular model requires that memory be added in pairs. This means that if you want to add 32 MB of RAM, for instance, you must install 2 16 MB simms instead of 1 32 mb simm.

Once you have the two SIMMS you want to add, open up your computer case, look for the current memory slots (your system has 4 of them) and simply insert the ram into the slot at a 45° angle and then bring it up until it is vertical (relative to the motherboard). It should lock into place.

If you want to know exactly where these 4 slots are located inside your computer, I suggest you consult your manual, as this is different for all systems.

Then turn on your computer, and you should see the memory count (top left corner on boot up) display the right amount of RAM.

As for the CD Writer, any IDE (also known as ATAPI - or what you call "standard") CD Writer will work with his computer. So there isin't much you have to worry about.

I hope this helps you,

Ta Diana on May 11, 2001
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Just a quick note to say thanks for your email. It was very helpful and I am going to tell all my friends about you as I know quite a few of them have questions and don't know where to get answers.

Please keep up the good work


Holvin Vargas on September 25, 2001
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Hi There:
i have a compaq with inter procesor 133 and I install Win 98 and office xp, also i install Mcaffe virus scan and first aid and I had aol internet service. now i dont have enough memory and my speed is slowly. What can I do to have more memory and increase my speed?
thanks in advance.

Holvin Vargas
CP on January 29, 2003
RE: How do I find the right 32mb

I have an Aptiva IBM 2162-S9H with running W95 with Standard/Maximum 32MB/64MB, that I would like to updated with Windows 98, could you please advise which web-site should I access? Do you think should I upgrade the pentium processor as well, if so how?

Your advise will be greatly appreciated,
David L Anderson on March 28, 2003
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I have a Compaq Presarion 4555 and would like to upgrade the ram and the speed. I have 48 MB now what is the maximum ram that I can run. Also what is the maximum speed that I can achieve,the speed now is 233 MHz
ellie meserole on January 7, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I have purchased a Hewlet Packart printer,scanner,copier and the cdrom is telling me i do not have RAM {memory} . could you please help me to fix it

thank you ellie
elizabethmcgowan on January 19, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I have Windows 2000ME don't have enough memory and unable to download from temporary file to dvd disc. windows 2000me is not supported for l copy dvd what can i do
basan on April 27, 2004
foxpro program not function through floppy disk ?

I have purchased a Hewlet Packart 2410 printer,scanner,copier when i connect that printer our floppy drive foxpro program not functioning & system hang if i am uninstall the printer drivers same floppy program working properly could you please help me to fix it
Ayane on May 13, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Hmm one trick to increase ur ram for those who use XP without going out and buying more involves the virtual memory. This can be a bit confusing but the computer actually use hard disk space as ram and u can increase the amount alotted simple by going to the contol panel/ performance and maintenance/ system/ click the "advanced" tab/ under performance hit the "settings" tab/ select the advanced tab/ under virtual mempry hit "change"/ and u can enter a new amount to be alotted in the maximum box/ u can always change this back if u find that it doesn't speed ur computer up much
Hope this helps
Sarah Parkes on May 26, 2004
How do I increase my memory?

hi i have a hp pavillion 7925, and i want to but the new sims 2 game when it comes out but i dont think i have enough memory. can you help me i don't know where to buy more memory how much it will cost or how to install it. please help =-)
Christina on July 6, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I've been buyin new computer games and every time I install them everythin is fine until I wanna play it. It says ERROR not enough memory.I have a windows 98 intel modem.I bought two games sims expansion pack and school tycon they both won't work can you help me
Robi on July 9, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I want to upgrade the motherboard and memory on my wife's presario 4712. is this possible or should i just start from scratch.
faisal Danesh on July 12, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Lately I tried to install photoshop 7.1 on my pc but I got a message after the installation was complete and I tried to open the photoshop which I was unable to open it. the message is something like "CAN NOT CALL ENOUGH MEMORY(RAM).
I appreciate if you could assist me in this regard.
thanks and best wishes.
faisal danesh
Kathy on July 12, 2004
RE Memory

Not being experienced on my computer

How and what do I do to find my memory

and how much I have on it?
cheryl on July 14, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I have a Gateway computer- 4 yrs old- came with 128 RAM. Now, my computer is saying that I have no memory- resources dangerously low.
I have no idea what to do. Is it even worth it to add memory which i would have to pay someone to do. Or could there be internal problems, viruses, etc causing this message?
My alternative is to buy a new computer.
Please help as it is now messing up my printer and e-mail & everything else.
robi on July 15, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

cheryl, had the same problem, with a gateway. your best bet is to go ahead and buy a new one. you can increase your ram to 256, but no more, and that really doesn't do much. your motherboard can't handle more than 256 and your motherboard is not upgradeable. just ordered a new one myself, but not from gateway. before you order check the upgrade options for what you are ordering.
vijay on August 4, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

res sir/madam
my computer ram is 128 and i want to increase it till 256 or more for better game loading so what i have to do to get more ram if i get it will harm my window.
Shannon on September 20, 2004
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I have an HP Pavillion 6735. I have bought two PC100 256mb Ram to fill the slots. It won't recognize the Ram. I have tried two different brands. I know I am putting them in right cause it doesn't beep when I do, but nothing happens after I put them in.
Can anyone help?
vivek on February 6, 2005
RE: How do I increase my video memory?

halo game doesnt run on my comp it says it has serious issues with hardware but mine is p42.4 512mb ram 80gb 32mb video memory . how do i increase video memory
Sachleen on April 28, 2005
RE: How do I increase my memory?

vivek, your best bet would be to buy a better video card. I am having a similar problem with Windows Longhorn. My computer only has 32mb of video memory but Longhorn requires atleast 64.
Dianna Diaz on June 1, 2005
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I'm having trouble getting a video game to play due to lack of memory w/the video end of it. Please help me?
Crystal on August 1, 2005
RE: How do I increase my memory?

My computer seems to be short of memory. This quite unusual because i just purchased it. Should I return my computer and get another one or is there a way to find lost memory.
Chris on August 24, 2005
RE: How do I increase my 400 mhz to 800

I asked someone they said go to bios and change some setting. he was saying it was the Bios multiplier setting or something. how can increase my pentium II 400mhz processor into a 800mhz. he said my bus was probably running at 200mhz. I know by doing Changing this I could fry my pc, but I'm willing to take that chance. I doing this cause i'm building me the ultimate game rig one piece at a time, oh yeah that reminds me how much does pentium 4 processors cost?
Heidi on September 10, 2005
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Compaq, Presario, 5000
Adam on November 3, 2005
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I have a 27.9gig hard drive,but I only have 127.4MB of RAM. What do I need to do to increase my RAM. I have about three or four games that I can't play because I don't have enough RAM. What do I do?
Zamboysrule on November 6, 2005
RE: How do I increase my memory?

my computer hasnt got much things in it but its quite slow please help please my friend has loads of stuff in his computer and his computer is still faster than mine. i dont have huge programs which contain loads of memory please help me
ashleytejada on November 12, 2005
RE: How do I increase my memory?

i have hp pavilion computer and every time i put my sims 2 into the cd rom it reads for 10 sec and then stops whats the problem
NONE on December 2, 2005
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I got a videogame(BattleField 2) and it says that i need like 300 more system memory ...should i buy memory?
junior e garner on May 10, 2006
RE: How do I increase my memory?

i have a dell computer with windows 2000 i keep getting messages that my memory is to low. how do i increase my memory
Sugun kumar on June 21, 2006
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Dear sir,

My memory power is very poor. How can I increase my memory power? Please send me
the techniques to increase my memory power.

Awaiting for your reply,

Yours faithfully,
Sugun kumar
kelly on August 25, 2006
RE: How do I increase my memory?

i have already put another Ram card in my computer but it still sayes it's low. i'm using more than i have. how do i get it working, or how do i get more memory free with a simple download? i have a brand new E machine.
rohit on September 20, 2006

i cant play the big game the error appear THE GAME DOESNOT FIND ENOUGH VIDEO MEMORY
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Cotter on November 18, 2006
RE: How do I increase my memory?

all my programmes load and run very slowly.
I have 128 mb ram and 180 gig hard drive.
my computer tells me that my virtual memory is too low.
How can I rectify this?
regards Tony.
ilma on February 2, 2007
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Hi I have a problem taht i cannot learn anything very faster. Plz give me tips to learn anything.
Raja Vishwkarma on February 25, 2007
RE: How do I increase my video memory?

I m Raja and i m using celeron (P-4) and have 256mb of RAM but while running a game an error pop's up that increse video memory up to 12mb plz tell me how do i do it
prabhu on May 15, 2007
i want to increase my MEMORY?

Ash on July 10, 2007
RE: How do I increase my memory?

My mom brought me a notebook which got Intel Core Duo and Mobile Intel(R) 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family.

But it make me really unsatisfying to look into this:
Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB
Maximum Graphics Memory: 32 MB
Graphics Memory in Use: 8 MB

I wanna make them use in maximum 32mb or more like 128mb for my 3d software and games (which is got error for needing 128mb video card memory) but I don't know what.

But, do they still can be change for this?
kartik on July 11, 2007
RE: How do I increase my memory?

i hav brought hp compaq dx2255(2.2ghz amd 3500+ )bussiness pc.and upgraded its ram from 256 to 1 gb from the company only.can i increase its video memory form 32mb(default)0 to 64 or 128mb.will it do harm to my computer
mahmood on September 6, 2007
RE: computer hdd &processor, probleum

In our country most of computer dealers who change the computer configuration with wrong method, they have some tricks to change the hdd & prcessor& Ram Like (20GB hdd shows 80GB & 600Mhz Shows 900Mhz), in laptops commputers. plz send me some commands or tips that i can found the right configuration of the computer.

i wait for your kind reply

Mahmood ahmad
computer operator
Ahmed on November 7, 2007
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I have a P4 machine and 768MB DDR. I am trying to play GTA Vice City but when i launch the game it gives an error message cannot find enough available video memory
Sr on February 1, 2008
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Please tell me how to increase my RAM from 156 to 514 on my desktop.
rikki on May 9, 2008
my hp 7925 turns off

hi there i have a problem with my hp stays on all the time while running the normal net but if i try 2 convert avi to dvd it gets so far then the whole system shuts down and never used to do this and has only started doing it the past week or so id be very gratefull if anyone has also had this problem or if they could tell me why its doing this....thanx for ANY help
sabeen on May 24, 2008
RE: How do I increase my memory?

when i click on my gta vice city game icon it pop up enough video memory cannot be found but i have enough video memory.but i am not using main board nvidia am using a new that i bought that will be put at the back of the pc.i have tried increase my memory but still is not working.please can u do something
Eric on May 24, 2008
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Hi Sabeen,

Have you tried downloading and installing the latest drivers for your NVIDIA video card from NVIDIA?

It might help, you never know.

peaches94531 on May 27, 2008
How to increase my video memory!

I keep getting an error message, not enough video memory, But just for this one game I want to play.. Please help!!
Eric on May 27, 2008
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Hi Wanda,

It could be that the game you are trying to play requires more video memory that what is available on your video card. You can try reducing the quality of the graphics in your game (by reducing the colour depth, resolution, shadows, lighting effects, etc...). But if that doesn't work, then the only solution might be to upgrade your video card to one that has more video memory.

willie criswell on May 31, 2008
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Eric on May 31, 2008
RE: How do I increase my memory?

Hi Willie,

What is the exact model number for your Compaq Presario 5000 series desktop computer?

martin on June 3, 2008
RE: How do I increase my memory?

I have a gateway laptop with a system video memory of 32MB and the game i installed says i
need 64MB. Is there anyway i could increase it to 64MB myself or i need assistance from
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