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Dell A920 install w/out cd

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gordon on September 26, 2008
RE: Dell A920 install w/out cd

my printer seems to be installed but wont work
Natalie Hines on October 14, 2008
RE: Dell A920 install w/out cd

I would like to install the scanner to my desktop computer
John on May 31, 2009
RE: Dell A920 install w/out cd

I have installed the printer without a cd, now my copy/scan will not work. Any suggestions?
Mike on February 14, 2010
RE: Dell A920 install w/out cd

I have purchased a new computer with Windows 2007 os. I am trying to get my Dell AOI A920 printer connected but it is not working. Is Windows 2007 compatible with the printer?
MBH on February 15, 2010
RE: Dell A920 install w/out cd

my dell A920 prints but wont scan... in fact the only buttons that work on the device are paper feed and power, the scan color cpy and black copy dont work at all?! i have reinstalled the driver and i just want to know whats going on? :/
Rita on November 22, 2010
RE: Dell A920 driver for MAC

We have MAC's at work and I need a printer (mine died). The one I have from home is a Dell. Is there a driver for this that will be compatible with MAC?
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