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Sony CRX210e1
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Sony CRX210e1

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G.M. on January 2, 2003
Sony CRX210e1

I purchased this burner, set it up, but then windows detected it and installed the drivers for a standard cdrom drive. Since the drive didnt come with any form of drivers or anything, I am stuck with this burner that only works as a cdrom drive. If anyone has the driver, knows where to get them, or has any suggestions what-so-ever, please reply and help me out. The help is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.
Eric Georgieff on January 2, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1


CD-Writers do not generally require any drivers when running under any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, since Windows contains built in drivers that allow your drive to behave as a CD-Rom reader. This is the reason you did not receive any drivers with the purchase of your Sony CRX210e1.

To use the writing capabilities of your CD-Writer, you will have to install a recent version of some CD mastering software such as Roxio Easy CD Creator or Nero Burning ROM. Since support for new drives is included which each release of the software, it is highly recommended that you obtain the latest version of the software, especially if your drive is a recent model.

If you wish to use your CD-Writer under Microsoft DOS, you should download the appropriate drivers directly from Sony at the following address:

If no writing software came with your writer, you can purchase a copy at any store that sells software or directly from either Roxio or Ahead Software.

Hope this helps,

Eric Georgieff
Libor-HK on January 27, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1


thank you very much for your advice. I've had the same problem with CRX210E1. Now I know what to do.
Romildo on January 30, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Thank's Eric for nice description. Very helpful for everybody. Greeting from Korcula Island - Croatia.
gabi on January 31, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

CD-RW don't work of write speed 48x and 40x,but write 32x
nerman on February 3, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

does anyone find any software for this cd-rw,nero doesnot recognize crx210e1 as a writer, only as a cd rom, just like old versions of nti , and some others cd burning software!!
OzzY on February 5, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I had same problem with this burner.

I downloaded some addition for Roxio EasyCDCreator and now I can write disks using Explorer in Windows XP (and DirectCD).

But nero still don't recognize my drive as a burner.

I think I still have install for this program.
Write on my e-mail and I'll send it for you.

And if enyone knows where to get drivers for crx210e1, please write on my e-mail.
Romildo on February 6, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

My CRX210e1 works with NERO version on Win Millenium edition

OzzY on February 8, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks Romildo

It really works with nero
but not with
I'm really tired of writting disks in Explorer

By the way:
does anyone want free serials for nero
bigant on February 9, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

This explains a lot. I just bought my drive from Best buy yesterday and i've been killing myself trying to figure it out why it doesn't work. I'll give it a try... Serials for NERO would be nice...

I'll report back with results...Thanks again!

Denwer on February 10, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Yes! That's quite right!
Just now I've spent a lot of time trying to explain Nero 5.5.6 that my SONY CRX210e1 can record CDs with no result. I've read this conf, uninstalled old Nero, Installed Nero and I've got it! Now I'm recording.

Best Regards!
hoffmire on February 14, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I've had nti 5.1 working intermitant with this
drive in windows xp. Does anybody have this drive
working in xp? And do you need SP1 update?

Thanx for any info

Bobby on February 16, 2003
Sony CRX210e1

This crw cant read 790Mb discs
can anyone help
peter pann on February 16, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

can everybody tell me how to use a burner like crx210e1 because I don't now how to write with that cd-rw.please contact me on E-mail:
Mohammed Hasan on February 17, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

i have the same writer and i cann't use it with easy cd creator 5 platinum, i have all the update for this virsion and the latest firmware but still cann't write a simple data cd .i only can write direct cd
please help
philly b on February 17, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I have a sony crx210e1 cdr-rw and its playing up,it takes 8 minutes and sometimes longer after you start copy,to get off zero and start burning then it sometimes finalizes and sometimes not and slows write up,tried nero,clone and easy cd creator 5 and they all act the same
can anyone help
its driving me nuts
chicho on February 17, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

can i use cds 99 minutes??????
if on February 18, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

does anyone know where I can get nero the nero site only has the latest update

ostamb on February 19, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I also just bought this drive, and I'm finding that a lot of burning programs are not recognizing it. What's up with that, Sony??? Nero 5.5.8 definitely doesn't work with it, and a few others too. I'm currently in the process of trying to find 5.5.1 to see if that'll fix the problem. If anyone has it and wants to send it my way, that'd be great!
Dave on February 20, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I can not believe I found this board! I have been pounding my head for a month trying to get this burner to work. And Sony refuses to help because it is an OEM unit. I got it to pass the online test with Sony, but I have yet to find a program to help me burn. Does anyone know if Nero will work with windodws 98?
Petyoca on February 20, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I bought this burner and i msut say i am pretty FU
Dave on February 20, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1
I found the above site that has firmware for the CRX210E1. Does anyone know about this site? Could this possably be the problem?
Petyoca on February 20, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

HI! I bought this burner as well and i must say i am pretty mad! I havent seen sony release such S|-|!t ever! First of all it took me a day to get it working tried evrything all kids of apps and i was baout to take it back....ok so i got it working fine....then teh burning!!!On 40x it is just a joke! My computers lags like H3ll! I mean it's a p4 1.6 ghz 384 DDR ram THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! The other thing sometimes the burner strats burning a disk and after a few mins it goes writing error! or i got buffer underrun once as well ! THE H3LL????? BUFFER UNDERRUN????? Ok i get over that whatevea! The other thing is that it writes
Cloe on February 21, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I've just bought a crx210e1 and after reading all those mesages of yours I'm so afraid of installing this drive. Does anybody tell me which cd mastering software I realy need?
Nero with windows Me, isn't it?
and for windows xp?
ThanK you very much, I will wait for your mails
nergo on February 23, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

i bought a sony cd-wr few weeks ago and windows Xp has detect-it at he is a cd -wr and with nero bundled it's working just fine, i have writen cd's at 40x because i dont't have for moment media's suitables at 48x, and no err at all
Harry on February 25, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I just purchased this model of burner with the
hopes of installing it in a 9500/G3/400 Mac.
Has anyone out there done this. I realize I
need an EIDE/ATAPI adapter as well as
OS10.2 to operate it. Is there anything I more I
should know about? Any info would be
jolar on February 26, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I bought a sony cd-writer CRX210E1 and NERO burning ROM 5.5. After installing the burner and the software, the burner only works as cdrom drive. Does anyone know if NERO will work with Windows 98 Second Edition?
petyoca on February 26, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Look for the closest gargabecan and attempt a 3 pointer....if u miss u still can try it again maybe dunk it this time! Suggestion:b4 u try all this try to kick it a few times it really helps.
Falla on February 27, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Hey Jolar, i got that same crappy writer aswell, basically i spent 3 days trying the ge the thing to work thinkin it was a problem with my mainboard, but it ended up that no software supports it. I got Win98SE and the only thing i found thatll do it is if you get NERO Burning Rom, download the update file to make it the latest version, and then itll work but even then it wont recognise the full capacity of the drive.
Deano on February 28, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

OMG I am SOOOOOO glad i found this forum... i was 20 hours from buying this unit on ebay. Thank Christ for google and i must say i feel sorry for you guys. What a total Joke... GG Sony.

/me breathe a big sigh of relief.
I have one question tho. Has anyone tried Diskjuggler 4.0?
dave on March 1, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1
Do the windows updater under firmware and use the lastest Nero program (they have a link to a trial version of Nero) It works great with my windows 98. I am up and running at full capacity!!!
Harry on March 1, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I just purchased this model of burner with the
hopes of installing it in a 9500/G3/400 Mac.
Has anyone out there done this. I realize I
need an EIDE/ATAPI adapter as well as
OS10.2 to operate it. Is there anything I more I
should know about? Any info would be
Ostamb on March 2, 2003
Sony CRX210e1 works, give it a try!!!

Okay, after some trial and tribulation, I have found which software works for me and what doesn't with this drive running Windows XP Pro.

Nero did NOT work for me (I tried a couple of versions). Easy CD Creator NEVER worked for me while running XP. The ones that work flawlessly for me with this drive are Stomp RecordNow Max 4.1, which is an awesome program, and Clone CD 4.2, which is also an awesome little program.

Once you get the limited amount of software that's compatible with this drive, it runs great. Not the quietest drive I've heard, but it's still fast fast fast. 3-4 minutes to burn, that's it. Well, good luck all!!!

Ostamb ;)
Charlie on March 7, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Anyone able to get this drive to work using window 2000 Pro? I'm getting ready to shotput this damn drive off of my balcony...
Kamen on March 7, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Hi, everybody. I just wanted to say that this forum here really helped me. I had problems recording under XP like most of you. I tried Nero and it didn't help. Then I read here that it should work with and guess what it did. I have Nero and it's working great. Thanks
Me on March 14, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I got this drive over Christmas. I've had it running in Windows XP using both the built-in burning capabilities(which are kind of weird to work ) and "NTI CD-Maker 2000 Plus" burning software. I currently have it running on Windows 2000 Pro with NTI burning software. I haven't tried the latest Nero, but the one that I have (5.5.4) doesn't recognize it.

If you have to buy software for it, I suggest getting a version of Nero that works (looks like 5.5.9.x, from previous posts), as it gives you more options and control, and side-by-side interface instead of top-and-bottom interface.

I've noticed the drive is pretty quiet when it's recording, but when it's reading, it tends to squeal a bit, which gets annoying if your playing a CD in it.
Gareth on March 16, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Just to reiterate: the CRX210e1 works fine with Nero under WinXP
Shailendra Rao on March 19, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I bought this burner a month ago and still can't use it. I can't get hold of a suitable software. WHY CAN'T SONY PACKAGE A SOFTWARE WITH THIS DAMN SHIT!!!!
Andres on March 19, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

thanks !!!
I decide to donĀ“t buy this shit !
Harry on March 23, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

In answer to my own question regarding the
CRX210E1 burner on a Mac. Here goes.
There was much more to the process than
just adding the burner. I was doing major
surgery, ie adding an IDE adapter, 256 Mb
more ram, the 40Gb IDE hard drive and a
USB/Firewire card. I installed everything
according to the instructions and it was very
simple. But did it work ? No. It booted OK but
it kept hanging.
Here is what I learned. Do one thing at a time.
Check after each installation. Is the computer
still working? If yes then proceed.
My problem why things didn't work properly or
not at all was not hardware related but
software related. I was using OS9.1 and a
SIIG ATA Ultra 100/133 Pro adapter. I found to
root of my problem was the Iomega Zip drive
extension to be the problem. After removing it,
everything worked fine including CRX210E1
burner. In less than hour after all was put back
together, I had my burned my first music CD.
phono on March 29, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

thx to all for this forum.
i tried for days to get this stuff working.
seems i gonna try to bring it back and get a drive that works for sure...
shame on sony for this!
Hristo on March 31, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1
Works Great
Ian on April 6, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

When burning my CRX201E1 freezes up at about 5%. Has anyone else had this problem. No joy from our Japanese chums, please HELP !
Derrick on April 15, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I purchased this burner from a local sister sat down on the software ant it was broken.Is there any means of getting back a software or is it possible i can get the software download from your company.
Ostamb on April 15, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

My personal suggestion would be to get on to Kazaa or some other P2P file sharing program, and downloading some more software for it. For example, Stomp RecordNow Max 4.1 works great for me using this drive. I suggest you get it. Good luck!
GM on April 19, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Hey Ian, I got the same problem, anyone know what to do with this problem? The CRX210E1 stops burning and freezes at about 3%?

Any help is appreciated!
bata on April 19, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I got the same problem, anyone know what to do with this problem? The CRX210E1 stops burning and freezes at about 3-5%? only burning cd audio format, with raxio cd burning programs. Please help me that problems
Ian on April 20, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Regardindg the freezing up at 3-5 %, i was in touch with Nero who have ignored my problem, however NCI 6 Platinum works fine with this drive
G.M on April 20, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

About the freezing at 3-5%...I was looking around at the settings trying to figure out what was wrong. Then I decided to go into Control Panel, System, to the Hardware tab, and then into Device Manager. Once there, I went under DVD/CD-Rom drive and uninstalled the CRX210E1. Then I restarted and it was back again and everything worked fine. It didn't stall at 3% and the burn process finished successfully and the CD worked fine. Hope this will work for you too.
Guillermo on April 23, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

Works great with my burner.
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