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Sony CRX210e1

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Emilio on April 29, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

For can to use this CRX210E1 in windows 2000/xp, Install the adaptec aspi drivers :
(you must run ASPIINST for install when you download it)
Then Use EASY CD CREATOR 6 and UPDATE (maybe older versions runs equally, but i use that).
Now you can burn cds in windows 2000/xp correctly :)
Link87x on July 15, 2003
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I have one of the mentioned burners and haven't had any problems with it till the other day (it has now been returned for warranty and I'll be getting a new one back in 2-4 weeks). The burner worked fine, burned well (ReWrite speeds a bit slow though...) I don't understand why it works fine for me with Nero, CloneCD, Alcohol 120% and other burning programs but doesn't work for other people... does it have anything to do with the adaptec Win32 ASPI that I always insatll on every PC I do work on?
david on July 27, 2004
RE: Sony CRX210e1

I can´t install the driver in my pc... my cd-rw can´t write.... please... help me!!!
mihai on February 9, 2005
RE: Sony CRX210e1

my cd-rw doesn`t write but it reads cd`s ,watt can i do ? mihai(romania) tnx
daniel on February 26, 2006
RE: Sony CRX210e1

my crx doesn't read nad write!!! drivers didn't help. please help me...
Jonay on July 7, 2011

I feel so much happier now I undestarnd all this. Thanks!
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