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Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop
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Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

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Erika on November 8, 2008
Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I have a Dell Latitude C510/C610. It has 1000mHz, 727mHz, and 256 mHz of Ram. Whatever that really means. I can't afford a new computer right now, but I need more everything. Is there a way for me to increase everyhting without buying a new computer, or would it be smarter to just buy a new computer?
Eric on November 8, 2008
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Hi Erika,

Although desktop computers can be upgraded almost limitlessly and very easily, laptops are unfortunately much more limited in the ways and the extent to which they can be upgraded. This is one of the tradeoffs that come with choosing a laptop over a desktop. There are however some ways in which you can upgrade your Dell Latitude C510/C610 laptop.

1) Adding more RAM

This is the easiest upgrade to perform and is the one that will give you the greatest performance boost. RAM is the memory into which your computer loads whatever software you are using at any given time. When your computer starts to run out of RAM it will begin using the hard drive as virtual memory which has an extremely detrimental impact on speed/performance and system responsiveness.

It would appear that the Dell Latitude C610 laptop can handle a maximum of 1 gigabyte of RAM whereas the Dell Latitude C510 laptop can handle only up to 512 megabytes of RAM (half a gigabyte). Both models have 2 slots into which RAM memory modules can be placed.

If you do not yet have the maximum amount of RAM installed (i.e. 512 megabytes or 1 gigabyte depending on which model you have) then you can increase the amount of RAM in your laptop up to the maximums specified above. The first step would be to find out if you still have one of the two memory slots available for adding RAM or if both memory slots are occupied with memory modules. To do so, simply remove the panel underneath your laptop that covers the RAM memory modules. You should be able to remove this panel by taking out 1 screw only. If there is there more than 1 panel underneath your laptop, the one containing the RAM is probably the largest one (so look for the largest panel).

If both slots are occupied, then you will have to get rid of one (or both) memory modules and replace it (or both) with memory modules that have a greater amount of RAM. If one of the 2 slots is empty, you can just place an extra memory module in that slot to top up your RAM to the maximum possible.

For the Dell Latitude C610/C510 laptop, you will have to purchase 133 mhz 144 pin SDRAM memory modules as this is the type of RAM that is compatible with your laptop. You can buy this type of RAM from almost any computer store or directly from Dell. It will come in sizes of 256 megabytes, 512 megabytes or 1 gigabytes. Current prices are about 50 U.S. dollars for 256 megabytes of RAM and 100 U.S. dollars for 512 megabytes of RAM, though you may be able to find significantly better deals by shopping around.

2) Adding more Hard Drive space

Hard drives in laptops such as the Dell Latitude C510/C610 can be replaced, however this is somewhat difficult to do because it would require you to remove your current hard drive, replace it with an new hard drive that has a larger capacity and then reinstall your operating system and all of your programs (and you'd have to backup all of your documents and other data and then copy them back over once the new hard drive is installed). A better option would probably be to just buy an external hard drive and to connect this drive to your laptop via a USB cable whenever you need to access the data on this hard drive.

3) Replacing the battery

If your battery is starting to have decreased battery life, you could replace it with a new battery. You'd have to buy this component directly from Dell (as every laptop uses a different kind of battery) and replacing it would be a simple matter of removing your current battery and slipping in a new one.

Other upgrades (e.g. increasing the speed of the CPU) would be either difficult or impossible to do.

Iris in California on January 24, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Can the operating system be upgraded to Vista Home Premium? It currently has windows 2000 but was designed for xp.
Eric on February 1, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Hi Iris,

Microsoft has the following minimum system requirements for running Windows Vista Home Premium:

800 MHz processor and 512 MB of system memory
20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space
Support for Super VGA graphics
CD-ROM drive

By default the Dell Latitude C510/C610 laptop seems to come with only 256 megabytes of RAM. So if that's what you have in your particular laptop then it will not be sufficient for running Windows Vista. As well, the Dell Latitude C510/C610 laptop seems to come with a 20 gigabyte hard drive which would barely be enough room to install Vista (although, technically, it would be sufficiently large).

To find out how much RAM is in your particular Dell laptop, right click on My Computer (on the desktop) and select Properties.

Pacabe on May 26, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Hi everyone,

I have a question, what is the maximum HD size that can handle C510/C610 laptop?
Steve on July 14, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I am trying to install a new hard drive ,but it is not recognized by the bios. Is there some setting in the bios that needs to be changed?
Lovo on July 23, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

i need help just finding how to keep the laptop from always changing the module memory i get errors as in can not load enough is it just the ram?
Ted on July 29, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

My dell latitude is marked Model C510/C610
I wish to upgrade the RAM if possible
How can I tell which model it actually is?
22vlad22 on August 17, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

"How can I tell which model it actually is?"
Go to -> drivers @ downloads -> tape your service tag @ system will determine your model. I just did it @ now I know that my model is c610, so I can install 1 Gb RAM :)
Jim on September 10, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

My 610 has 256MB on a single card. Can a 512MB card be added to the other slot or do both cards need to be the same capacity?
Koil on September 10, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Another way to know if you have the 510 or 610 is by your CPU the 610 has a 1 ghz p3 the 510 has a celeron CPU, (you can check this by right clicking "my computer" and going to properties.) As for the RAM you can swap any 128, 256, 512 stick in either slot. I'm searching for how large of an HDD it can support myself. Make sure you get the right SODIMM SDRAm for it also, crucial is a good website to check out. Good luck, I'm glad some other people out there have the same P.O.S laptop that I do.
marcel meadow on October 15, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

does this model have a cd burner on it
lau on October 29, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

i can put a biger video card on dell c 610? what is the maxim video can suport?
Grimthorne on December 11, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

You can buy a cdr/dvd drive for it. No idea what they cost. I KNOW it can only handle 1Gb Ram, which you can find the right knid for around 18$ if you know where to look. As far as I know, it can only support 32Mb graphics. I've also heard that 120Gb (I was able to find a few for around 50$ a pop)is the biggest Hd you can cram into one ;-) If anyone knows otherwise, I'd like to know before I buy this junk to upgrade mine (I've got 4, and I really don't want to upgrade them twice, too expensive). I'm wondering if there are any other upgrades anybody knows about for these. Mine have all been pretty dependable, but they're ould and cranky.
Grimthorne on December 11, 2009
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Oh, yeah, figured I'd put my sources for price on here, Crucial will SCREW YOU. But not until you've paid 80$ for some outdated Ram...


120Gb Hd

happy hunting!
dhesiry on January 4, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

is it compatible with my laptop(dell latitude c510/c610) if i convert it to vista or windows 7?
Robert on January 24, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Hi everyone. I'm a PC Technician and I own one of these laptops which I use for my work. The reason being that I can remove the Optical drive (cd/dvd drive) and slot in a second battery doubling the battery life. But I have also done a bit of research into this laptop and upgraded it as much as possible.

My Laptop currently has the following setup:
1.2GHZ Pentium 3 CPU.
1Gb of RAM.
160Gb HDD.
Wireless Card.
DVD Read/Write drive.
Dual Boot setup to Run Windows XP or Windows 7 Operating System.

Here is a rundown answering some peoples questions and explaining how I set it up:

1. If you have the C510 you can upgrade the RAM to 512mb if you have the C610 (Which is what I have) you can upgrade the RAM to 1gb. If you have two slots and you want to add an extra RAM chip the chips do not have to be the same size (i.e if you have a c610 with a 256mb chip in you can add a 512mb into the second slot)Just make sure it is the same type of RAM (which should be 133 mhz 144 pin SDRAM) The RAM is located in the large removable panel on the underneath of the laptop.

2. Replacing the HDD (Hard disk drive)which is located on the left hand side of your laptop.Unfortunately I have not found out information for the C510 on this but would think it would be the same as the C610. The C610 has a maximumn HDD size of 60gb (although I have not tested this myself). If you do not know to much about replacing the hdd and reloading the Operating System and you just want more storage space than you are probably better of buying an exterior HDD. But if you do know what your doing then you can Upgrade you HDD to any size. What I did was buy an 160gb IDE laptop HDD. I then fitted it and Installed XP and then partitioned the drive into four 40gb drives.If you try to set it up as one large 160gb partition the bios will not be able to read it as it supposedly has a read limit of 60gb. So partitioning them to 40gb allows the bios to read each one and still gives you 160gb.

3. Optical drive replacement(cd/dvd drive). This is an easy one as the drive is what we call hot swappable meaning you can remove and plug it in when ever you want. The laptops usually come with an cd drive only capable of reading or a floppy drive (which is not really used much anymore) A quick look around usually on Ebay and you can find for around £45 an all in one CD read/Write and DVD Read/Write Drive for your laptop.
4.CPU chip. The C510 comes with a celeron chip unfortunately I have not found out the top CPU speed a C510 can take. But the C610 has a Pentium 3 usually 1ghz cpu which when running on Battery drops its speed down to 900mhz. What you can do is replace the CPU with a 1.2ghz cpu (which will drop to 1ghz when on battery power)again you can find these on ebay by typing Dell C610 LAPTOP CPU. To change the CPU it is probably best that you have some experience already of opening laptops up as you need to remove the whole bottom/lower casing of the laptop then remove the heatsink in order to replace the CPU. Not that diffcult compared to most modern laptops but still a bit tricky if your doing this for the first time so be carfull.

5. Wireless connection. I do not know if the C510 has a port for a wireless card but the C610 does. When you remove the large panel underneath the laptop you will see the two RAM slots a modem card and if there is not one fitted a wireless card slot. You can buy wireless cards from different places. (I got mine from Ebay) You then slot it in connect up the two cables onto the connectors on the card, replace the panel and power up. You system should detect the card and install it. If it does not you might need to look around for the correct drivers for your wireless card. If your not sure where to look try the Dell site or contact your wireless card supplier. Once done you will then have a laptop that can connect wirelessly.(assuming you have a wireless router)

6. And finally the Operating System. The laptop will happily run windows 2000 although this operating system is a bit old now but still being widely used. The laptop usually comes with XP which also will run happily. Some people have wanted to know about running windows Vista on it. Personly even with the upgrades I have previously mentioned I would not, as Vista is a very heavy (and some would say bloated) Operating System. So on a C510/C610 it would be very slow. I would say forget about Vista, As I'm sure Microsoft wish they could.
But windows 7 is completely different being a much lighter Operating System it will happily run on your C510/C610. The only downsides are that windows 7 Pro and Ultimate come with an virtual XP emulator which creates a virtual XP machine in a window allowing you to run xp programmes in it, which the C510/C610 does not have the capability to run and also High Defenition videos will also have trouble running on the laptop appearing a bit jerky and slow. But overall Windows 7 will happily run and be as fast (if not a bit faster in some parts ) as windows XP. On my laptop thanks to my large HDD I have it setup with dual Operating Systems which means I can choose to run Windows XP or Windows 7 depending on what I need to use it for.
Hope this helps answer some peoples questions.
Good luck and enjoy upgrading your laptop :o)
TNAndy on January 26, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I can confirm a 120 GB PATA 2.5 inch hard drive can be installed in a Dell C510. Power off. Unscrew the screw on the access door located next to the PCMCIA slots. The hard drive pulls straight out. You must remove the contact adapter off the old hard drive and mount it on the new hard drive. Gently push the new hard drive into place; remount the caddy door.

Now comes the fun part: Reloading your operating system(s). You're on your own, here, but I can confirm you can dual-boot Windows XP and Fedora 10. I haven't found any hardware that won't work on both OS's so far.

If you upgrade the BIOS to revision A16, it will fully recognize the 120 GB hard drive. The very first boot screen tells you what your BIOS revision is. DANGER!!! YOU CAN RUIN YOUR COMPUTER FOREVER BY MIS-FLASHING A MOTHERBOARD BIOS!!! THIS IS NOT RECOVERABLE. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO FLASH ANY BIOS!!!

Having said that, flashing my BIOS was not difficult. They give clear instructions on the Dell support web site. If you do try this, you will feel like it is taking FOREVER and something has gone wrong. Be patient. Go get coffee... brew a fresh pot... wait for it to cool off enough to drink.... Maybe by now your BIOS has flashed successfully. (Breathe a heavy sigh of relief that your computer is not a boat anchor.)

If the Dell representative I called had been willing to admit these laptops would recognize drives larger than 137 GB (or I had found the above post earlier), I'd have bought a much larger drive. (Hmmmm... If it will take a 160 GB hard drive, I wonder if it will take a 320 GB hard drive? This is the largest capacity I have found for 2 1/2 inch PATA drives. I may to have to find out....)

I can confirm 1 GB (2 * 512MB) RAM can be installed. (AFAIK, this is the maximum--if I had found larger capacity PC133 SODIMMs, I'd have tried them instead.) My C510's RAM has survived five passes of Memtest 86+ v3.2 with no errors. Replacement is easy. Power off. Unscrew all three screws on the central access panel on the bottom (the screw near the middle is the only one that removes fully). Slowly pry the panel from the two screw side; it may be very sticky--mine was almost glued down. GENTLY pop the old RAM sticks out; the catches are on the sides. Firmly seat, then gently tilt the new ones into place until they click. Replace the access panel. Test with Memtest. Done.

I can confirm an Intel 2200BG wireless MINI-PCI card fits on a C510. Using both Windows XP Home and Fedora 10 Linux, it works at the full 54 MB/s rate. This upgrade was also easy. Follow the instructions above for RAM installation, except you must also connect the two tiny antenna wires (taped to the inside of the compartment) to the antenna contacts on the mini-PCI card.

I had a hard time getting the Fedora wireless drivers to recognize the wireless card. I solved the problem by reinstalling Fedora 10 from scratch. (There may be an easier way--else back up ALL your files!)

There is a Dual Layer DVD Burner available for the Dell C-Series Latitude. This is the easiest upgrade of all. Release the current drive (or 2nd battery); the catch is on the bottom. Replace with the burner; it clicks into place. Boom. (Actually, I didn't know these were hot-swappable.)

I bought a Pentium 3-M 1.2 GHz to replace the current 1.2 Celeron, but there's a lot more to this than the other upgrades--this is brain surgery, after all--and I have "a round tuit" problem. Be careful: Pentium 3-M and Pentium 4-M CPUs fit on the same physical socket. If you mismatch with a P4-M, you can fry your CPU and motherboard to a crispy crunch.

I wish it were easy to replace the 16 MB ATI video card with a 32 MB nVidia GeForce 2, but from what I've read, that appears to be major, major surgery using donor guts from an entirely different model of Dell. Frankly, I'd start with a different model of Dell and build from there.
TNAndy on January 26, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I forgot. The hard drive mounts on a caddy which slides into the laptop. As I recall, there were some screws on the bottom. Save them to mount the new hard drive.

Finally, if you got this laptop for free and have LOTS of time to carefully research and shop for upgrade parts, and you can do all the upgrades yourself, you might come out a little bit cheaper. On the other hand, if you buy a new Dell laptop, you'll spend an extra $100-200 to get something that isn't well on its way to obsolete.
Lapitude on February 7, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Can anyone confirm the pentium III M Intel part number for the 1.2
GHz part on a C610. Is it SL6A9? My system already have a Tualitin
Pentium III M at 1.0GHz.
Lapitude on February 7, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Looks like the Vcore is different 1.4v for SL6A9 and 1.5v for Sl5N5.
Does it matter?
Lapitude on February 11, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Replaced Intel SL69V 1 GHz with a SL5CL 1.2GHz pentium III M
Tualitin core. Works great.
Simple to fit. Remove switch plastic, five screws to remove keyboard
4 screws to remove heatsink, fit CPU and reassemble. See manual at
SYL on February 14, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

ivan on March 2, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

what hard drive can i put in this lap top
mike on March 23, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

i have put 510mg in my c510 but my screen has gone smaller any ideas
mike on March 23, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

sorry 512mg
TNAndy on March 25, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I successfully installed a 320 gigabyte 320GB hard disk into my Dell C510. This is the largest capacity 2.5 inch PATA IDE ATAPI drive I could find. I used a WD3200BEVE. I have not tested any other brands--YMMV. The BIOS only reports the first 137.4 during the boot. Strangely, this prevents Ranish Partition Manager from working properly. However, both Windows XP and Linux can address the entire disk, and I had no major difficulties installing both (dual boot).

I devoted 120GB to Windows, 120GB to Fedora 10, the remainder to a partition shared between the two operating systems. Neither O/S feels cramped any more and there's enough room on the shared partition for my music collection.

I have loaded Neverwinter Nights. The frame rate is a bit choppy on the fast video setting, but what do you expect from 16MB?
TNAndy on March 25, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop


Before attempting anything else, run MEMTEST86 on your new RAM. If there are errors, try removing and reseating the RAM sticks. If it makes it through several passes, continue below, else your RAM is bad. This must be cured before any other problems can be addressed.

There are several versions of Memtest; all are free downloads. Google is your friend here. Earlier releases may not recognize newer CPUs or faster FSB speeds. Memtest68+ V4.00 recognizes every computer I have here.

The screen resizing sounds like something has gone wrong with your video settings. Right click on your desktop and select properties. Click on the video settings tab. Set your screen resolution to 1024x768, apply, OK.

If that doesn't work, I'd suggest going to the Dell support web page, fill in your service tag, and look up the video driver. Download and reinstall it. You'll probably have to reboot. Open desktop properties, click on the video settings tab, and look at the screen resolution. If it's not 1024x768, change it.

Good luck!

TNAndy on March 25, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Oops. Make that MEMTEST86+ V4.00 (not 68).
DADZ on April 17, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

i have a dell latitude C510 laptop and i am greatful for the information posted so am gonna try and upgrade.
i need the drives to burn,more memory,more everything,darn laptop is so slow. Thanks Guys.
duncanidaho381 on April 26, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

If you decide to upgrade to a larger HD on your Dell Latitude C610, I purchased cable link software 2.0 from Radio Shack. I then installed it on another computer and transfered all my files. Then when I stalled the new HD, added the bios and the OS, then I transfered my files to the new upgrade.
Khis on April 27, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Okay...I have this Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop and under the computer properties it reads:

Mobile Intel(R) Pentium (R)
III CPU - M 1000MHz
727 MHz, 512 MB of Ram

Okay so, I just say it has a lil of this and that

Last year around this time the hard drives dies. Boyfriends finds 160G HD for $30 bucks and installs.
So I figure I can upgrade to the Vista..... w-t-h did I do that!
Somehow Boyfriend gets the OS back to XP.
2 months ago the USB stops working.....
He has given up
I need for this to work!

Can anyone
Jack on April 30, 2010
No bootable device in my dell latitude d 600

My old hard drive started making a clicking noise an ended up with an error message no bootable device and then i replace toay with a new hard drive and it still says no bootable drive or primary hard drive 0 and it cannot see it as well in the bios... wondering what needs to be done... inputs... much appreciated
Robert on May 2, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop


The first thing to find out is if it's software or hardware.
Right click on My Computer and select Properties then click on the Hardware tab and select Device Manager.
A window will open and on it will be a list. At the bottom of the list click on the plus sign next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
A sub list will appear. Look at the sub list for any that have a small yellew triangle or ! next to them. If they do left click on it and then select the driver tab and click on update driver.
Select Yes now and every time and press next.
Select install software automatically and press next.
The computer will then search for the latest driver for that device. It may find a driver and install it, it may not find a driver or say latest driver already installed. Either way after doing this to all yellow triangles or ! in the list, try your usb port if it is still not working you probably have faulty hardware of the USB port.
The only way to repair this is to replace the motherboard. Which is expensive and difficult and not really worth it on this type of laptop.
But your Dell C510/C610 has 2 PCMCIA card slots on the left hand side towards the back. What you can do is buy an USB PCMCIA card and plug that into the PCMCIA card slot. You can then use this to plug in your USB devices with the added advantages that the USB PCMCIA cards you buy today tend to be USB 2.0 which should be a bit faster than your old USB 1.0 port that was on your laptop.

Hope this helps and good luck.


If you new HDD is not being seen in the bios there is a chance you have a faulty HDD. Best thing to do is test your HDD by connecting it upto another pc and see if that pc can detect the hdd. If there is nothing wrong with the HDD it might be a problem with the port on the motherboard that you HDD connects to. Best to contact Dell support and see what troubleshooting they advise for you laptop.
Good luck.

toofrs on May 5, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I learned alot here about the computer I just got reading these comments. I do have a problem tho that I cant seem to find the answer to.
Does anyone know how to tighten up the monitor display board on the hinges, mine are very loose.
Do I have to take the display off the computer body and replace parts?
I could use an internal wireless card for it also if anyone is selling one, and a dvd rom also, mine came with 2 batteries that arent working at the moment. Going to try the freezer method to see if i can revive them.

Totem on May 15, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Hello.. Do you guys know how to reinstall XP on a Dell Latitude c610? It doesn't have a CD drive.. And its BIOS doesn't support booting on usb either, right? So my guess is that, I need some kind of a converter like a cable for its hard drive.. What I need to know is what kind of hard drive it has.. Is it IDE or SATA.. 2.5" or 3.5"? And if for example, I have found a IDE/SATA to USB cable, can I reformat it using other laptops by using it as an external? Thanks
Keith D on May 19, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

How do I make my latitude c510 "wireless"? Please be gentle, this is my first laptop and I don't know much about computers. Do I need to purchase a wirless pc card or install any specific drivers? I need very basic simple instructions, computer mumbo-jumbo is useless on people like me.
Totem on May 20, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

@keith d, yes you have to buy a wireless pc card..and any hardware purchased
must come with a driver to be able to use it.. =)
Robert on May 22, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop


Your Dell C610 has hot swappaple drives meaning you can remove the floppy drive and put in a second battery or a different drive like an cd or dvd drive. You can buy cd or dvd drives for the dell c510/c610 on the internet (ebay etc...) This would allow you to use a windows XP cd to reload xp on to your pc (assuming you have an xp licence key)
The dell c510/c610 has an 2.5" IDE hard disk drive and yes you could format the drive by removing it from the laptop and connecting to a different pc with an IDE/SATA to USB cable but the drive would need to be put back in the c610 when you install a new operating system on the laptop.
Personally I would not get an IDE/SATA to USB cable just to format your Dell drive unless you think you will have uses for the cable again sometime in the future. Instead I would put the money towards an CD/DVD drive for the Dell c510/c610 and use it to install xp from a disk (and at the beggining of the install select format drive to erase the Hard disk drive if required)

Hope this helps
Good luck

Dewey on May 27, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

My C610 has a problem with Sandisk 2G on the USB port.
It seems to almost lock up the whole system. It does this either in docked or undocked mode. I have to remove the flash drive to get back to normal operatio.
Every other USB device I use works fine. (USB Joystick, USB wireless mouse)
This one has me baffled! Any ideas for this?
Totem on June 4, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Robert, thanks for your input :)
Bryan on June 8, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I just bought a Dell Latitude C510/C610 will post to the bios ok but will not find the new hard drive I just bought is an 80 Gb WD. When I go to the bios I can only change the date on the first screen I cannot move down to any other options on screen 1. page 2-7 I can move down by pressing the down arrow. I am thinking a bios flash failure might have caused this. In the mean time I have loaded Linux Slax on a cd and can access internet and do some stuff ....but would like to get hard drive working I read earlier in this thread that once bios has been upgraded to A16 this laptop will recognize bigger drives ...looks like this system has the A16 revision as it says at the post screen but the bios does not see the hard drive for some reason....I am wondering if the bios did not flash properly.
Bryan on June 8, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Just tried a smaller hd (60 Gb)it won't recognize that one either...I am thinking of trying to reflash the bios....other option is to run OS off cd or perhaps get an external HD??? Any Idea's anyone????
Totem on June 17, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Bryan, accdg. to Robert, you should partition your hard drive into 40
GB so that the BIOS would be able to recognize it..
Ed on June 18, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I have been using an SVGA cable to hook up to a 2nd video monitor, a bigger screen. Recently, the output to the 2nd monitor has become very distorted. Is there a way to replace the video card on my D610 so that the output on the second screen is better?

I have reinstalled windows XP and updated the video driver to no avail.
Robert on June 26, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

Hi Bryan. If your bios is already A16 I would not try reflashing the bios as if it goes wrong it will not be recoverable and turn your laptop into a giant paperweight. In the bios on the first page you can only change the date and time. The rest of the info on the first page is just the hardware setup of your laptop (i.e not stuff you can change in the bios) Go to page two using Alt - P and you will see the boot order they usually should be set to cd/dvd drive then Internal HDD then Diskette Drive. You can move these around using the "u" and "d" buttons if you wish but usual setup is CD/DVD first then HDD second. The other bios pages are to do with more advanced features and settings but you do not need to look at these for trying to sort out you situation. If the HDD is brand new it will need to be formated first. This can be done at the beggining of the setup when installing the Operating System. If your installing XP at the beggining choose to full format the drive using ntfs and then carry on and install the OS. If when doing this the laptop will not see the HDD it probably means that either the HDD is faulty or the HDD connection port on the motherboard is faulty. Check the HDD and make sure none of the pins are broken and using a torch take a look at the HDD connection port to make sure there is no damage to it or broken pins still stuck in the port. If everything is fine with the HDD and when plugged in you can hear it spinning then the most likely reason is a faulty HDD connector which would require the motherboard to be replaced.

Hi ED. Unfortunatly it is not possible to replace the video card on a laptop as they are ussually built onto the motherboard. First test it with a different monitor and then a differemt cable. If still distorted then it is probably a faulty port on the laptop (if it was the graphics card the same distortion would happen on the laptop screen) But there are alternatives. You can buy devices that plug into your laptop and allow you to connect up multiple monitors.
Here are a couple:

Just make sure if you buy something like thesee that you get one that can connect to your laptop.(i.e dont get a pc exspress unless your laptop has an exspress slot etc...)

Hope this helps.
zira on July 12, 2010
Correcting Errors on Dell Latitude C610 Laptop

My system always run diagnostic test each time I put it on, and comes up with error results. How can I correct these errors in order to prevent my system from crashing?
Bala on August 8, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

i need to use Intex TV tuner card in C510 lappy, i have installed all the required things including driver thro device manager. but it retuns Error code 10. can any one help please. do i want to instal usb 2.0 PCMCIA. please help
Robin D on August 11, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

I'm trying to increase the RAM from it's present 256mb on single module card.
It should take another 256mb, BUT I keep getting conflicting advice as whether it takes PC100 [most say this one!] or PC133 module - whch is written on existing RAM module [in full it says 32M x64, SDRAM PC133 256Mb sync 133MHz]I have discovered it is a 'low density' module.
Computer is marked Dell PPL01L Latitude c510/c610 and processor is about 800MHz

Can anyone give a DEFINITE answer before I buy the wrong one!
BUKKY on August 16, 2010
RE: Upgrading Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop

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