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Lexmark Z605 Printer Driver

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Free download and instructions for installing the Lexmark Z605 InkJet Printer Driver for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 2000. For those who have lost the installation CD.

OSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About)
Windows Server 2003Driver1.0.4.22008-05-249.83 MBexeLexmark Z605 Windows Server 2003 Printer Driver Download
Windows XPDriver1.0.4.22008-05-249.83 MBexeLexmark Z605 Windows XP Printer Driver Download
Windows VistaDriver1.0.3.12008-05-2421.84 MBexeLexmark Z605 Windows Vista Printer Driver Download
Windows Vista 64-bitDriver1.0.3.12008-05-2437.85 MBexeLexmark Z605 Windows Vista 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 2000Driver1.0.4.22010-04-199.83 MBexeLexmark Z605 Windows 2000 Printer Driver Download
Taking too long to download? Order a driver CD containing all of these installation files or buy high-speed priority download access.
This page was last reviewed on January 7, 2013 to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

Installation Instructions

To install the Lexmark Z605 InkJet Printer driver, download the version of the driver that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop. Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

exe (Executable File)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions for installing the driver.

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 Comments about Lexmark Z605 Printer Driver
rajan chaulagain on February 2, 2021
could you please send me a driver to install printer Lexmark Z605? i have Windows 7 on my PC. my email address
haziq on March 21, 2018
could you please send me a driver to install printer Lexmark Z605? i have Windows 7 on my PC. my email address is:
Luqman Mat Junos on May 18, 2017
Jika pihak tuan tidak dapat sediakan arahan install printer ini dalam bahasa Malaysia, saya memohon pihak tuan dapat tolong saya hantar window 7 printer driver Lexmark z605.
Luqman Mat Junos on May 18, 2017
Saya dah cuba install printer z-605 dengan internet wifi iaitu tanpa disc tapi tidak berjaya. saya mencuba beberapa kali tapi tetap tidak berjaya. sekarang saya tidak dapat guna printer 'LEXMARK Z 605' setelah saya beli. saya rasa kemungkinan besar arahan install printer tersebut dalam bahasa English yang menyebabkan saya gagal install printer z 605, kerana mungkin ada beberapa step yang saya tidak ikuti dengan betul kerana kelemahan saya memahami dengan betul bahasa English. Dengan itu saya memohon pihak tuan dapat email kepada saya step untuk install printer ini dalam bahasa Malaysia. saya harap pihak tuan tidak menghampakan saya yang menjadikan jenama LEXMARK printer ini pilihan saya.

sekian. Terima kasih.
Junaedi setiawan on January 2, 2017
Tolong saya
prakash on November 28, 2015
Diomedes Obaco on November 8, 2015
z605 on May 16, 2015
regina on March 13, 2015
could you please send me a driver to install printer Lexmark Z605? i have Windows 7 on my laptop. my emaIL address is:
regina on March 13, 2015
could you please send me a driver to install Z605 Lexmark printer on my laptop?
Dayanand on July 3, 2014
plz driver download
nolly julfery on June 4, 2014
Saya mau tanya software printer lexmark z 605 buat windows 7
thogar butarbutar on December 10, 2013
Why can't I install Lexmark Z65 to Window-7, please help.
Salim on October 28, 2013
han on August 2, 2013
angelo suntay on May 25, 2013
Can I print on tarpoline material. thanks.
Mohd Kamal, please send me the download on May 21, 2013
Need the software
Bumikerbs on May 21, 2013
I am trying to install my printer Model Z605 to my laptop
DMan on April 4, 2013
You have to use the vista drivers for windows 7 and pick which bit sistem you have
Donna Lee on April 3, 2013
Please send me the Lexmark Z605 driver download for windows 7 to it is not included in your list above?????
deal on March 13, 2013
argggg on March 13, 2013
redouane on February 28, 2013
rahe bghina dyale win 7 machi lkhrine
Mah on February 26, 2013
Trung on February 2, 2013
Which one I can download for Lexmark z605 on win 8?
Trung on February 2, 2013
Which one I can download for Lexmark z605 on win 8?
jonas Nascimento santos on January 25, 2013
gravata s/no camaçari ba
Aayush adhiakri on January 19, 2013
n doyle on December 17, 2012
please send windows 7 driver
Lana on November 27, 2012
Could you please send me the printer driver for Windows 7 to be installed in my computer. My e-mail address:
pak zadi on November 18, 2012
please send me the driver for windows 7 to my email adress
MsNiecy on November 11, 2012
After 2 hours of trying and about to give up this amazing site gave me the answer. THANK YOU!!!
oyon on October 3, 2012
i want the driver
maria joaquina on September 6, 2012
Zainal on July 23, 2012
This is not a user friendly download. Most printer downloads can be downloaded and ran at the same time meaning we do not have to find the files within the folders. I can't run my files anyway. I will definitely be changing my printer.
fdhghkj on July 22, 2012
mahd ikh on July 6, 2012
lexmark z605 Great download
rob-London on June 18, 2012
Great download, fast with no hidden crap. Perfect first time, hope you guys continue for years to come. Quality.
ferrin on June 17, 2012
Thanks on May 23, 2012
reagan vasconcelos on May 21, 2012
é excelente
toda.cornelia on May 18, 2012
doresc sa integistrez o imprimanta z605 fara cd
David on May 16, 2012
please sent the driver for win 7 to my mail :
David on May 16, 2012
Please sent the driver for windown 7
elf on May 5, 2012
mircea on April 23, 2012
PREECHA on April 6, 2012
Thank you on April 6, 2012 on April 6, 2012
george descamps on March 14, 2012
Thanks for a job welldone
blags on March 11, 2012
yudha on March 3, 2012
thank you
Lilly on February 23, 2012
thank you
talento on February 21, 2012
let me see
prakhar on January 30, 2012
barbara on January 24, 2012
Vista 64bit for windows seven worked for me Thanks
Rui on January 18, 2012
tk y
Rui on January 18, 2012
louis on January 8, 2012
i like it
Z605 on January 7, 2012
Wesley Damazio on January 3, 2012
Txs a lot
Mihai Anghel on December 31, 2011
It's OK
jon on December 28, 2011
i already download the driver what should i do next
dedi on December 28, 2011
i already download the driver what should i do next
kang aden on December 28, 2011
good printer
syarif hidayat on December 28, 2011
i want download driver
Yatimah on December 21, 2011
I already download the driver what should i do next
dfgg on November 15, 2011
jairo cortes on November 8, 2011
jairo on November 8, 2011
radzi on November 6, 2011
prashant on November 4, 2011
i may need this driver for my printer
den on November 2, 2011
it is good
manickam on October 21, 2011
it is very good
saif ahmed on October 16, 2011
Lexmark Z605 printer Driver
Raii ^^ on October 15, 2011
sorry do you have this driver on windows 7 64 bit
please i need it
or can you show me a link where i can download that
leo rau on October 4, 2011
muchas grasias me sirvio de mucho
Isabel croating on September 16, 2011
dave on September 5, 2011
hope this is a fix it
lang eva on September 2, 2011
I need this driver
mike on September 1, 2011
drivers good
ellen on August 10, 2011
paul on August 10, 2011
ayub on July 20, 2011
abie on July 5, 2011
thx's for driver
Rajesh on July 3, 2011
Download Failure
scrote on June 30, 2011
Thanx a bunch for this. For once, a no-fuss download
ranil laknath on June 12, 2011
lexmark z605
Mathew on May 29, 2011
Silicon guide is very helpful.
Faruk on April 24, 2011
i need lexmark z605 printer driver
Z605 on April 6, 2011
Sake on March 12, 2011
It helped me a lot. Thank you...
znopim on February 21, 2011
good job, win 7 use Windows Vista 64-bit
ganesh on January 31, 2011
EDMUND DONALD on January 19, 2011
sam on January 15, 2011
z605 driver for window 7?
bhavesh patel on December 28, 2010
only Driver & setup
sharmi on November 15, 2010
aris on November 10, 2010
abiyato on October 27, 2010
i hoop it's work
THOMAS GREEN on September 16, 2010
It is a great printer
mike barlow sr on September 15, 2010
haveing trouble downloading driver for Z605 printer
sudaryono soeripto on August 28, 2010
not printing
rk on August 10, 2010
Hope this works, Disc corrupted
Phonethavy on July 24, 2010
Thanks for your Driver....!!!!
Teresa on June 21, 2010
Thanks so much, this site is a life saver - and FREE!!! You rock!
ADA ALMODOVAR on June 8, 2010
kamal on May 26, 2010
wow,fast download
fAisal on May 21, 2010
Jim on May 8, 2010
Great, fast download. Easy access to drivers. No hassle site, well done
Peter on April 21, 2010
I upgraded to Win7 so i need to try the Vista driver.
JUANK on April 14, 2010
It's a really good site. Now let's see if the driver works on win7 64bits
Ravic on April 9, 2010
I love lexmark
Daniel Dunlop on March 21, 2010
Hope this works, Disc misplaced
trian on March 19, 2010
that's very good printer..
but now where we will fount it??
Gerald Pickering on March 10, 2010
I love Lexmark they are very good
Tangima on March 9, 2010
pray that the software meet up my demand
edw on March 7, 2010
Elias Brown Curtis on February 11, 2010
Very good
ppp on February 2, 2010
thx a lot
manolacheghe on January 29, 2010
Bhakti in Indonesia on January 28, 2010
I've been browsing for searching this lexmark's for a minute. And then I find this site and I am surprised that the download's procedure is so easy and free. I like it so much. Indeed that I haven't tried the driver yet, but truely for the easily of the download's, I apreciate it. Four thumb, Pal.
Allan on January 20, 2010
At last, I finally found a place to get drivers for windows 7. Many thanks. Allan
vp on January 18, 2010
JJ on January 15, 2010
very nice!
wijngaard on December 8, 2009
lexmark is back on the road.
mike in France on November 30, 2009
Nice and easy
TONY on November 21, 2009
AUGUST on November 1, 2009
tank's lexmarx is the best
S Downie on October 20, 2009
Nice :)
august on October 19, 2009
download driver
anderson on October 7, 2009
pimol on September 12, 2009
thanks from Thailand
zzzz on September 2, 2009
Dan on August 18, 2009
Worked beautifully. Easy instructions for occassional computer user to follow.
Manan & Ali on August 9, 2009
your products are very well . i will pray for u
jim on August 5, 2009
vert good thanks
susanto on August 4, 2009
thanks,I'm indonesian people.
ravi on July 14, 2009
very thoughtful& helpful thanx dude..........
rohit on July 14, 2009
very very good
mike on July 10, 2009
very good,thanks
adisak on June 27, 2009
download driver
LEMAN DAWI on May 26, 2009
Brenda on May 7, 2009
Great! Thanks a bunch!
lexmark on February 23, 2009
Ivan solano on October 24, 2008
ivan solano on October 24, 2008
instalacion correcta
MEHEDI on October 14, 2008

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