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HP Deskjet D1520 Printer Driver

Drivers > Printer > HP > Deskjet D1520

Free download and instructions for installing the HP Deskjet D1520 Colour InkJet Printer Driver for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit. For those who have lost the installation CD.

OSTypeVersionDate AddedFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link (About)
Windows 2000Driver10.0.02008-07-0741.73 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows 2000 Printer Driver Download
Windows XPDriver10.0.02008-07-0741.73 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows XP Printer Driver Download
Windows VistaDriver10.0.02008-07-0741.73 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows Vista Printer Driver Download
Windows XP 64-bitDriver10.0.02008-07-0741.73 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows XP 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows Vista 64-bitDriver10.0.02008-07-0741.73 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows Vista 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 7Driver13.1.02009-12-05123.40 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows 7 Printer Driver Download
Windows 7 64-bitDriver13.1.02009-12-05123.40 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows 7 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Windows 8Driver14.8.02013-01-13174.37 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows 8 Printer Driver Download
Windows 8 64-bitDriver14.8.02013-01-13174.37 MBexeHP Deskjet D1520 Windows 8 64-bit Printer Driver Download
Taking too long to download? Order a driver CD containing all of these installation files or buy high-speed priority download access.
This page was last reviewed on January 13, 2013 to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

Installation Instructions

To install the HP Deskjet D1520 Colour InkJet Printer driver, download the version of the driver that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then show up asking you where you would like to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop. Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

exe (Executable File)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions for installing the driver.

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 Comments about HP Deskjet D1520 Printer Driver
人気ブランドコピー時計 on October 19, 2017
COACH コーチ★レザー 3つ折り長財布★カーフ★朱色★
martin on January 10, 2017
Hope this is actual file not some software to download
eric on October 19, 2015
Henrietta on October 10, 2015
need to use my printer
WILLIAM on August 28, 2015
D. W-C on August 5, 2015
Does not work under Win.10.
gulam on June 9, 2015
good help
BRUCE MOORE JR on March 26, 2014
I'm not sure if I did it or not.
Stanley Racz on October 16, 2013
I especially like the hubs. Fast wichtig so und so.
EUGUE on September 24, 2013
how to connect it to the computer
Dwayne Dunlap on July 17, 2013
DEGBOU on April 25, 2013
ce imprimante m鈥檌nt茅resse et je travailler avec car il est bon
ADJI on April 25, 2013
rts on April 19, 2013
chai on February 14, 2013
I want download deskjet 1520
shiva on January 13, 2013
thanks! your a life saver
want colors on January 3, 2013
why can't my HP 1520 print out color pictures? I have ink 21 and 22 installed in it.
Joe on December 14, 2012
Why so many HP printer downloads? My printer just "stopped working" and I could not even turn OFF the device with the power button blinking.
Walter Krebs on November 3, 2012
I want to download this one because I lost my CD
Karen on September 27, 2012
Thank You.
keisha on September 5, 2012
thank you so much you save me $20 just for a cd!!!!!!!!!!!!
marklenia craver on July 23, 2012
cannot get printer hardware to download
jennifer on July 21, 2012
Thank you very much! I could not get the driver to download from the HP site this was a blessing!!!
kianj on July 15, 2012
thanks! your a life saver, needed 2 print docs and library was closed.
thisissparta on June 26, 2012
this worked perfectly, although slow, to get it to work you have to go to printers and faxes in the start menu and click add printer and find your printer. great site
Michelle on June 19, 2012
It downloads successfully but my printer still wont print. The light just blinks and there is nothing UGH!!!
palida on June 19, 2012
i want to download this one because i lost my CD
ziaullah on June 10, 2012
Jannette on June 7, 2012
easy thanks!
Jerry on June 5, 2012
selim on April 14, 2012
pourquoi le telehargement est si lant
selim on April 14, 2012
pourquoi le telehargement est si lant
Donald Goodwill on April 10, 2012
Can't seem to install driver for HP DeskJet D1520
valery on March 23, 2012
Nestor Elito on January 20, 2012
very tedious
some guy on December 31, 2011
stop making me look so hard for the file!
lotlot. on December 30, 2011
help me please....
Sello Felix on November 25, 2011
lovely experience! but time unfriendly.
tawia ferrington on October 24, 2011
Thanks so much
saul aldava on October 19, 2011
help me
dee corns on October 16, 2011
the installation was easy once a friend found your web site!!
OLD PASTOR on October 14, 2011
ahmed on September 21, 2011
Terry on September 13, 2011
I just downloaded hpdeskjetD1520 sure hope it works
wendy on September 3, 2011
great service!
Therese Trapp on August 30, 2011
It is so great that Deskjet provides such service for their customers.
Alfonso Arteaga on August 23, 2011
THIS IS GOING TO SAVE ME ABOUT 40 DOLLARS!i wanted to buy the same printer and a flash drive ,thankyou HP
Ray on August 13, 2011
Trish on August 12, 2011
need driver
perla corona on August 8, 2011
Raimundo Nonato Lira Rabelo on August 4, 2011
Desejo adicionar o arquivo
Sheila Aug.2,2011 on August 3, 2011
Please I BEG YOU PLEASE FIX MY HP DesjetD1520 PRINTER PLEASEEEE...!!!!!!INSTALLplease? IT Wont Print. Thank you...
vincent on July 23, 2011
am installing deskjet d 1520 coloured printer but it does not print
Dave on July 18, 2011 on July 18, 2011
Thank You for the free upload, when your software disc is lost this saves the day.
Michael on July 12, 2011
Thank you. Very easy to use and helped me a lot.
guigsouille on July 10, 2011
merci de m'avoir aider tres bon service
Eduardo Calderon on July 4, 2011
thanks for your help
Dennis on June 28, 2011
had my pc cleaned up and didn't tell them to save the drivers could not find the cd. thank you for your help.
BEAR on June 19, 2011
lost cd need printer back working thanks hp
Eddy Hernandez on June 8, 2011
Thanks, its a great service!!!!
Oscar Castaldi on May 31, 2011
April on May 29, 2011
THANK, THANKS, THANKS!! It worked! on May 24, 2011
janice compton on May 22, 2011
thanks guys you are the best,and a life saver
Benjamin Muhongo on May 19, 2011
HP printers a excellent
MIsty on May 16, 2011
luz on May 15, 2011
shallia burgess on May 15, 2011
maria m baez on May 13, 2011
luis on May 1, 2011
donna on April 29, 2011
vikki stolarz on April 15, 2011
having trouble
famr on April 14, 2011
thank you, finally fast
Alixzandra on April 12, 2011
thank you for making it possable for secound hand byers to get the right software
Melinda B. Dye on April 9, 2011
tricia on April 5, 2011
doris on April 2, 2011
thank you
patty on March 22, 2011
thank you
ADIGUN ADETUNJI on March 17, 2011
Franko on March 2, 2011
Anthony on February 21, 2011
HP Deskjet D1520 Printer
Sharon on February 13, 2011
DEBBIE on February 12, 2011
Demetrius on February 11, 2011
Ken Gonzles on February 10, 2011
gery on February 5, 2011
cordell on January 29, 2011
change computers still hae old printer
Evelyn Romero on January 18, 2011
new win 7 version
Brenda YDE on January 11, 2011
I tried to install the HP Deskjet printer d1520; however, the version is not compatialbe to my new computer. I had the disk. So I tried to istall drivers update for you web site.. Windows 7 64-bit will not install. I hade to buy a new printer.. any suggestions
sharon d on January 7, 2011
Ed Hamilton on January 5, 2011
DAKURUGU MOHAMMED on November 29, 2010
Very Good
carlos on November 9, 2010
so good
MOISE Johny on November 2, 2010
HP Deskjet D1520 Printer Driver
israel heredia on November 1, 2010
DARLA on October 11, 2010
dll on October 10, 2010
thank you
Brian Blakemore on October 10, 2010
kailee on October 5, 2010
no drivers
RICARDO on October 4, 2010
tasha on September 21, 2010
did not work do i havbe to restart computer
sds on September 15, 2010
thanks a lot
FRUSTRATED on August 27, 2010
Added driver printer still does not work can't get a test page or any other printed page, states it is ready, but nothing happens, frustrated for a week now.
bahati on July 28, 2010
not downloading
allan lizarda on July 24, 2010
David Kennedy on July 6, 2010
I think i inadvertantly deleted it yesterday
k durrani on July 3, 2010
aDEKUNLE TOLULUPOE on July 2, 2010
Ric Rangel on June 27, 2010
I have been trying to install the HP Deskjet D1520 For the past 5 days but for some reason it won't install
kayla on June 14, 2010
X on June 13, 2010
Links dont work
rene on June 8, 2010
charles pegg on May 27, 2010
can not get downloads or driver to my computer with vista
charles pegg on May 27, 2010
can not get printer to print or work with my vista computer
matt on May 25, 2010
Lost my disc and used your site. Thank you sooo much. Printer works great.
damachngin on May 20, 2010
i glad HP
patrick z on may 19th 2010 on May 19, 2010
getting a new system done for my work. had to pass a 8hr training cd. then found out i had to print my certificate. could'nt transfer or e-mail for cheating purposes. boss pulled out his printer i downloaded driver program and it work perfect. quick and easy thanks
carl smith on May 4, 2010
you saved the day. Nephew lost all cd's
Milphew on April 29, 2010
This was great!
bri on April 26, 2010
this is a good printer driver download it is very good at fixing stuff that goes wrong really iam telling the troth
Katy on April 21, 2010
Thank you so much! That was so much easier than I thought it would be! Much appreciated!
Frank Francolino on April 21, 2010
The downloading and installation was excellent. Thanks!
indybabe on April 20, 2010
Thank you so much...
Danny M. on April 18, 2010
Excellent site....I'm recommending it to everyone!
Luni Luna on April 15, 2010
g man on April 11, 2010
lost my download disk and this web site saved me a whole lot of time ty
jess on April 10, 2010
thanks a lot. I was dying when I couldnt find my printers cd for my new computer
roxanna on April 5, 2010
i need help to install my printer thank you
larry reyes on March 25, 2010
your web site is very helpfull and its help me to use my printer again. I'm still downlowding your software i hope will not encounter any problem. I will notified you and i will ask your help. regards and thank you. Larry
stacey pierce on March 25, 2010
I am so glad you are available!! Thanks!
ray on March 25, 2010
i can't get my printer installed for some reason can anyone help
dave on March 14, 2010
El Fuego de Tecolote on March 11, 2010
It's so awesome that it's awesome and that's awesome, which is also really awesome. Isn't that awesome?
janie on March 8, 2010
Is there a driver download for the Windows 7 operating system?
larry reyes on March 7, 2010
thank you. it's great help, that i was able to used again my hp printer
regards and have nice day.
frustrated!!! on March 2, 2010
why does this take so long?????
shane on March 1, 2010
OMG! Thanks
Peggy Vivian Dowdy on February 27, 2010
There are no drivers for Windows 7 Starter! I need to print!
VIRGIL on February 25, 2010
very good Thanks
Sam on February 25, 2010
sam on February 25, 2010
Russell Cusimano on February 18, 2010
Why should I pay 20 dollars for the cd that came with the printer. How do I know you won't send me one not worth s--- like the one I got with the printer? I'll buy a different brand printer. hell with this junk. I'll get a cannon. never had trouble with a cannon printer
Loretta on February 18, 2010
Tahnk - You so much it works great fast and easy
Narcy on February 15, 2010
I have worked on this for two days. Then, I found your site, and it only took about ten minutes. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!
michael willingham on February 13, 2010
thanks for the driver i hope that all i need right now
Tris on January 27, 2010
The drives on my computer need repair so I was unable to use the printers disk. Needed to print something ASAP. Thanks HP for having this download available; I was able to complete what I needed:)
errol gregory on January 25, 2010
i lost my cd. but no problem. thanks hp service.
Ben on January 23, 2010
thanks, it works perfect but theres one problem it keeps asking me to download it everytime i turn on my computer
sharon white on January 23, 2010
Jaime Salazar on January 21, 2010
I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.I looked everywhere for that darn cd and than I googled and YIPPY ....thanks thanks thanks
JUANITO PEREZ on January 18, 2010
Jo Nixon on January 18, 2010
Nelson on January 17, 2010
ROY on January 14, 2010
janice on January 14, 2010
i am trying to put this Hp Deskjet D1520 on my computer which i got it on my other computer i done it with the D1500 on the other computer but i can get it down loaded on my laptop can anyone help me
Larry Fulmer on January 13, 2010
Thanks Needed this.
ticked off on January 11, 2010
only took like 10 attrmpts but finaaly got it
ticked off on January 11, 2010
won't download keeps timing out
Jaime on January 9, 2010
thanks, good service, I lost my cd
dave on January 8, 2010
thanks for the download
Robert McEachern on January 7, 2010
Looked everywhere for my disk.. you saved my butt
lady rage on December 19, 2009
i lost my cd to install my hp printer(1520)
Govindaraj Prabhu on December 13, 2009
Great service being provided by Siliconguide. Free downloads of driver is much appreciated. Thank you for your services
Bobby on December 7, 2009
thought I was going to get an F on my project but thanks to this site everything is going to be okayyyy Thankss
tony on December 7, 2009
good deal
God bless on December 7, 2009
Thank You
jack wilson on December 5, 2009
im lost
Laurette Scott on December 3, 2009
I love my tiny printer.
kittypuncher on November 30, 2009
Never the less it works great and running just fine, Tank you very much
Puppykicker on November 30, 2009
Jah-Nick was right.... it does take forever
cubero alex on November 27, 2009
printer hp D1520
Oliver on November 20, 2009
Awesome and easy thanks
MIKE BRADY on November 10, 2009
Joe 65 on November 7, 2009
I lost my CD and find your sit
kimberly h. on November 2, 2009
thank you!
sweetie on October 19, 2009
hope it works
sweetie pie on October 19, 2009
thank you very much
tammy mcbride on October 19, 2009
thank you very much i was able to download the drivers i needed
Jah-Nick on October 16, 2009
it takes too long
james on October 5, 2009
wow this takes forever
Josey on October 5, 2009
This site its takes to long >:(
Brande' on September 29, 2009
I need to install my HP Deskjet D1520 without a cd. HELP!!!
shannon on September 23, 2009
said door is open and it is not
shannon on September 23, 2009
heather on September 17, 2009
thanks worked great it was easy
don jackson on September 16, 2009
no cd came with this. The sight will not let you download. It says it can not find the sight. This down load is atempted fro the hp site
don jackson on September 16, 2009
How the heck am I to use my hp d1520 printer. The drivers will not download
anonoymus on September 13, 2009
great job worked perfect
julia garcia on September 11, 2009
omg.. thanks..
Lavender on September 8, 2009
Thanks so much! Worked perfectly!
blaine on September 6, 2009
do these comments work
DC on September 3, 2009
Best thing ever invented! Thought I would have to buy a new printer!
VIRGIL on September 2, 2009
Jeanne on August 30, 2009
so quick and easy thank you
YUSUF on August 30, 2009
thanks a lot
tony herald on August 29, 2009
lost my cd for it
Norberto Valentin on August 27, 2009
help please
Raul on August 23, 2009
thank you.
Giselle on August 12, 2009
Just when I thought all hope was lost, I found this site. It worked, thank you!!!
Mark Hinojosa on August 8, 2009
sharon demont on July 28, 2009
hp deskjet 1520
priner is too bossy pro quality is not a concern and the hardware counts your prints and if you just inject ink and not pay more than the printer for ink it BITCHES at you constantly until you un plug it as rip its software from your hard drive
Genius on July 27, 2009
Thanks a lot.....useful site, pls don磘 throw away this one
carla on July 19, 2009
no software 1520 printer
osvasa on July 19, 2009
Thanks for your help
Nora Sauls on July 18, 2009
Many thaanks
lisa on July 17, 2009
Awesome you made it really easy for me to download. I had lost the disc.. THANK YOU
Phil-KP3AC on July 15, 2009
Thanks for your help
gizell on June 28, 2009
----nope------it did not say---installed-----and after the download---printer did noting----Nada----Nunka----semmi-----now what-----lovly situation------ajajajajaj------so much for the free download-----
miska on June 28, 2009
Mel on June 16, 2009
Thanks, this really helped me!
Ankur Jain on June 14, 2009
This is really help me to reslove on my issue.
John on June 13, 2009
Thanks, greedy HP wanted to sell a disk
george stansbury on June 2, 2009
thanks for the easy download
Umair on June 2, 2009
Thanks, you r providing a valuable service for all.
kesha on May 26, 2009
Mike Arno on May 25, 2009
The driver worked great. Thanks!
KEILA on May 25, 2009
Samuel R. Manuel on May 21, 2009
well worth the wait. Killisou
Linda Camacho on May 18, 2009
i cant find where it donwload the driver
Bob on May 6, 2009
Nice download
Doug on May 2, 2009
To easy
dagmarie miranda on April 22, 2009
very good, thanx
don davern on April 11, 2009
Very nice. Thanx
Kruz on March 27, 2009
kinda slow install but worked so it was worth the wait on March 17, 2009
drivers worked ok
R Padgett on March 17, 2009
This was very handy
LORENABOURDON@YAHOO.COM on February 28, 2009
Eddie on February 23, 2009
looking for the right and i just found it thks.
Joey on February 23, 2009
Extremly Good No Viruses No Fraud Perfect 5/5
Don Parker on February 22, 2009
long wait for install....worth the wait...printer back online. Thanks.
Amanda on February 6, 2009
Need driver; lost cd
Robert on February 6, 2009
thank you. this site is very helpful.
mark on February 4, 2009
thank you
j Phillips on February 3, 2009
Thanks... It works...
D Farley on February 3, 2009
Thank you for making it easy!
onita faulk on December 27, 2008
Stephen Flynn on December 9, 2008
The #21 cartridge didn't work right out of the box in my D1520 printer I get an "Incompatible" message

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