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#!/usr/bin/perl $random = int(rand(10)); #$random = 10; if ($ENV{'REQUEST_URI'} eq "/qa/forum/messages/259.shtml") { print <
Older printer drivers are always hard to find. How about the ink cartridges for them? Dell ink is the hardest to find. Printer ink for the older machines can be easy to find if you know right where to look. Shop around to find the best deals on inkjet and toner cartridges.
end } elsif ($ENV{'REQUEST_URI'} eq "/tips/win95/office/office.shtml") { print <
Need a place for your Internet mail? Then Exchange email outsourcing is the way to go! No hassles, no coding experience, very little microsoft exchange server experience required at all.
end } elsif ($ENV{'REQUEST_URI'} eq "/internet/napster/4.shtml") { print <
Looking for mp3 players? Need a place to share your music. If you compare prices on some of the top MP3 players, you will notice that they are very inexpensive. Price comparison can be very beneficial to you.
end } elsif ($ENV{'REQUEST_URI'} eq "/qa/forum/messages/975.shtml") { print <
When designing pets in Sims, you may remember that you need pet supplies for your real pet. As much as its just a game, your real pet needs some lovin' right now. Go buy them a Pet Bed, and or teach your Dog some tricks.
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