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CD Writer Problems

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harshad on April 11, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

I bought a Samsung CD writer 52X32X52.
whin i write any blanck cd on my cd drive to use nero express. my system will messages me after 51% writing that "write state error" "power cellibration error" what this mean and what kind i solve this problem please.
AHMED on April 16, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems



aditya on April 27, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

i repaired by cd writer 52x 32x 52x then it shows power calibration error what can i do plz help me
aditya on June 9, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Hi their, yesterday i was copying some cd's i suddenly got an error 'power calliberation'.because of this i couldnt copy cd's any more.please give me some solution to get ride of this error.
sheikhnz on June 11, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Hi, i posted my prob then my solution and now i am not contented yet... Cleaning helped me get 2 cds easily but sometimes it is giving problem with few compilations. i believe cleaning is must try for samsung brands and especially lubrication. i believe samsung is no good these days.. but i would like to share one thing.. i never had a prob when i was using the nero driver that came with the samsung box but as i used later version i found this prob.. i am doubtful about the compatibility of new nero 6.x or 7.x. may be this is also the reason for all the above subjects to report error, they all must have used a nero version other than the 5.x i might be wrong so pardon me.
thanks "Ahmed" i would strongly recomend to clean it from the professional cleaner it will work.
sheikhnz on June 11, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Friends, it would be some help if you guys tell us how other brands work and had anyone of you ever faced this power calliberation error with other brands.

I know that samsug had one issue of the tray being held often and had to manually push the tray a little but it certainly is not the reason for this calliberation error. two years ago a fd of mine told me that this is a worthy brand as he had complied a lot of cds without reporting error, so i had a thought that 2 years back nero new driver versions were not as free in market. so may be just may be it has some part to play.

Your opinions will be some help.
upendra on July 4, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

whenever i try to burn cd on my smasung writer with nero i had the problem of message of power calliberation error. How can I solve this.
sydney on July 14, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Hi guys, I just re-installed my OS (Win98SE...yes I'm still using it and it's 10 times better anf faster than XP). I was doing some research on this problem with the Samsung drive. Just figured out how to tackle this problem of CDs not being written or erased.

I used Nero DriveSpeed (that came with the CD witer)to reduce the read, write and rewrite speeds of the drive and then erased some CDs. It worked fine. Haven't done any extensive testing but I think the problem lies with the drive not being able to handle it's own top speed ratings. As a permanent solution, have Nero DriveSpeed run when you startup Windows. Would appreciate some feedback on whether this works from other users. Igt might solve your power calibration errors.
Srikant Mishra on August 10, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Dear Sir,

I have got a samsung CD writer 52x/32x/52x . Now, i am facing the power calliberation error in Win98 through neuro5.x writing.Some times it says, unable to mount the CD.Even , after installing neuro 6.6 version also same error i am getting while writing.In windows XP platform through the writing wizard i tried , but there also i am unable to complete the writing work.

Kindly tell me the remedy for this problem and why it is happening.

Thanks with Regards,

Srikant Mishra
Charu on September 17, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer Problems


Whenever I put CD in the CD drive, the CD automatically gets ejected. Finally I am not able to use the CD drive. Shall I replace my CD writer?

bharatn on October 11, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Buy a CD lens cleaner(around Rs 150/- max). Try it and see if you can get your CD drive to work. If not, well a new CD-ROM writer drive costs 1.5K - 2K. Not worth wasting time on researching how to repair an old drive.
Saurav on October 11, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

hi i m saurav
when i use my nero to burn a blank cd it cannot write the cd, but when i write the rewritable cd it can write successfully.

please tell me what is the problem
and tell also that promlem is related with software or hardware

how can i solve this problem?

please reply
s p yadav on November 11, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

whenever I tried to write a cd power calibration error occurs what is problem regarding and is the software problem or is it hardware. please give me the solution for this power calibration error.
manoj on November 14, 2006
power calibration error with samsung cd RW

hi, i am arun i have samsung(powerered by SAT) 52*32*52 cd writer i can write all cd's but the problem is with only by the VCD the process goes only 2% & then there is a message "POWER CALIBERATION ERROR".PLEASE HELP ME & take me out of this problem
lalit on November 18, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

power caliberation error in samsung combo drive please help me
when I write a cd after 6% it stops writing and after 4-6 mins it gives "power callibration error"
R.RAJESH KUMAR on November 18, 2006
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Hi Sir. I am Using SAMSUNG CD Writer.. The writer is Reading the CD well... But in the case of writing an error msg "Power Calibration Error " is Occuring.... Please help..
ashraf on January 28, 2007
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

I could not write cd , it goes to save window without writing cd.

thanks & regards,
amrita on February 13, 2007
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

I am encountering the same problems. Can anyone suggest how to clean the lense? Do we have to take the help of a professional?

girish on March 14, 2007
SAMSUNG dvd Writer with Nero Program Problems

i have installed nero now but box is the destination box is empty..

when i want to copy a dvd its not possible the dvd
comes out automatically...
vignesh on March 23, 2007
Nero Express error

my Nero Express shows only the image recorder option. so i cant write cds. i reinstalled the Nero Express after that all the same problem comes.i tried it in windows98 and windows2000. Two have the same problem.i am using samsung CDwriter 52x32x52.
prashant on April 29, 2007

I have samsung Cd writter with DVD player. It can not write the new blank Cd But write on priviously used cd. Please tell me what is the problem? I also tried NERO but invain. Also the cd gets damaged after one time use for writting purpose.
roy on May 14, 2007
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

my cd writer only shows me the image recorder option,i am not able to write a cd.My writer is a samsung 52x max.I can read,copy the cd,but cannot write.plz give me a solution.
Keith on May 16, 2007

Just.... wow
vishal walia on June 18, 2007
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

hello sir

i have problem in my pc
when i write a cd in my writer its automatically write in 48x speed but i want my writer write a cd in 24x

i select the option from the speed select 24x but its write automatically 48x
plz reply me soon
i have a big problem for that

Juzz on August 26, 2007
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Hey. I have lost the install disk to my samsung cd-writer RW 52-32-52. Do you possibly have a link to the device drivers?
AKHIL GEORGE on February 6, 2008
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

I have a tutorial cd, and its works in my pc good, but it cant be copied to pc and i even cant make another image of it. i think it have some error files in it which is added extra, so its take long time make the image and its not workig either, Is there any way to copy this cd.
Mahesh Reddy on February 7, 2008
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Dear Friends,

Please help me to know what is CD writer and how its work and also tell me it's a type of driver or what.....?

Gaurav K Gupta on March 12, 2008
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Dear friends,
I am facing a isssue similar that you are facing but now i planned to solve this issue.
While searching on Internet I go across this thing
or you acn read this--
Solution:-I will try for this solution this sunday.

power calibration error Solved!!!!! (for me)



I had been having power calibritaion errors off and on for the past 6 months and my burner would put 1 second dead airs randomly into audio cds. I have browsed the message boards and this was my sequence of events, which ultimately led to a solution:
1-Nero must be doing it, everybody with the problem is using nero

This was WRONG, tried several different cd programs and some wouldn't even burn at all.
2-Firmware is messed up.

This too was wrong, I tried three different releases of firmware for my drive, none of them worked.
*3-I decided my lense was dirty:

This turned out to be the problem, however at first it was deceiving.

I went to Best Buy and bought a lense cleaning cd. This did nothing, in fact I think it may have made things worse.

I got some air duster and just sprayed it around my drive, this is a waste of time and money don't bother. It may be possible to clean the lense this way, but its tought to know where the lense is.

So I gave up for a while, wasted a bunch of cd's and was about to just buy a new burner. Realizing I had nothing to lose I decided to open it up. I took the burner out of the case, and opened the burner up. I noticed there was a negligible amount of dust and I notice the rails that move the lense/laser up and down to read the cd were slightly lubricated but need to be re-lubed. So, I lubricated the metal rails and cleaned the lense with an alchol wipe. This cleared up the problem. I also realized it was taking the player a long time to recongize a cd in the drive, this is not longer a problem either.

Some final words of caution: I do not recomend doing this if you aren't comfortable around electronics, I am a computer science major and this computer is a hobby machine so if I !#$% it up, its ok. I am not responsible if you scratch your lense or short out the board on the cd player. DO THE CLEANING PROCEDURE AT YOUR OWN RISK. OK. I AM NOT GOING TO BUY ANYBODY A NEW CD PLAYER BECAUSE YOU SCREWED UP. This just worked for me and am I telling people about it.

Here are a couple tips:

Don't rush take your time, it maybe tought to get the cd burner apart.

Make sure you discharge your self of static electricity before disassembling, if you don't know how to do that, maybe you should rethink messing with your computer. (err... To do this simply touch something metal that has a current assocated with it. For example, if you touch your computer case, while the computer is off and still plugged in this should relieve you of static.(assuming your case is metal.))

VERY IMPORTANT: Use cleaning alchol not tap water. Tap water has minerals in it that when they dry may leave deposists on the lense this would be bad.

Also do not attempt to dry the lense off, a small scratch will ruin your burner. Let the alchol evaporate, I promise it won't take long.

If you decide to lubricate the rails, don't use a spray like wd40 it may cause problems if it gets sprayed on the circuit board.

Alright that is about it. This really isn't tough to do and as long as you heed the preacuations things should go realitively smoothely.

Thanks for all your other posts, that helped me fix my burner.

questions can be direct to

OH and just for further clarification my model was matshita aka matsushita which is the japanese equivolent of panasonic. The model number was ujdd410.

MOSTAFA on June 25, 2008
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

sunilkumar on July 11, 2008
SAMSUNG CD Writer message disk not fomatted,format not readable

Hi I sunil facing this above problem disk cannot read the format,disk not formatted with all the working cds, can any one help
varun on August 30, 2008
sony DVD RW AW-G170A won't read some DVD

this is the usual problem with me. Whenever i insert DVD in it, it shows CD disk. when i opened it , i shows 0 bytes in it.

When i play the same dvd with POwer DVD soft,it plays the full movies.

i also try to copy the dvd with nero, it give error " can't copy this disk to DVD".

i don't know where is the problem plz help me.
its a REQUESt

Remember, it is happened only to some DVD, not all
Deepak on September 3, 2008
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

Hi I am deepak i Have Samsung CD-RW (52X32X52), It is connected through USB and was working fine ,now it is not detected my operating system is window xp professional could any body help me in finding driver or fixing the problem
sameer on November 9, 2008
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

I have a problem with my pc. when i turn on my computer and computer will start the computer will show the two messages like in cd failure and and something. please tell me the cause why the message is showing and tell me the solution that i can resolved my problem.
Shafiq on April 23, 2009
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

When ever I try to make nero burning of any format it is showing error,like power error,how can I slove this problem
miley morgan on May 28, 2009
cd writer problem

Recently i've discoverded that my computer is unable to move the files to cd which resulted that all the space in my drives are getting occupied.As i try to move it says"WINDOWS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM WHEN TRYING TO MOVE THIS FOLDER" anybody who knows the solution for this problem help me out by mailing me in
manish on July 27, 2009
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

samsung cd writer is the most third class writer i have ever can do everything except writeing and reading.within one month of purchase my writer is dead, after first servising, without read or write a single disc it become dead i'm shifting to another product.
Aaron on August 26, 2009
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems -- Solved

I have a Samsung DVD-DL/+-R writer and was getting errors when installing the Nero 8 software. On the 1st computer with WinXP Pro SP3 it installed with no problems. But on 2nd system with WinXP Home SP3 it would not install. To solve the problem you must select "Explore" in the menu after you right click the mouse on the DVD icon or symbol and then go to NeroExpress Folder and select "setup" for installation instead of "setupx"! I might have it backwards but one of them should work.
rajasekar on September 26, 2009
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

need driver
waseem on October 24, 2009
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

i have the same problem buddy now try to go for a cleaning lets see.
qamar khan on September 7, 2010

i have samsung dvd writer but disc is not running.. only bootable disc runs on it.


qamar khan
em on November 19, 2010
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

hello, I have just loaded Samsumg Nero dvd player with my notebook. I started playing a video and there is no sound.
Neil on February 22, 2011
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

be better off getting a new burner, cleaning a burner lense is like rolling the dice, don't waste ur time and money, BUT use ur money to buy a better drive burner instead. Live and learn.
poo on April 23, 2011
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems or writer

hai my dvd writter stops after 5% of writing. please give an answer.
shafiq on June 2, 2011
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

i have a samsung super dvd writer, when i burn a cd the Nero not write the cd but the Dvd write please help me the cd write.i want to burn the cd that is play the cd player not a computer.
bikash debnath on October 8, 2011
SAMSUNG CD Writer with Nero Program Problems

this is varry bad compani
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